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  1. 1. iMovie By: Tang Rojanathana
  2. 2. Overview  iMovie is a software created by AppleInc.  It’s an easy to use video enhancer program  It can be used as a clip trimmer  It can also edit sound
  3. 3. Common Task Used  Direct trimming of video and audio clips in the timeline  Snapping sync for video and audio, audio waveforms and listening to audio while scrubbing  Creation of still frames from video.  Splitting clips.  Extracting audio from clips.  Etc.
  4. 4. Interface Video Previewing Section: This section is use to preview your progress File Area: this is where you get the file you want to edit with iMovie Working Area: This is where you can drag videos to and edit them Functions: These are the effect that you can do to enhance your video The Interface of iMovie is easy to you and navigate through
  5. 5. Editing Clips In iMovie you can trim clip, and choose the part of the video you want. With this you can combine clips from different videos together With iMovie you can also crop videos to the size you want. You can crop any frame of the video.
  6. 6. Editing Sound This function allows you to record your own voice, and play it with the video This allows you to add music to your video You can choose where you want your music to play.
  7. 7. iMovie on iPhone  This program is so widely known, so it’s now integrated onto and iPhone
  8. 8. Price:  This software comes with every apple computer.  The price of Apple computer with this software ranges from $999-$2299