SPL in Clouds


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Software Product Line Conference, SPLC 2012,
Panel: SPL in the Cloud era
Presentation from the panel

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SPL in Clouds

  1. 1.   SPL  in  the  Cloud  Era  -­‐  an  outsider’s  point  of  view       SPLC  2012,  Salvador  Sept  2-­‐9  2012   Ivica  Crnkovic   Mälardalen  University,  Sweden   Ivica.crnkovic@mdh.se  
  2. 2. SPL  in  a  nutshell   Provider  Customer(s)  
  3. 3. SPL  in  a  cloud….   Provider  Customer(s)   What,    Why  ,  When  ,  How,  Where  and  Who?   (Kipling:  I  KEEP  six  honest  serving-­‐men)  
  4. 4. Clouds   IaaS  –  Infrastructure  as  Service   PaaS  –  PlaRorm  as  Service   SaaS  –  SoSware  as  Service   Benefits:   Provider:  Reuse                                      Resource  sharing   Consumer:                      Instant  availability                    Less  infrastructural  maintenance    (Klaus  Schmid  and  Andreas  Rummler,  lCoud-­‐based  SoSware  Product  Lines  Qi  Zhang,  Lu  Cheng,  Raouf  Boutaba:  Cloud  compuZng:  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  and  research  challenges.    J.  Internet  Services  and  ApplicaZons  1  (2010)  
  5. 5. Private  &  Public  Clouds   (Internal  &  External  Clouds  )   Company:   IaaS   +  Performance   +  Predictability   PaaS   -­‐  Costs?   SaaS   -­‐  Infrastructure  management   IaaS   Company:   -­‐  Predicatbility   PaaS   -­‐  Performance   +      Development  efficiency   SaaS  Takumi  Yasumasu  and  Yuzo  Ishida  :  A  SoSware  Product  Line  for  Developing  Compact,  Simple,  and  Flexible  Enterprise  Systems  Using  Only  Fact  Data    
  6. 6. Stakeholders  &  Clouds  –new  players   Cloud  provider   IaaS   Product  provider   PaaS   SaaS   Cloud  provider  End  customer  
  7. 7. (S)PL  for  Clouds   IaaS   SaaS   IaaS  Julia  Schroeter,  Peter  Mucha,  Marcel  Muth,  Kay  Jugel  and  Malte  Lochau:  Dynamic  ConfiguraZon  Management  of  Cloud-­‐based  ApplicaZons  
  8. 8. SPL  Using  Clouds   IaaS   Cloud  provider   Product  provider   SaaS   Cloud  provider  End  customer  
  9. 9. QuesZons  &  Challenges  •  What:  SPL  for  Cloud,  SPL  using  Cloud  •  Why:  Business  model  (advantages  &  disadvantages)  •  When:  Design  Zme,  Run-­‐Zme(?)  •  How:  Technical  challenges  •  Where:  Private/Public  clouds  •  Who:  Cloud  providers,  PL  providers,  customers(?).