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Literature for ALL LW2017 Nottingham-March 2017


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Copy of the slides I used for my session at LW2017.

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Literature for ALL LW2017 Nottingham-March 2017

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Literature for ALL Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages @icpjones
  2. 2. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2 Literature for ALL • What do we mean by literature? • Audience • Benefits • Challenges • Making Literature accessible
  3. 3. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Literature? “Written material such as poetry, novels, essays, etc, especially works of imagination characterized by excellence of style and expression and by themes of general or enduring interest”. Collins English dictionary Not just fiction? Excellence of style and expression? Themes of general or enduring interest? Representation of the culture of the Target Language country
  4. 4. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4 short stories news and opinion articles songs adverts, posters magazine articles specialist publications scenes from plays poetry/song lyrics poem forms such as haiku, inventory… fairy tales rhymes tongue twisters letters myths and legends Cartoon strips, comics proverbs and sayings jokes Literature? Broader sense… Or steps towards More complex text?
  5. 5. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Text types: How are they tackled in SoWs? Grammar items Connectives Information Facts and opinions Third person Ordinal numbers Explanation Telling why, how, what First/ third person Sequence, causal Comparison Description Creating a picture with words Third person Sequence (prepositions) Instruction Imperative , present tense Second person Sequence Recount Past tense First/ third person Temporal, causal Contrast Persuasion One-sided Second person Second person Causal Argument One-sided, logical steps Sequence, causal Advice Addresses reader directly Modal verbs Sequence, causal discussion Presents both side of an argument Sequence, causal Alternatives, examples
  6. 6. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Taking into account age range, interests, experiences, possible curriculum links Considering the range of literacy needs in mother tongue and foreign languages in Primary/ Secondary/ Post-16 Checklist? Literature for ALL: Audience Age/Maturity Life/Reading experience: family support Link with foreign countries/culture Ability to transfer skills and knowledge Independence Motivation
  7. 7. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 *Opportunities to get pupils to engage with the uniqueness of the culture of the Target Language country *Opportunities to reflect on own culture by comparison and find out more about a specific area, historical event, famous author… *Opportunities to introduce pupils to specific vocabulary or grammatical structures in a memorable way *Opportunities to revisit vocabulary and grammatical structures in a different context Literature for ALL: Benefits Engagement Motivation Knowledge Understanding
  8. 8. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Literature for ALL: Challenges (Teacher)
  9. 9. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Literature for ALL: Challenges (Teacher) Adapting texts Il était une fois une petite fille de Village, la plus jolie qu'on eût su voir ; sa mère en était folle, et sa mère-grand plus folle encore. Cette bonne femme lui fit faire un petit chaperon rouge, qui lui seyait si bien, que partout on l'appelait le Petit Chaperon rouge. Un jour sa mère ayant cuit et fait des galettes, lui dit : Va voir comme se porte ta mère-grand, car on m'a dit qu'elle était malade, porte-lui une galette et ce petit pot de beurre. Le Petit Chaperon rouge partit aussitôt pour aller chez sa mère-grand, qui demeurait dans un autre Village. En passant dans un bois elle rencontra compère le Loup, qui eut bien envie de la manger ; mais il n'osa, à cause de quelques Bûcherons qui étaient dans la Forêt. Il lui demanda où elle allait ; la pauvre enfant, qui ne savait pas qu'il est dangereux de s'arrêter à écouter un Loup, lui dit : Je vais voir ma Mère-grand, et lui porter une galette avec un petit pot de beurre que ma Mère lui envoie. Había una vez una niña muy bonita. Su madre le había hecho una capa roja y la muchachita la llevaba tan a menudo que todo el mundo la llamaba Caperucita Roja. Un día, su madre le pidió que llevase unos pasteles a su abuela que vivía al otro lado del bosque, recomendándole que no se entretuviese por el camino, pues cruzar el bosque era muy peligroso, ya que siempre andaba acechando por allí el lobo. Caperucita Roja recogió la cesta con los pasteles y se puso en camino. La niña tenía que atravesar el bosque para llegar a casa de la Abuelita, pero no le daba miedo porque allí siempre se encontraba con muchos amigos: los pájaros, las ardillas... De repente vio al lobo, que era enorme, delante de ella. Possible difficulties/ ways to tackle them?
  10. 10. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 •Cultural references: geographical, historical •Register •Vocabulary •Grammar •Length/density of text •Lack of visual clues Literature for ALL: Challenges (Pupils)
  11. 11. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 *Establish this as a regular activity and link with what has been taught before. *Include Literature as a “Reading for Pleasure” slot in your SoWs-with appropriate support. This could reinforce what has been done before or introduce something new. *Build on Target-Language countries cultural/ teaching traditions such as the integration of Literature with visual and performing arts. *Consider getting pupils to translate a section of the text and compare with the original. *Pupils can summarise the text in their own words or with the help of a writing frame. *Pupils can review the text and develop their skills in using the language of opinion and description. *Pupils can focus on the description of specific characters or re-write a section as if written by them. Literature for ALL: Possible approaches
