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iContact for Salesforce


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  • Hi everyone, I wanted to briefly share my experience about iContact integration with Salesforce. I've been using Podbox, a cloud-based solution featuring bidirectional, real time integration with most of the major CRMs and email marketing tools (including Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho,etc). Easy to plug-in and full control over the data being synced make it a good choice. You may take a look at https://www.podbox.com/#!/iContact.com/Salesforce Cheers, Esteban
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iContact for Salesforce

  1. 1. Learn more about iContact for Salesforce: Visit www.iContact.com/Salesforce Call (866) 775-4254 Search by keyword “iContact” at http://appexchange.salesforce.comConnecting Powerful Email Marketing with the World’s Best CRMEmail Marketing Gets ResultsEmail marketing is one of the most profitable ways to engageyour contacts and leads.Did you know that it returns more than 40 dollars for everymarketing dollar spent? That’s two to three times the returnfrom search advertising and direct mail.*iContact for Salesforce connects powerful email marketing If you know how to usewith the CRM tools you already know and love. So when youuse iContact for Salesforce—a 2010 AppExchange Customer Salesforce, you know how toChoice Award Winner—you manage your contacts and growyour business with email, all from the same familiar place. use iContact for Salesforce. * The Direct Marketing Associations The Power of Direct Marketing We know you strive to: That’s why iContact for Salesforce: Works with many Salesforce editions, including the Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited EditionsReach your Salesforce contacts and leadswith powerful email campaigns Lets you bypass Salesforce sending limits, so you can reach more contacts Allows you to reuse your own brand-compliant emails, all within SalesforceImprove your ROI by making sure your Ensures great relationships with ISPs, giving you an industry-leading delivery rate foremail messages reach inboxes your messagesTarget contacts and leads with Lets you segment campaign members based on email actions, such as opens and clickspersonalized follow-up messagesImprove the effectiveness of your email Gives you access to email marketing statistics related to your campaigns, messages,marketing through reporting and contacts, and leadstracking dashboards Includes pre-configured reports and dashboards for your campaigns and messages
  2. 2. iContact for Salesforce® (866) 775-4254Easy to Use – Fully Integrated with SalesforceYou shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to send an email. With iContact for Salesforce, you can leverage your current knowledge of Salesforceand its interface and capabilities in order to easily create, preview, send, and track your email messages in real time.Gain Insight into Your CampaignsiContact for Salesforce offers quick and easy access to your emailmarketing results directly on your Salesforce campaigns page.Viewing the results can help you determine your campaigns’effectiveness, as measured by: Revenue influenced Unique clicks Opportunities influenced Bounced emails Converted leads Delivered emails Unique opens Unsubscribes Total opens Complaints per messageStrengthen Your Relationships with Contacts and LeadsYou now have the ability to not only look at the success of your campaigns and messages, but to also view how your contacts and leads openand interact with them. iContact for Salesforce lets you see how each contact or lead responds to emails across multiple campaigns. This helpsyou discover if the contact or lead is moving in the right direction in the marketing and sales funnel.Stay Connected – Build Campaigns with Segmentation and ReportingSeparate and target contacts and leads based on visible interactions with your messages—all in real time. View reports that provide the campaignperformance and response information you need to make intelligent decisions about your marketing strategy. Benefits of Using iContact for Salesforce Easy to Use – Spend time marketing, not learning new software. Segmentation – Target and then market to your contact and lead database. MessageBuilder™ – Use the iContact MessageBuilder tab in Salesforce to design your emails using over 650 templates, and add them to your Salesforce email folders. Delivery – Get iContact’s industry-leading email delivery rate for your messages. Flexible Data Handling – Find more data at your fingertips for building reports and analyzing relevant statistics. Award-Winning Support – Contact our award-winning support team by phone and email for quick answers to your technical questions. Expert Customer Success Managers – Connect with our team of experts who will help you get started, serve as your dedicated escalation point, and guide your continued success. Live Weekly Training Q&A Sessions – Follow along as our customer success managers explore the features, functions, and benefits of iContact for Salesforce and provide detailed answers to your questions.www.iContact.com/Salesforce