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Icon Credentials


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Icon Communications is an advertising agency based in Accra, Ghana. This is our credentials presentation followed by our mini survey of the airline industry in Ghana.

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Icon Credentials

  1. Partnership
  2. Icon Communications Credentials presentation for British Airways, Nov 06
  3. Coming up next… 1. Agency Credentials 2. Icon Creative 3. Our brands in print 4. Homework 5. What we can do for you 6. Discussion
  4. Icon Services Brand development Campaign development Media planning & buying TV Production Print Production
  5. Event Management
  6. Alliances • TBWA Hunt-Lascaris South Africa • Media Initiative Media Strategy & buying • Apex Advertising TV Production • Facet Productions Radio Production • Graphicolor Hi-quality Printing • Graphic Communications Discounts • M&C Saatchi Technical Support
  7. Media buying Our Media Strategies are devised in collaboration with our media independent partners, Media Initiative. This gives us access to GAMPS (Ghana All Media & Products Survey) together with Telmar software for analysing this data. This provides a complete picture of our target consumer’s media habits and will ensure a far more cost effective Media Plan.
  8. Key Brands Accra Breweries
  9. Icon Principles Do the right thing Never try to fool the consumer Never try to fool the client Cost effective is more effective Think different Always aim for runaway success
  10. Icon. I can.
  11. Icon People Empowered
  12. Your dedicated team Colin Experience: Ten years advertising in Ghana. Special skills: Brand think, team building, creative direction leadership Nimi Experience: Six years advertising at Icon. Special skills: Print, TV, Event, Brand Management Management Bilal Experience: Seven years advertising in Ghana. Special skills: Visual Identity, Art Direction, Pre-press Art Fred Experience: Two years advertising in Ghana. Special skills: Graphic Design, Visual ID, prepress Graphic Afua Experience: Seven years advertising at Icon. Special skills: Organisation; planning, coordination Administration
  13. ”We will definitely recommend Icon to any other company who asks us who to work with in Ghana.quot; Wall to Wall Television for Channel 4’s Into Africa “…I know I can only get this level of service from Icon, thank you once againquot; Enyonam Andoh, Stanbic Bank
  14. Fee Structures Commission Standard Commission. Agency enjoys 15% commission on media and a flat 20% on production costs. Discounts from suppliers will be passed on to client. Fixed Fee Icon can operate a fixed fee, calculated on people costs per account/project. People costs are yearly consolidated salary per staff with x2.5. With a total of 1,600 hours in a year. Daily rates are based on 8 hours a day. The overhead cost is an internationally accepted ratio base, ranging from 2.2 to 2.7. Scope of Work can be agreed prior to each new year. Based on this, people percentage time is agreed on each account with corresponding costs calculated. Fees are paid monthly in arrears. As a rule, agency personnel fill in manual time sheets. In addition, 15% commission on media and Client shall reimburse at net cost, any extra expenses incurred outside the scope of contract. All agreed remuneration will be exclusive of VAT and other local taxes or duties of a like kind.
  15. Icon. Ideas. Ghana
  16. Icon ShowreelWorld Class local vibes
  17. The airline business in Ghana “Although traffic in and out of Ghana is less than a million passengers a year, it’s growing steadily by 8 to 10 percent.” Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, 2005.
