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Valentino Vaschetto Guide to Marketing in Digital Age


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Digital marketing success involves email, PPC, display, video, HTML, UX, SEO, social media, community, blogging and content. Navigating all disciplines is the path to success.

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Valentino Vaschetto Guide to Marketing in Digital Age

  2. 2. RELEVANT DISCIPLINES • Email Marketing • Display • Value Delivery • Search Marketing • Search engine optimization • Content optimization • HTML (code language) • Social Media Marketing • Relevancy • Video marketing
  3. 3. EMAIL MARKETING • Average Return of $44 For Every $1 Spent • 3.7 Billion People Use Email • 99% Check Email Every Day via • Work PC • Home • Mobile Phone • End of 2018 - 2.2 Billion Using Email Via Phone
  4. 4. HOW TO BUILD EMAIL LIST • Offer Subscription to Blog • Post article on pertinent, valuable information • Make sure to present exclusive, insightful information • Offer BONUS information with more in-depth content on topic in exchange for email submission • Add social proof, displaying people already subscribed to your list commenting
  5. 5. COMMENT-GATE • Require name/ email submission in order to comment on site • Allow ability to opt-out of email list • Ensure topic is newsworthy or valuable to demographic to entice commenting
  6. 6. CONDUCT ON-SITE SURVEY • Present niche/industry survey on website • After completion, request email address • Add testimonials below your opt-in forms to convince visitors to sign up • Promote adherence to the code of ethics
  7. 7. OFFER FREE REPORT/ E-BOOK GIVEAWAY • Present a relevant report or e-book to your demographic upon exit • Promote offer on Facebook requiring email address • Show preview of content • Only require email, if possible
  8. 8. OFFER NEW POST NOTIFICATIONS • Allow visitors to email opt-in for notification with every new blog/ article post • Present option via pop-up on specific landing pages
  9. 9. SEARCH MARKETING • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • Wide appeal via desktop & mobile searches • Appealing to search visitors with relevant info • Link Building • Connect with other websites in your field to improve relevancy • Links from other relevant websites improve your search results • Inter-connect pages within site • Paid Online Ad Placement • Immediate results
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • Determine best social media platforms for your industry • Be consistent with postings • Continued testing to plan best times for posting • Create great content • Provide value • Do not over-sell brand • Paid social platform advertising