  12. 12. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Literature for ALL: Possible approaches Etude d’un personage: description/ recount/ opinion
  13. 13. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 *Use Literature as a way to develop speaking confidence through reading aloud and performance. (plays/poetry) *Encourage scanning of complex texts, looking for cognates and near- cognates as well as words that can be worked out by breaking them down and considering their prefixes, stems, etymology and suffixes. *Studying lexis linked to specific text types. *Use quotes as starters *Focus on features such as rhythm, rhymes, assonances, alliterations, metaphors, similes Literature for ALL: Possible approaches More tightly structured activities include: *Gapfills *Matching questions to answers *Matching titles and paragraphs *Re-order sections of the text
  14. 14. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 Les trois petits cochons Le petit chaperon rouge, Charles Perrault Le tour du monde en quatre-vingt jours, Jules Verne Le petit Prince, Antoine de St Exupéry Le petit Nicolas, René Goscinny Platero y yo, Juan Ramon Jimenez Don Quijote, Miguel de Cervantes Literature for ALL Kindle (free texts) pdfs online
  15. 15. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 Poetry (French): Mars, Maurice Carème Déjeuner du matin, Chanson pour les enfants l’hiver, Jacques Prévert Les fables de La Fontaine Les calligrammes/Le Pont Mirabeau, Apollinaire Il pleure dans mon Coeur, Paul Verlaine Demain dès l’aube, Victor Hugo Oradour, Jean Tardieu L’homme qui te ressemble, René Philombé Dernier poème, Robert Desnos Pourquoi je vis, Boris Vian Literature for ALL
  16. 16. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16 Poetry (Spanish): El viento en la isla, Pablo Neruda La nana de la tortuga, Rafael Alberti La mariposa, Federico Garcia Lorca / Los ratones, Lope de Vega Poesías para niños, Antonio Machado El dentista en la selva, Gloria Fuertes Juan Ramon Jimenez Promesa a las estrellas, Gabriela Mistral Literature for ALL
  17. 17. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17 Poetry and playfulness with language Poetry: Does not have to rhyme (writing-exploring a topic/building sentences) Using rhymes (speaking-exploring the sounds of the language, reinforcing patterns) Rhyming dictionary (online or app) (fr-sp-Gr-it-En Puns and jokes: Cultural references Sounds of the language Double meaning Carambar jokes Lepe Tongue twisters: Great for pronunciation practice & development of grammatical awareness
  18. 18. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18 Literary appreciation: Song Lyrics Hace horas que te espero y hace horas no te veo hace horas que te quiero pero hace horas que te pierdo hace horas que te espero y hace horas no te veo hace horas que te quiero pero hace horas que te pierdo Hace horas que te pierdo en esta esquina solo me acompaña esta tímida neblina el sabor de tus besos impregnados al vapor de este solitario invierno quizás me olvidaste o quizás la verdad tú solo me borraste este amor es un chiste triste triste como se siente cuando todo lo perdiste la miel la piel y el riel cual es el sentido cuando la vida luego es tan cruel dame más tiempo frecuento un momento juro que mi sombra será tan discreta como tu silencio pero nunca me respondes … Ana Tijoux: Las horas
  19. 19. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 19 Literary appreciation: Song Lyrics La chanson française Jacques Brel-Serge Reggiani-Georges Moustaki-Charles Aznavour-Edith Piaf… Stromae-Grand Corps Malade. Canciones en español
  20. 20. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 20 UN INVENTAIRE A LA PREVERT • Vous ne ferez pas de phrases complètes, mais une liste de thèmes, objets, sentiments, personnes, actions…ayant rapport à l’amour. (focus on agreements) • ·Nombre de vers : maximum 20 • Vous utiliserez des allitérations et/ou des assonances. • Utilisez au moins trois mots de chacune des listes suivantes dans votre poème : ► adjectifs : ému, heureux, ensorcelé, amusé, ébloui, séduit, amoureux, fasciné, fou ► verbes : embrasser, murmurer, serrer contre soi, manquer, cajoler, penser à, tomber sous le charme de… ► adverbes : tendrement, doucement, amoureusement, passionnément, follement, affectueusement, intensément ► substantifs : la passion, l’amour, la flamme, la rencontre, la femme de ma vie, l’homme idéal, le coup de foudre. Literature as a stimulus
  21. 21. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 21 Word clouds & Calligrammes • Wordle Literature as a stimulus
  22. 22. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 22 Tagxedo Literature as a stimulus
  23. 23. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 23 for literature Follow icpjones chocolate/
  24. 24. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 24 ‘Appy Literature Bescherelle (£) Bled (£) Robert (£) RAE Bordas (L’intégrale des dictionnaires Bordas: difficulties, quotes, Synonyms, rhymes, verbs) Pocket rhymer (English, Italian, German, Spanish, French) Isinónimos Pinterest (icpjones) Twitter @icpjones @AESG_MFL Diigo
  25. 25. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 25 Literature for ALL • What do we mean by literature? • Audience • Benefits • Challenges • Making Literature accessible Action! 1 2 3
  26. 26. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 26 Literature for ALL Isabelle Jones, Head of Languages @icpjones