  18. Non-Ghanaian travelers • Expats – Socio-economic stability has brought, in its wake, an influx of foreign investors and businesses. – These expatriates maintain a strong link back home and travel out of Accra frequently for business and leisure. • Tourists – Tourism holds a strong potential for driving Ghana’s economic growth. – This is a niche-market yearning for attention and nurture
  19. I travel between Ghana, South Africa, South America, UK & US on a regular basis. My secretary books me e-tickets I don’t want any airline to mess me about. I want to Be comfortable and on time. I fly the same airline each time Other carriers to Luke I don’t enjoy flying so I try to Ghana are all rubbish get as much sleep as possible Luke is a CFO, He works for one of the big breweries based in Ghana. The nature of his job brings him into contact with lots of people. He is well-informed and is respected among his peers in the UK and Ghanaian Business Communities. “I believe in excellence and professionalism and whatever I do is driven by this”
  20. Ghanaian Travelers Demographic • Ghanaians in Ghana and Ghanaians in the Diaspora • West Africans at home and abroad • Ex-pats, business people and tourists of African descent. • Aged between 18 – 55years, fairly well educated, with travel experience or word-of-mouth shared experience Psychographic • People who see themselves as discerning, as having a good sense of judgment. • To travel by air, for many, brings a feeling of success
  21. Daniel Addison, Brand Manager Daniel is a member of Ghana’s fast growing middle class. He’s a Marketing Executive and has an extensive network of family, friends and contacts in Ghana, UK, US and SA. People respect his opinion on a range of issues I travel outside 2 or 3 times a year I collect air miles If I’m going on business, I’m thinking about getting there fresh enough to perform well I enjoy traveling. I do a lot of shopping if I get the chance, I can often turn a reasonable If I’m under my own steam, profit it’s all about price
  22. I’m a trader. I travel to We’re getting ripped off in buy goods. West Africa, the fares are too high, baggage allowances are too low and the planes they give us are old and tatty. It’s an insult. Last time I flew xx airlines, some of the Ghanaian passengers organized a petition. I was very happy to sign it. I always find the best Fare. I just phone around And find out what’s Happening. I don’t waste money Bell-Phyllis Phyllis is a 48-year-old business woman with three shops in the central business district. She travels almost every other month to Europe, Asia and North America to buy goods for her shops. She belongs to the bubbly class of Ghanaians who have the cash to spend and wields a strong influence among her peers. I need a good baggage My son lives in US allowance
  23. Value Comfort Drivers Business Travelers Price and Service are Reliability Safety formost in many passenger’s Added value Service minds, as is Visiting Family safety, while Tourists And Relatives baggage Price Baggage allowance is vital allowance to the huge VFR group. Margins concern Travel Travel & Tour and tour Companies partners and comfort and Terms & reliability are margins important to business travelers.
  24. Stakeholders • Employees – primary ambassadors • Travelers • Government with national interest and pride • Travel & Tour Agents: key players in the supply chain. • The local media who set the agenda for public discussion: positive or negative
  25. Business models Naturally, there are as many airline business models as there are airlines but just for fun we’ve simplified down to four basic ideas:
  26. Pay more, Get more British Airways & Singapore Airlines – Leverage & dominate the home airport and guard jealously – Brand strongly – Hi production value TV ads – Innovate constantly but stay with the brand promise – Exploit the muscle of being big “Singapore Airlines, with the youngest fleet in the air, provides perfumed hot towels, on-demand-video (start, stop, rewind at will) with a choice of 40 or 50 top movies and wireless broadband in all classes. Every Singapore Airlines innovation is in line with their strongly embeded positioning around the in-cabin experience: A Great Way to Fly” –
  27. Pay Less, get less Southwestern and Ryaniar - no frills – Focus on price at the expense of everything else – Go point-to-point and focus on second-string airports – Constantly cut costs to enhance profits – Exploit the responsiveness and speed to market of being small “Ryanair’s absurdly cheep air tickets are completely ticketless: you buy them on the web and print them on your own computer. Since Ryanair strives to be the cost leader, little emphasis is given to the emotional appeal of the brand on the website.” –
  28. Pay less, get more Jet Blue – Quirky but strong and relentless brand work – Zigg when everyone else Zaggs – be startlingly better in selected areas – Attack markets where dominant carriers, overcharge & under deliver. – Exploit the responsiveness and speed to market of being small “Jet Blue thrived in an environment where traditional airlines made massive profits, provided poor service and charged high fares… the greatest sin was the indifference directed at the passenger.” – “Low cost doesn’t have to mean lack of service or lack of comfort.” – Katy Raaijmaker, passenger. “Jet Blue baits you with a low fare & hooks you with their good service. They’ve put the human element back into flying & it’s resonated deeply with passengers” – RD Rusch, New York Journalist. “When you help a passenger with their baggage, it’s a real shock, compared to what they’re used to…” Jet Blue executive, Gareth Edmonson Jones (former virgin exec)
  29. Local Champion Ethiopian Airlines – Brand promise, “African hospitality, with a global Network” – A Heritage of reliability with a great complement of routes to the world – A brand positioning that’s compatible with Ghanaian culture and tradition of ‘Akwaaba’ – ET have won over and kept an army of loyal travelers across continents. “I traveled with ET from Nigeria to China and had taste of African hospitality. I recommend the airline to anyone flying from Africa who wants a last taste of African hospitality before the destination” – A passenger.
