Windows movie maker tutorial


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How to create a Movie using pictures, movie and sound. Training guide used with our Silver Surfers group.

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Windows movie maker tutorial

  1. 1. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 1 Movie Maker Getting Started TASK 1 – Start Movie Maker Choose Start, All Programs, Accessories, Movie Maker Make sure that you have the task pane available in Windows Movie Maker. If it is not shown, click on the Tasks icon on the toolbar. Imported Video, Pictures and Sound will appear here Timeline Drag Music, Video and Pictures here Movie Controls Split and Capture Frame Controls The Selected Video or Picture will be displayed here
  2. 2. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 2 Movie Maker Importing Pictures Video and Sound The Tasks menu provides you with the option to import material for your movie. Various video clips, pictures and music have been prepared for your use in preparing a movie. These can all be found in O:Junior schoolJ1Movie maker TASK 2 – Import Files Click on the Import Picture in the Movie Tasks Pane Choose art and click import Repeat the process for all 5 photos
  3. 3. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 3 Movie Maker Adding resources to the movie timeline Drag each of the pictures in the following order on to the timeline: Art Piping Hut Playfair Playing fields View from above The Timeline will look like the following: To play your movie click at the start of the timeline and press play on the right hand panel. TASK 3 : Add video and music Now choose Import the video clips O:Junior schoolJ1Movie maker New pitch and music building Now choose Import audio or music Select the following files: O:Junior schoolJ1Movie maker Black eye peas Importance of being Idle - Oasis
  4. 4. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 4 Movie Maker To change the length of time a photo is displayed click on the photo and drag the clip wider or shorter to increase or decrease the display time. TASK 4 : Create Titles and Credits Titles can be on top of an existing slide or as a separate slide. Choose Add a title at the beginning and type in the following text: Choose Make Titles or Credits from the Movie Tasks. The following options are available
  5. 5. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 5 Movie Maker Choose Change the title animation and select the Mirror Choose Done The slide will appear as the first frame in the timeline. Removing and Altering the position of clips Click and drag and drop. Click on the clip and press delete to remove. Move the photo with the playfair building to immediately after the Title slide. TASK 5 : Title on selected Clip Click on the clip of the piping hut Select Make Titles or Credits Select Add Title on selected clip in the timeline Type in “Mr Stewart tuning the pipes” Choose a Title Animation of your choice
  6. 6. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 6 Movie Maker TASK 6 : Add Credits at the end of the movie Select Make Titles or Credits Select Add Credits at the end of the movie and add the following: Select an animation style then select done TASK 7 : Add movie clips Select the New pitch collection and drag the movie into the time line. Select the Music building collection and drag the movie into the time line. TASK 8 : Add Sound Tracks Drag the sound track Black eye peas on to the time line in the Audio/Music line. Shorten the track by dragging the end of the track to the left Add the Importance of being idle sound track on to the timeline. Reduce its length so it fits the length of the movie. Your time line should look like the following:
  7. 7. Iclict Training Dollar Academy Page 7 Movie Maker TASK 8 : Alter the Sound Right Click on the Introduction in the timeline and choose volume – increase the volume slightly. Right Click on the song on the timeline and Choose Fade Out. TASK 9 : Video Transitions Choose view video transitions from the Edit Task panel. Drag a different transition on to the time line between each clip. TASK 10 : SAVE YOUR WORK Click on the save icon or file, save as and save your movie project as Dollar in you’re my video folder. This file can be edited at a later date – new pictures or modifications can be made. To save you project as a Movie file click on Finish Movie from the Task panel. Choose Save to my computer. Provide your movie with the name Dollar and click next. To see the two files you have created click on Start, My Computer, My Video and you will see the files. One is the finished movie and the other is the project file which will take you back into Movie Maker so that you can continue working on it. Double Click each of these files making sure you are aware of what they do.