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Icom 2012 presentation-engl

  1. 1. About Company ICOM Capital is a Ukrainian investment company that provides services in the field of investment banking, investment and financial consulting. ICOM Capital was created through the merger of extensive professional experience of the co-partners of the Investment Salon project – the Avantazh Capital Investment Group, PRT Communication Group, Baker Tilly Ukraine Audit Company, Asters Ukrainian Law Firm – and entered the market due to the reorganisation of the Avantazh Capital Investment Group. The range of the investment solutions for our clients is from exchange distribution at the main and alternative sites of the Warsaw Stock Exchange to Private Equity and pre-IPO financing, including the strategic investor search. ICOM Capital primarily works with successful Ukrainian businesses that are focused on development, ready for transformation and open for partnership with foreign investors.ICOM Capital was registered in Ukraine in 2012. 2
  2. 2. Mission, Goal, and TasksThe mission of ICOM Capital is to provide professional support in economic growth, market stability, public transparency and international recognition of the Ukrainian business. Our goal is to work out and join efforts to implement a long-term strategy for the development of your business.Our main task is to be an "investment producer" for a successful company on the way of its transformation into an industry leader, to help the medium company to turn into a large one, to support the local business on its way to the international market.  ICOM’s main difference from other companies that provide investment banking services is the following: our team of the investment experts – who are top-managers in the large companies and experienced business communications specialists - not only attracts resources for our client’s business development, but make them work to maximise the client’s business value and its status in the business community. 3
  3. 3. Services We Offer to Our ClientsServices we offer to our clients• Investment Banking• M & A Consulting• Financial Communications• Business ConsultingAs we already mentioned above, the ICOM Capital was created due to the reorganisation of the Avantazh CapitalInvestment Group that was the first in Ukraine authorised adviser to the NewConnect platform and Catalyst market ofthe Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) from 2010 to 2012.Functions of the Authorised AdvisorBefore the placement:• Preparation of the issuers offering of securities on NewConnect / Catalyst• Preparation of the information document• Coordination and integration with the Exchange and the Depositary• Organisation of the subscription.After the placement (for at least 12 months):• Consulting support on NewConnect / Catalyst• Support in fulfilling disclosure obligations 4
  4. 4. Interests and Business GeographyICOM Capital is primarily focused on the industries that meet the world trends of growth.At present these are:• agriculture and processing of agricultural products• production and marketing of food products• pharmaceuticals and healthcare• IT and communications• retailBesides a number of Polish Investment and Private Equity Funds that actively cooperate with theWSE, ICOM Capital is well-connected to attract investment both in Russian and in Western Europeanstructures. Asian markets - China, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea – form a separate vector ofsearch for partners and investments. 5
  5. 5. ICOM: Investment Salon (IS)Investment Salon (IS) is an operating since 2010 communication platform for the Ukrainiancompanies that are ready to develop their businesses according to the international standards, andforeign investors who look for attractive and clear investment objects to work with in Ukraine.The IS project has started as a joint initiative of ICOM Capital and PRT Communication Group, withsupport of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and in partnership with the Baker Tilly Ukraine AuditCompany and Asters Ukrainian Law Firm.A distinctive feature of the Investment Salon is a strong professional focus: a minimum of semi-officialstatements and a maximum of the real and concrete business. Such a format is the shortest way forinvestment attractiveness assessment, selection of optimal investment models and getting feedback.Within the framework of this project, two full-scale Investment Salons as well as more then 10regional business-breakfasts took place in Ukraine. At the WSE suggestion, the 3 rd Investment Salonwill take place in early 2013 in Warsaw. 6
  6. 6. ICOM: Our Partnerson the Investment Salon Project 7
  7. 7. Our Services for Business:Preparation, Securing and Support PREPARATION SECURING SUPPORT • Comprehensive diagnostics of the company • Exchange-traded instruments - • At all stages of the company’s • Assessment of the business the IPO development depending on its value according to the international needs standards • Attraction of resources of Private Equity Funds • Exclusivity and confidentiality • Identification of the growth factor of the business value and options • Adaptation of national features to for its development • Strategic core investor search the international standards • Development of the programmes • Ethics, integrity, professionalism to increase capitalisation of the • Conduct of M & A transactions company • Flexibility in everything but the quality • Ensuring the positioning of the • Attraction of debt finance. company in the public information space 8
  8. 8. Our Clients 9
  9. 9. Our Clients 9