  30. Competition in Ghana • Currently, there are two categories of operators; – Traditional Airlines – Charter operators • Keen competition in the sector especially among the big players e.g. British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa etc. • Daily schedule by these players indicate strong market opportunities. • Emergence of charter operators who are positioned on price and baggage allowance • Continued patronage of these severely unreliable, no-frills carriers points to an un-met need in the market place
  31. Communications – a snapshot
  32. Outdoor The outdoor battle has recently taken on a new intensity for airlines in Accra with Virgin, GIA and SAA taking the fight up-market. New, huge prestige sites have taken the place of the original, small wooden boards. Billboard sites are very difficult to acquire right now and the local authority is taking draconian steps to reduce visual clutter, further reducing available space.
  33. Outdoor • Most visible around Accra: – Ghana International – Emirates – South African Airlines* – Afriqia (Lybia) • Less visible: – Ethiiopian – KLM – Lufthansa – North American – Virgin Nigeria • Invisible – British Airways – Alitalia *A new SAA outdoor campaign is going up now
  34. Messages in Outdoor • Airlines focus mainly on destinations and numbers of flights • They also use generic messages to enhance top-of- mind awareness
  35. Press
  36. Messages in Press • Airlines mainly use full or half- page colour ads in Graphic. • Press is most used to communicate short-term fare offers or new news, ie: routes and schedules
  37. Press • Most visible: – Ghana International – South African* – Emirates • Less visible: – Alitalia – Antrak • Invisible – British Airways – KLM – Lufthansa
  38. Radio • Radio is used from time to time by all airlines when they have special fare offerings or news • South African airlines have recently created a full campaign of generic and product specific radio commercials to support their current outdoor and press campaign
  39. Print • Ghana International Airlines supported their re-launch in all media with an A5 hand-bill which was circulated heavily around Accra, including at University of Ghana and petrol station.shops.
  40. Consumer perceptions
  41. Dipstick Survey This is by no means a scientific survey. We simply called six people and asked them six questions Each respondent has a number instead of a name They were all Ghanaian and all but number 6 were based in Ghana.
  42. When did you last fly? 1. 2004 2. Two weeks ago 3. 2003 4. A week ago 5. 2005 6. 2005 When will you next fly? 1. 2007 2. Five weeks from now 3. Two months time 4. A week’s time 5. 2007 6. Next month
  43. Name three airlines flying in and out of Accra (Top-of-mind awareness) 1. Lufthansa, British Airways, North American airlines 2. SAA, British Airways, KLM 3. British Airways, Emirates, North American Airlines 4. KLM, Lufthansa, Ghana International 5. Emirates, Lufthansa, KLM 6. SAA, British Airways, KLM
  44. Which airline do you prefer When you’re buying your own ticket? 1. Emirates 2. BA 3. Lufthansa 4. KLM 5. BA 6. Ghana International Airlines
  45. Which is your preference if you are being sent on business? 1. Emirates 2. BA 3. Lufthansa 4. BA 5. BA 6. KLM
  46. Which airline cares about you as a customer? 1. None 2. Emirates 3. British airways 4. British airways and Virgin 5. None 6. British airways
  47. If each of those airlines were a brand of car what would they be? • North American Airlines – Ford, • British Airways – Infinity, Rolls Royce, Toyota, Mercedes • Emirates – BMW • Ghana Airways – Trotro, VW • KLM – Honda, Nissan • Lufthansa – Honda
  48. Learnings • The three most frequent flyers (2,4,6) prefer BA when on business • BA was the first airline to come to mind for only one person • Only half the people felt BA cares for the customer • All felt BA is a superior airline (Benz, Rolls Royce etc) • There’s huge pent-up demand (see slides 29, 31 & 41) • Emirates is working hard and gaining a good reputation in Ghana • SAA & GIA have leapt into action – it’s too early to see a jump in brand equity. • BA is under-communicating
  49. What can we do for you?
  50. What Icon can do for British Airways • Brand building partnership • Strict adherence to VI • World-Class Communications • Cost-effective media buying (across the region) • Evaluation • Cost-effective production • Honest pricing • Partnership