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Numero Uno - In Film Branding Made Easy.


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Numero Uno - In Film Branding Made Easy.

  1. 1. Numero uNoAccess to movies through Digital World
  2. 2. Internal discussion with Projects areScreening From producers / production pitched to MNC’s Numero Uno housemovie synopsis Closing the deal It’s a win win & required with corporates Situation for all element producers
  3. 3. Cinema is becoming an innovative new medium to reachconsumerswhich is why ‘In Film Branding’ is gaining prominence inBollywoodIt’s a comparative new phenomenon in Bollywood comparedHollywood which is reaping its benefits for years nowgrowth is seen in ‘In Film Branding’ for the past few years, whichis giving multifold returns to advertisersIn-film branding works out as a win-win situation forfilmmakers as well as brands as the latter gets a captive (film)audience along with an opportunity to break away fromconventional TVCs
  4. 4. Films in turn gets free promotions through mediacampaigns of the brandsClose to 1000+ Brands touch an average individuallife dailyIndustry sources estimate even small- to medium-budgetmovies as well as animated films are hoping tocash in on this new and lucrative revenue stream
  5. 5. Cutting down huge cost spent on Promotionalevents Earn profit even from Free PromotionContinuous reminder of your film to youraudience as around 1000+ brands touch theirlives dailyConducive support to even new film-makersCost benefit analysis goes over the top with“Zero costs and multifold benefits”
  6. 6. Catalyst that helps corporations grow and puttheir mark on the marketShort process time in comparison tocompetitors Target audience is easily reachedwith effective product placement in moviesCheap advertisement cost Productadvertisement is aligned with manufacturer’sperception of his target audience
  7. 7. Numero Uno screens film projects/proposalsand identifies areas where these project carrythe perfect fit for products & servicesOnce internal screening is done, projects arepitched to many MNCs through Numero Uno’sextensive market networkOnce we get an ‘ intent to participate’ fromrespective MNC, we arrange follow updiscussion with producer and company to
  8. 8. discuss what kind of potential benefits could bedrawn from this deal on either sideWe’re closely involved in paper-work involvedto fasten the processStrong presence and rapport with big MNCs andfilm makers
  9. 9. Branded entertainment aims at brand visibility.However, it should not overshadow the script tosuch an extent that there is a modification inthe message. Thus it needs to be kept subtle.Balancing these extremes is the biggestchallenge. .A few years back the brands used to take up in-film branding impulsively. Today, however,brands are consciously setting aside budgets forbranding entertainment. .
  10. 10. It is true that the brand placements depend onthe fate of the film. However, today films aregetting a lot of exposure due to DTH, DVDs,VCDs and cable television. Also, Bollywood filmshave a lot of international audience. Thusmovies today gain a lot of visibility irrespectiveof their box office performance. .Subtle forms of in-film branding existed inmovies since a long time. Currently, almost 25%of the Bollywood movies employ brandedentertainment. .
  11. 11. The script of the movie is never changed. Whiledrafting the script itself, sometimes one canrealize the product and brand fit. If it matchesthe requirements of the advertiser then thealliance is made. Also, sometimes the brandshave prominent visibility in the film, sometimesit is subtle. So it really depends on the objectiveof the advertiser. .
  12. 12. Automobiles / Two & Four WheelersApparels / Indian / Global BrandsElectronics / Computers / GadgetsMobile Handsets / ServicesBeverages / Mineral WaterHome Appliances / Retail Chains /Food Products / FMCGInsurance Companies / BanksConsumer Goods / DurablesHotels/Restaurants/Fast Foods
  13. 13. Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Branding Web Digital Platform Internal Projects are Closing the Screening pitched to deal with and MNC’s and corporates discussion details of the and with movie alsong producers producers / with synopis It’s a win win production & required Situation for house elements Company Logo
  14. 14. Numero uNoIn Cinema Branding, Corporate Movie Tie ups, Movie Website design & Development, Digital Media Service ProviderCorporate Office :Flat # 115, G Flr, Ashtavinayak Co-op Housing Society, Bldg # 8, Azad Nagar, Near AzadNagar Post Office, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 0 58 Ph : 97432-55322/76667-55220 / 99864-02121 Email id :,, Branch Office # 1405, “Parijatha”, Dr Raj Kumar Road, 9th Main, 9th Cross, Srinivasnagar, Bangalore – 560050