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Differentiation Handout-Reading Conference


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Published in: Education
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Differentiation Handout-Reading Conference

  1. 1. Motivate ALL your Language Learners!-Differentiation revisited, Friday 28th February, The Piggott School, Reading Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages, Alderley Edge School for Girls @icpjones A downloadable copy of the presentation slides for this training session will be available from: My Languages Blog The Seven Ts of Differentiation, Sue Cowley. Audio support: Audacity free sound editing software Create your own speaking avatars with Voki Text-to-speech software Yakitome Voki Tellagami Visual support: Flickr (photo-sharing site) Flickr group for language teachers My own authentic pictures (also available from TES profile at ) TagGalaxy Pinterest (sharing visuals and infographics) (icpjones) PhotoPin (creative commons licensed pictures) Pics4Learning. com (pictures for educational use) Photo-vocab (Spanish)
  2. 2. Word Clouds and Word Art http://www.wordle.nethttp://www.imagechef.com Graphic organisers, mind-mapping software and interactive visuals Templates to support differentiated thinking skills activities Desktop tools to support a range of differentiation strategies Linoit Makebeliefscomics Independent learning: Self-access language sites languagesonline , (Hello) Mylo Zondle (make your own games) Quizlet and Studystack (flashcards) Support with advanced reading: Lingro Timers