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The Future OF Media


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Chief Executive of Hearst Magazines UK, Arnaud de Puyfontaine, covers the Future of Media at the iCrossing UK Client Summit, 2012

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The Future OF Media

  2. 2. who are we?
  3. 3. editorial pages created 42,238
  4. 4. copies sold63 million
  5. 5. advertising pages sold 19,313
  6. 6. as for reach...• 50% of all women• 32% of all UK adults• 60% of all readers in the lifestyle market• 50% of all readers in the luxury market• 57% of all readers in the young women’s market• 83% of all readers of quality men’s magazines• and weeklies now rival the nationals in combined readership
  7. 7. No 1in our magazine competitor set
  8. 8. the future is here now
  9. 9. the future is here now
  10. 10. trust in our brands sets us apart
  11. 11. emerging technologiesbreathing life into brands
  12. 12. Top 40 digital businesses in the UK
  13. 13. 1st on Newsstand
  14. 14. It’s not about platformsIt’s about being connected It’s not about social media It’s about being social
  15. 15. advertisers?
  16. 16. •“Our consumer engagementincreases greatly when we combinethe wonderful attributes of theLOreal brands with the outstandingeditorial excellence of a greatmagazine like Cosmo, Bazaar orGood Housekeeping”Georges-Edouard Dias, SVP DigitalL’Oréal
  18. 18. print is still the connector TV Radio Newspapers Magazines DigitalConsumption Passive Passive Active Active Active Usage Often, daily Often, daily Varies daily to not at all Varies from daily to Used daily by most occasional Need state “I want to “I want some “I want to be informed” “I want to be inspired” “I want to complete a switch off” company” task”Attitudes to Avoided by Low engagement due Ambivalent, neither Open and receptive, in a The more creative andadvertising some, it can to lack of visual embracing nor rejecting trusted environment innovative, the more inform and element, Intrusive effective the response entertain
  19. 19. innovation in print
  20. 20. launched8th February
  21. 21. special formats
  22. 22. commerce
  23. 23. events
  24. 24. licensed products Exclusively at John Lewis
  25. 25. cutting through the noise...
  26. 26. tried, tested, trusted