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SES SF 2010 - Real-Time Search - Rob Garner - iCrossing

"Real-Time Search" as presented by Rob Garner, Senior Strategy Directory, iCrossing, at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Francisco on Thursday, August 19, 2010.

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SES SF 2010 - Real-Time Search - Rob Garner - iCrossing

  2. 2. What‟s the big deal about real-time? • To be successful, real-time needs these two unique aspects 1) It must have a crawler-based algorithm 2) It must have a human-driven social layer • Just like image search, local search, news search, etc., real-time search is an important segment of web search • Trust and authority are paramount to its success 2
  3. 3. There is more to real-time than just Tweets Consider the following elements of “in-the-moment” content: • Forums • Blog posts • Comments on blogs • Webpages • Feeds • Microformatted data Real-Time Search Is Much Bigger Than Just Twitter , Search Insider 3
  4. 4. The new „R‟ word in search: Recency Recency in Real-Time Search: It's Much Broader Than Just 'Right Now' , Search Insider 4
  5. 5. Examples of Search Recency 5
  6. 6. Ex. Search for current information, last 30 days – “hotel coupon” Search for “hotel coupon”: Each result yielded a current and valid coupon 6
  7. 7. Ex. Search over the last few days “SXSW” “SESSF” 7
  8. 8. Social relevancy: It‟s just common-sense SEO 8
  9. 9. Social Relevancy: How engines are looking at Twitter Consider the parallel aspects of websites, and Twitter accounts • Domain authority : username authority • Duplicate content : retweeted content • Blogging freshness : content freshness : microblogging freshness • Links : number of followers • Quality of links : Quality of followers • Inbound links vs. outbound links : ratio of followers in contrast to the number of people followed • Linking to bad : good neighborhoods • Themes of Twitter users A Big Week For Real-Time And Social Search, Search Insider What An Algorithmic Approach To Twitter's Social-Search Layer Might Look Like, Search Insider 9
  10. 10. Should SEO‟s be concerned about ranking in this little box? 10
  11. 11. Engagement Engage one bird and you might attract the whole flock • Engaging users in search via content translates to spreading of content • Engaging users in networks allows content to spread like wildfire, which picks up positive search effects along the way 11 Copyright iCrossing - Proprietary
  12. 12. MARKETING IN THE NOW August 19, 2010 Rob Garner SES – San Francisco 12
  13. 13. Consider this: Much of what we do “right now” shapes who and what we are for the long-term
  14. 14. The web is evolving into a real-time, networked, and synaptic environment
  15. 15. One that is acting more like a digital organism, rather than a set of connected nodes
  16. 16. Yet many marketers and brands are still resigned to a passive, rather than active and agile approach to marketing
  17. 17. While they may be connected, they are not fully alive and present
  18. 18. The current state of this evolution is not so much about “social networks”… …as it is about hitting a tipping point with a society that is networked
  19. 19. …exclusion from the network is tantamount to digital non-existence
  20. 20. “People” aren't just “searching”… …real people with complex intentions and problems are searching and finding something right now
  21. 21. …through active and passive publishing, there is a profoundly meaningful opportunity to connect
  22. 22. Published content is disseminated instantaneously The fundamental principles of search and network marketing apply
  23. 23. Networks/Social Traditional (Earned & paid media) Externally & socially owned network presence Search Proprietary web site(s) or apps 23
  24. 24. In this landscape, your marketing efforts are only as good as what you are doing “right now”
  25. 25. A few simple truths about the new nature of MARKETING IN THE NOW AND CONNECTEDNESS 25
  26. 26. Brands and marketers must now be publishers “Publishing” is words, thoughts, status, images, feeds, video, applications, conversation, and more
  27. 27. A brand‟s identity must embody the spirit of its audience
  28. 28. As a brand, you are what is published about you That means both, “what you say about yourself,” and “what other people say about you.”
  29. 29. Market research will help you better know your audience
  30. 30. It is a marketer‟s obligation to listen and act on the data that is provided and available
  31. 31. Brands and marketers must engage with their audience and networks
  32. 32. Your organization and audience are your primary networks
  33. 33. This is more than just search, social, or internet strategy. Being present and “in the moment” is about marketing strategy
  34. 34. THANK YOU Rob Garner Sr. Strategy Director @robgarner 214.676.2089 34