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The #SocialTV Index, Vol 2: Television in the Mobile-first era - April 2015, NAB Show


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The SocialTV Index is a proprietary research report authored by Ring Digital llc. It includes a consumer tracking survey conducted biannually using the Google Consumer Survey tool. The report answers questions like:

* What is Social TV? How can Social TV help video & TV innovators create better content, market it more effectively & make more money from it?
* What is the market size for SocialTV? Where does Social TV fit in the overall evolution of the Television business?
* What is the market size for Television in generally, including Free-to-air Broadcast TV, Pay TV subscriptions, and the OTT Home Entertainment market?
* How many TV consumers engage in SocialTV behavior?
* What are some of the hot startups in the SocialTV segment?
* How does Social TV manifest itself across different TV genres, including Sports, Drama, Sitcoms, News & Reality TV?
* Do people want to record & share clips from their favorite TV moments?

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The #SocialTV Index, Vol 2: Television in the Mobile-first era - April 2015, NAB Show

  1. 1. R The #SocialTV Index: Television in the Mobile-first era Volume 2, April 12th 2015 Strategic digital services for video & TV innovators #SocialTV #LiveStreaming #SportsBiz #OTT #smSports Visit SU13212 Drone
 Pavilion SU13212 SU8513 XX MEET ME AT #NAB2015 SOUTH UPPER ADVANCED TECH Ask me for a demo! Mobile Clipper 
 Cloud Graphics Nanostream iOS App Sponsored by
  2. 2. DEFINING SOCIAL TV The Evolution of TV (w examples)
 Free TV > Pay TV > OTT TV > Mobile Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Social Video Native 20131960s 2007 REAL-TIME POLLS & PARTICIPATION BONUS CONTENT, BACKSTAGE PASS UGC LIVE, NEWS & PUBLIC SQUARE PUBLIC & PRIVATE WATER COOLER TUNE-IN, EPGs & WHAT TO WATCH CROSS-PLATFORM GRAPHICS & TEXT Mobile video and #SocialTV behaviors are fueling 6 Growth Use Cases in the TV biz. #SocialTV Mobile
  3. 3. 3 PREDICTIONS 2015 Five Predictions for the Future of #SocialTV. Social TV Roadmap 2. The Rise of Premium Short Form. TV networks begin to invest in sophisticated, semi-automated near-live & pre-live video clipping infrastructure to support social mobile video habits. 5. Social data including Pics, Graphics & Text will continue to facilitate collaboration between linear TV & digital video teams - and will enable a blending of content outputs across platforms. 1. The SocialTV Biz Gets a Fix. A Facebook-based social TV measurement will emerge - filling a gap in Nielsen’s current Twitter- only SocialTV metric and creating new & useful datasets for TV. 4. Selfie Streams Everywhere. Meerkat broke new ground in social content - but live cams aren’t new. Expect Now-casting features to be ubiquitous in TV, sports, music & entertainment apps. 3. Fan Engagement goes SocialTV. Live sports, music & TV event producers will tap in-venue attendees - at stadiums, theaters & arenas - as a focal point for nurturing buzz & driving tune-in. License your Now- casting App today!
  4. 4. Upstarts and incumbents alike will build meaningful mobile social TV revenue streams. SIZING THE MARKET Incumbent $6B Premium
 OTT Video $1B? Auth TV
 Everywhere $6B Online
 Video Ads Disruptor $5.6B Social/
 Native Ads Monetization Use Cases for Social TV Real-time, near-live & pre-show highlight clips - ad- based social portals build new viewing experiences SocialTV data will be used to drive packaging & programming decisions, tune-in & interactive tactics Local broadcasters will tap the locational power of live social streaming to reinvent local news & sports Advanced storefronts will merchandise new & catalog content on the SocialTV real-time clock Notes: Social from 2014E BI Intelligence. Premium OTT from 2014 DEG data. TVE from 2013 est from Needham. Online Video Ads from 2014 eMarketer Est. $42B Online
 Advertising $18B Home Video Market $85B Pay TV Subscriptions $80B Free TV Broadcast Ads
