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From collaboration to engagement

Stuart McRae / IBM

Have you noticed that the world is starting to talk about employee engagement more than collaboration? This comes from a shift of focus from IT to Line of Business, as what business leaders want to hear about is the impact of collaboration: the new insights it brings about their customers; the way it makes organisations more agile; the alignment it enables between organisational goals and employee activities; and the way it speeds up decision making. This session looks at how modern collaboration and social intranets enable employee engagement, and so can deliver the differentiated benefits that businesses need to compete in the digital world.

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From collaboration to engagement

  1. 1. Stuart McRae | Executive Social Business Evangelist @smcrae From collaboration to engagement the future of work #ICONUK #NewWayToWork
  2. 2. 2 “I believe the real difference between success and failure in a corporation can very often be traced to the question of how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people. ” Thomas Watson, Jr. Former CEO of IBM
  3. 3. Social Business Patterns are being revealed as Employee Engagement Journeys White paper: Reflecting and assisting the transition to a new way to work
  4. 4. Rethink HR strategy & systems designed for a different era Job families & skills evolve 1. Recruitment is Marketing • The war for talent • A focus on employee fit • Recruiters are brand ambassadors 2. Employee Experience is Key • Continuous Listening • Crowdsourcing Insight • Empowered Employees 3. Developing a Learning Workforce • Digital Skills • Continuous Learning • Your mobile is your classroom 4. Future Workforce Planning • Continuous Assessment • Employee ROI • Predicting Regrettable Attrition
  5. 5. Employee engagement is key to this HR transformation Job families & skills evolve 1. Recruitment is Marketing • Engage on Social Media to filter candidates • Engage before hiring to assess applicants • Engage with peers for rapid onboarding 2. Employee Experience is Key • Engaged employees improve business results • Engaged employees provide insight to leadership • Engaged employees align around corporate goals 3. Developing a Learning Workforce • Engage the way you do at home • Engage with colleagues to learn on the job • Engage anytime, anywhere on any device 4. Future Workforce Planning • Engage managers with their staff for continuous assessment • Engage analytics to understand employee performance • Engage to predict attrition
  6. 6. Bringing a bit of the real world into the office
  7. 7. The real world (beyond the office)
  8. 8. The real world (beyond the office) These are not communication platforms … they are not collaboration platforms … they are engagement platforms … they are about provoking comments, sharing, liking, interacting … they bring about conversations - online, audio/video or face to face
  9. 9. Which isn’t what email ends up doing!
  10. 10. blogs updates databases activities forums bookmarkstags comments emails communities spreadsheets presentations documents likes web pages wikisdevices discussions knowledge status For employees, that’s have conversations around knowledge
  11. 11. Engage before hiring
  12. 12. Engage after hiring
  13. 13. Continue engaging employees, which helps to retain them
  14. 14. Engage with leadership as well as peers and teams
  15. 15. Employee engagement in action
  16. 16. Someone asks question on a leaders wall for his sales rep Experts shares their knowledge & Provides answers Sales Rep impressed with knowledge Engage two different experts based on question via @mentions Use Business card to learn about expert Engaged employees working together to get the job done
  17. 17. Working Out Loud
  18. 18. “66% of employees use the platform on a regular basis” Ironically, people are talking again They find experts faster and more efficiently Employees share a lot more information: “It’s Culture Changing” One place where knowledge and people can connect The Power of the crowd Executives are more accessible Bayer drives culture change to achieve business value
  19. 19. Source: IBM Technical White Paper “Beyond Engagement” 2014 Employee engagement drives business results
  20. 20. Communicating the importance of safety practices Leveraging video assets to speed responses Encouraging geographically dispersed employees to share content Reducing workplace injuries Applying Engagement to Workplace Safety
  21. 21. A new way to learn: training on the job
  22. 22. A rich spectrum is needed: from training to just in time education … from structured courses to on the job coaching by experts … to learning from your peers
  23. 23. Using engagement to delivering better employee surveys Improve Execution Improve collaboration within the project team Improve Effectiveness By engaging more across the business Improve Participation Excite and engage staff throughout the process Improve Results Don't just identify issues, address them better Execute Survey
  24. 24. This is a repeatable pattern e.g. crowdsourcing innovation Improve Execution More effective collaboration in teams & across organisations Improve Outcomes Show staff they had an impact & motivate them for change Improve Participation Excite and inform staff throughout the process Improve Results Don't just identify issues, engage staff to address them Innovation Jam Collect ideas, engage staff to discuss them and vote
  25. 25. Employee Engagement supporting a “Customer Service” Culture DELIVER LEGENDARY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES “weaving social into everything we do and how we do it,” “PROUD TO BE A TDer” “distinguish us from the other financial institutions” * * * Wendy Arnott, Vice President of Social Media & Digital Communications TD Bank “WOW” Moments
  26. 26. Customer Engagement Wendy Arnott, Vice President of Social Media & Digital Communications
  27. 27. Present Interacting Engaged @MyCorp @MyCorpSupport @MyCorpFeedback @MyCorpJobs @MyCorpCEO Like our Facebook Page & win an Apple Watch Pin this product See our job vacancies on LinkedIn @JoeBloggs-MyCorp @JaneDoe @MyCorpGuru Monitor, observe, learn, share, help, crowdsource, ask, discuss, research, understand, influence, lead Social Media Guidelines Employee led Social Governance Council Social Support Forums Business ledBrand led Social Engagement Maturity Conversations Call centre displacement Sentiment analytics & insights Market segmentation Understand the customer Competitive analysis Provide expertise Customer communities Product feedback Offering improvement
  28. 28. Let’s talk about digital transformation
  29. 29. You don’t need a digital workplace, you need a workplace for the digital age … and the digital workplace
  30. 30. Let’s talk digital workplaces “a digital workplace is a collection of digital systems that employees use to get work done”
  31. 31. Digital workplaces should encourage employee engagement with each other with leadership with partners with customers
  32. 32. Digital workplaces are key because they are where digital transformation meets people
  33. 33. Because digital transformation requires a #NewWayToWork …to enable and encourage new behaviour, culture and processes … which is essential for digital transformation success
  34. 34. But the digital workplace must be designed to encourage employee engagement if it is to enable successful digital transformation
  35. 35. Design is not just what it looks like & feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs
  36. 36. So don’t just think in terms of the tools you give employees
  37. 37. Design employee journeys around what you want your employees to do
  38. 38. A unifying approach to enhancing employee engagement and productivity Designing Employee Experience
  39. 39. Designing the workplace
  40. 40. Culture Social engage employees in conversations with customers collaborate with partners to serve customers better encourage employees to collaborate not to compete with each other Internal External open up access to knowledge & expertise to partners engage customers via social networks web, mobile, voice & video provide an open, simple, integrated, collaborative workplace This sort of engagement requires new employee behaviours
  41. 41. Culture Technology Social Engagement engage employees in conversations with customers collaborate with partners to serve customers better encourage employees to collaborate not to compete with each other Internal External open up access to knowledge & expertise to partners engage customers via social networks web, mobile, voice & video provide an open, simple, integrated, collaborative workplace Which need to be encouraged by their collaboration tools
  42. 42. Real Story Group Digital Workplace Reference Models PurposeImplementation Employee CentredEnterprise Architecture
  43. 43. An Employee Centric Model is key “Better adoption is a by-product of shaping systems explicitly to address employee needs and usability - not just addressing enterprise requirements” … and adoption is required to drive change
  44. 44. IBM’s internal digital workplace
  45. 45. The Future of HR Generate Value Activate Potential Evaluate Talent Anticipate Opportunity Cognitive HR Actively listening to employees to gain insight into operational issues and risks through direct and indirect channels generating even greater value from the workforce Prepare employees to succeed and activate their potential by using systems of engagement, informed by insight, to deliver just in time training, coaching, mentoring and access to expertise Engaging with the workforce offers additional insight into their performance, expertise and potential and makes evaluating talent an ‘every day’ activity Go beyond reactive resourcing or planning, to proactively engage with talent and use systems of insight to anticipate opportunities and needs
  46. 46. #NewWayToSell2016 From collaboration to engagement: the future of work Stuart McRae | Executive Social Business Evangelist @smcrae Thank you.