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Social media communications capturing the record from world usability day conference


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How to Capture Social Media Communications as an Australian Public Service record

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Social media communications capturing the record from world usability day conference

  1. 1. Social Media Communications: Capturing the Record iCognition Pty Ltd Presenter: Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Director
  2. 2. Importance of Social Media: Response to Gov 2.0 Report “ engage in online conversations with our citizens and our stakeholders’’ Lindsay Tanner make use of social networking and ‘crowdsourcing’ tools and techniques to enhance agency policymaking, implementation and continuous improvement. Recommendation 3 increase the use of online tools and platforms for internal collaboration. Recommendation 3
  3. 3. Response to Gov 2.0 Report - Recordkeeping effective, efficient and secure use of Web 2.0 tools. Recommendation 10 ensure that copies of records so generated are retained in the possession of the Commonwealth such that they satisfy the definition of Commonwealth Record in the Archives Act 1983. Recommendation 12 define Commonwealth records as any information created or received by the Commonwealth in the course of performing Commonwealth business. Recommendation 12
  4. 4. APS Guidance on Social Media Use guidance for APS employees participating in online media that encourages involvement in robust policy conversations in a professional and respectful manner. Circular 2009/6: Protocols for online media participation AGIMO Online Consultation Guidelines gives advice on Acceptable Use Policy
  5. 5. APS Values and Code of Conduct in practice, Chapter 3 & 15 Provides ground rules APS Values and Code of Conduct apply to working with online media Decisions about the need for records, including retention periods, are made with reference to: business needs; the requirements of organisational accountability; and community expectations technology also offers opportunities for more efficient, reliable and accessible recordkeeping
  6. 6. What kinds of Social Media Communications? Blogs Forums Internal Communication tools, e.g.: Microsoft Communicator Yammer Twitter feeds Facebook feeds Other RSS feeds Websites
  7. 7. Example Viewing and Capturing Media Feeds using Diem Portal Click on this and the Tweet is Captured (both an image of it and the text)
  8. 8. Diem Portal: A Captured Tweet
  9. 9. A Full Twitter Feed Captured
  10. 10. Capturing a Web site Page in both Text and Image
  11. 11. Another Example – Capturing SharePoint Items SharePoint items can be captured transparently User doesn’t know Each item is defined as a list Each list item is mapped to a record structure Everything is captured automatically while the user works
  12. 12. Each Item in this Site is a List
  13. 13. Same with this Blog....
  14. 14. You Map the SharePoint List Items to TRIM Records
  15. 15. Now See it in Action Click on the following and watch how everything can be captured: arePoint/HP_TRIM_Version_7_Integration_for_Share Point.htm
  16. 16. Questions?