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Revenue Growth Services - Ring Digital - 2018


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Product strategy, content marketing & sales enablement services for leading innovators in digital media, cloud video, OTT & TV, social media & B2B marketing.

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Revenue Growth Services - Ring Digital - 2018

  1. 1. R Revenue Growth Services Content Marketing Sales Enablement Product Strategy
  2. 2. GO-TO-MARKET EXECUTION Serving Video & TV Innovators - Revenue & Sales Development - Content, PR & Social Marketing - Product Strategy & Vision - Custom Amplification Programs HAPPY CUSTOMERS ABOUT US STRATEGIC & REVENUE GROWTH SERVICES 2 “Unparalleled knowledge…executed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for the U.S.”
  3. 3. SALES EXECUTION PIPELINE DEVELOPMENT & SALES ENABLEMENT 250+ U.S. & Global Accounts TV Networks OTT Services MVPDs Broadcasters Video Publishers Sports: Teams & TV News: Local & Digital Movie & TV Studios Live Streaming Social Mobile Video 3 “Conducted a brand strategy session with my team…exceptional.”
  4. 4. CONTENT MKTG THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & SOCIAL MARKETING Custom Surveys, Infographics & Books “One of the most energetic & creative execs I’ve had the pleasure to work with.” 4
  5. 5. Survey: Facebook Grows as TV Watercooler Most Sports Fans with DVRs Record Live Sports, survey says Sports Aren't 'DVR-proof': Survey  24% of U.S. Adults use Social Media to Comment on TV Social Media & Sports: Five Issues, Sticky & Tricky Sports Predominantly Viewed Live, Some Time-shifted Viewing Most U.S. Social Media Users Turn to Facebook to Discuss TV PR & INFLUENCE MEDIA PLACEMENTS, PICKUPS & INFLUENCE 5
  6. 6. VIP EVENTS INTERACTIVE SESSIONS & CUSTOMIZED OFFSITES Pictured below, a Live Tweet Contest & Strategy Lunch produced for NewBay Media. 6
  7. 7. Panels, live sessions & talks are a great opportunity to highlight case studies and anchor social media content. (Click the images to see examples.) PANELS & TALKS CURATION & HOSTING OF EVENT PANELS 7
  8. 8. WEBINARS END-TO-END WEBINAR EXECUTION Featured Laura Martin of Needham & Co in a multi- party webinar session designed to bolster Thuuz’s core value argumentation for Pay TV executives. 8 As a TV Analyst, Brian Ring has helped Grass Valley, Wowza & others drive better ROI for marketing events like webinars.
  9. 9. STRATEGY PRODUCT POSITIONING & COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Client name & identifiers removed Confidential corporate strategy, M&A & product advisory. 9
  10. 10. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE & TECH EVALUATIONS Software design and product development services. 10 Client name & identifiers removed
  11. 11. Goal: Introduce Wowza Streaming Cloud to the live sports segment using a targeted email, social & digital marketing & sales campaign. Product Positioning - Bulleted storyline for cloud streaming offer Webinar Host & Speaker - Helped drive 200 sign-ups & 50+ attendees Qualified Leads - 100s of leads via email, social ads, calls & meetings Social Ads - Executed Twitter Cards ads with high engagement rates Pipeline Development - Emails, web demos, phone calls, in-persons Strategic Sales & Partners - Strategic sales pipeline development Content Creation - Designed & executed B2B survey - 1,000+ NCAA targets contacted - 250 converted respondents & 120 completes CASE STUDY STREAMING CLOUD PRODUCT LAUNCH 11
  12. 12. Goal: Help execute a Fan Engagement pilot project for a Power 5 College Conference, including in-stadium App & social engagement strategies. Program & Project Mgmt - Scheduled meetings, set agendas, take & distribute notes & action items, follow-up on all assigned tasks Fan Operations - Helped execute in-stadium gameday tactics such as in- seat food delivery, highlights clipping & pre-game app download promo Digital Product Strategy - Articulated a framework for the goals of our in- stadium sports Fan Engagement mobile app Solution Design - Performed technical evaluation & vendor categorization for mobile apps, social analytics, data platforms and cloud CRM & marketing automation vendors Vision Deck - Created a mobile social video product vision blueprint CASE STUDY BIG DATA & SPORTS FAN ENGAGEMENT PILOT 12