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Twiddy customer success


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Twiddy Uses iContact to Connect Beachgoers with Dream Vacation Rentals

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Twiddy customer success

  1. 1. Customer Success StoryTwiddy Uses iContact to ConnectBeachgoers with Dream Vacation Rentals Customer: Twiddy & Company Realtors Website:The Challenge www.twiddy.comTwiddy uses email marketing to increase bookings for its Outer Banksrental properties. If you had asked the company several years ago if itwas happy with its email marketing provider—which, like many others, What They Do:offered only basic message creation and sending services—Twiddy Twiddy & Company Realtors has been helping families findwould have said yes. their perfect Outer Banks, North Carolina, vacation rentals for more than 33 years. The company combines its uniqueAs Twiddy’s email marketing needs evolved over the years, however, the understanding of the coast with true southern hospitality tocompany became less content with its basic email marketing solution. In bring vacationers the best of the islands.2010, Twiddy found itself looking for a more sophisticated emailmarketing provider.The SolutionTwiddy’s search led it to iContact, whose segmentation, managed services, and real-time tracking If you want to graduate from being a Padawanpromised an easy path to advanced email marketing. and become the Jedi master of emailTwiddy had found that among all of its subscribers, previous guests were the “sweet spot” for marketing, you need iContact’s managedbookings. The company’s old email marketing solution, however, hadn’t made segmentation easy. services. Our iContact account managerWith iContact, Twiddy was able to segment out this group of subscribers, send targeted messages,and then track individual interactions, including opens and clicks. Reservations for Twiddy’s rental teaches us the best email marketing tips andproperties flowed in as previous guests received more relevant messages. tricks and helps us put them into practice.” — Ross Twiddy,Plus, the messages didn’t only speak to subscribers’ needs; they were also more engaging. Beforejoining iContact, Twiddy described its email templates as “cookie cutter.” With the help of its Marketing Director, Twiddy & Company RealtorsiContact account manager, however, Twiddy was able to create visually stunning, branded emailtemplates that transported subscribers to the decks of their next vacation homes.Twiddy’s improved email sends often caused a substantial spike in calls, emails, and visits to thecompany’s website. iContact’s real-time tracking capabilities began to have a hand in how Success SnapshotTwiddy—a small, family-owned and -operated business—allocated its resources across offices. By 150% increase in clickthrough ratemonitoring real-time opens and clicks, as well as historical engagement levels for its lists, Twiddy 55% increase in ROIcould anticipate how to arrange resources to ensure quality and timely responses. 40% increase in open rateToday, Twiddy’s email marketing goals are growing along with iContact, whose newer features, suchas Social Tools, give Twiddy an edge up on the competition.