  5. 5. “Have you ever used social media to vote, post, share or comment about something on TV?” #SOCIALTV INDEX 5 23.7% Yes 25.2% AUG 2014 MAR 2015 Notes: n = 1,698 Responses
 Google Consumer Survey; full details available.
  6. 6. The sweet spot for SocialTV is young adults aged 25 - 34, not Gen Z’ers in the 18-24 group. The sweet spot for SocialTV is young adults aged 25-34. Does this reveal some hidden hesitation amongst Gen Z’s? Or does it reflect an 18-24 year old demo that is disconnected from TV? Yes Responses, broken down by Age 29.5% of adults aged 25-34 have
 engaged in SocialTV behavior #SOCIALTV INDEX
  7. 7. Twitter has lost ground to Facebook. Instagram, SnapChat & YouTube? Low & stable. MAR 2015 AUG 2014 Fb +5.2 Tw -8.6 Instagram 12.7% - SnapChat 11.0% - YouTube 8.6% 25.4% 75.6% 34.0% 70.4% Source: Google Consumer Survey; full details available. Q: WHICH SOCIAL NETWORK(S) DO YOU USE TO POST TV RELATED COMMENTS? n = 291 #SOCIALTV INDEX
  8. 8. The top shows are the top social TV shows - or is it the other way around? Walking Dead - Game of Thrones - Big Bang Theory - Reality - Sports- News AUG 2014 MAR 2015 TOP SOCIAL SHOW
  9. 9. SocialTV is an all-genre, new-format phenom - and evolving dramatically in multiple directions. April 2015Sept 2014 Sports News Drama Reality Sitcoms 43.9% 40.6% 33.6% 29.9% 27.5% 41.9% 37.5% 30.6% 28.9% 40.5% Q: FOR WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING 5 GENRES OF PRIME-TIME TV HAVE YOU POSTED? n = 291 GENRE TRENDS
  10. 10. “Have you ever used your smartphone camera to record a clip of a video you just saw on TV?” Yes 21.5% of DVR users* have used their smartphone
 camera to record a clip of
 something they saw on TVA digital habit for over 20 million
 TV viewers* in the U.S. One of Whipclip’s Killer Features? 
 A B2C live clipper! Viewer clipping? SHARE YOUR FAVORITE TV MOMENTS * Note: Use case is only possible for TV viewers that utilize DVR technology. VIEWER CLIPPING Read my take on Live clipping at:
  11. 11. Meerkat/Periscope: Cams go mainstream - but it’s a Killer Feature, not a Killer App. #TunnelCam#TunnelCam Yt:MajorSeahawkFan28Yt:MajorSeahawkFan28 NOW-CASTING Read my take on Now-casting at:
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  13. 13. #SportsBiz #smSports Four distinct markets in sports. But all four are converging in mobile social digital apps. Global = $43B North Am = $17B Collegiate = $1.3B Global = $42B North Am = $14B Collegiate = $1B SPONSORSHIPS TICKETING O T T V I D E O 
 P r e m i u m S o c i a l T V C O M M E R C E L o y a l t y S TA D I U M 
 V i d e o b o a r d R i b b o n b o a r d L O YA LT Y 
 S e a t s , V I P A c c e s s Global = $33B North Am = $12.5B Collegiate = $1B PwC North Am Sports Outlook Oct 2014 PwC Global Sports Outlook Dec 2011 Time Spent in Apps Mobile Social Apps Data from WME/IMG deal TV & DIGITAL Global = $19B
 North Am = $123B Collegiate = $4B MERCHANDISE Growth, 2013 to 2014 13
  14. 14. FAN ENGAGEMENT Participation, polls, trivia & live social streaming Social TV Content Text & Image Content VIP hassle mitigation In-stadium & Digital Sports Fan Experiences @brianlring for more Mobile brings digital + physical engagement. Social TV & Sports Data-driven Marketing, Sales & Programming Ticket buying & loyalty Autographed exclusives, apparel & promotional items Merch & shop Exclusive & Bonus Content News, scores, FX, stats, data visualizations Analysis, commentary, multiple angles, locker room, backstage, on the bus, videoboard, GoPro, Drone POV In-seat orders, bathroom lines, parking, transport 14 Seat upgrades, exclusive experiences & access Physical Engagement / Use Cases Digital Engagement / Use Cases
  15. 15. ABOUT US SF GIANTS FAN CUSTOMERS EXPERTISE SERVICES • Live streaming and #SocialTV • In-stadium sports fan engagement • Future of Video & Television • Mobile social video & cloud tech • Strategic business development • Content & social marketing • Custom development services • Project & program management Ring Digital llc is a digital services & strategy firm focused on video, mobile, social & sports. 15
  16. 16. Was this research on #SocialTV useful? Then join me in making Volume 3 even better. VOLUME 1 EXTRAS Contact Read Follow
 @brianlring 16 Read volume 1 for more: