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"Local Targets 21 - Target setting and monitoring for local sustainability" by Kate Theobald, Northumbria University


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"Local Targets 21 - Target setting and monitoring for local sustainability" by Kate Theobald, Northumbria University

  1. 1. Local Targets 21 – Target setting and monitoring for Local sustainability Dr Kate Theobald Northumbria University Informed Cities Forum 15th April 201023/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 1
  2. 2. What is Local Targets 21? User-friendly on-line tool in 7 EU languages Product of the STATUS European project In line with key policy areas of UTS and Aalborg Commitments Developed with local governments Assists local governments in:- Selecting targets for local sustainability- Setting targets- Monitoring targets 23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 2
  3. 3. How does the Tool work? 10 sets of indicators with indicative targets Local authorities can browse all the indicators Enter baseline data against indicators Once form submitted, feedback report is produced Data can be updated as often as required23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 3
  4. 4. What are the benefits to local authorities? Provides a framework for local authorities to assess progress with local sustainability Participating local authorities find out about targets set by others in Europe Tool is supported by detailed Guidance on Selecting, Setting and Achieving Targets23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 4
  5. 5. Role of local authorities in the project Two workshops: first was developing tool content (20 LGs), and second was testing the system in English (10 LGs) Opportunities to comment on the feedback reports from the workshops Early piloting/testing of the tool by a small number of local authorities Advisory Panel including national local government organisations asked to consider promotion/take-up of the Tool23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 5
  6. 6. Dissemination activities to localgovernments (during and after project) Presentation at Italian LA21 Cordinamento 2006 Presentation at ICLEI World Congress 2006 andSeville Conference 2007 Publication of Slovakian local sustainabilityindicators based directly on Local Targets 21indicators Promotion by local government networks Establishment of Local Sustainability website to host Local Targets 21 Cities Research Institute23/04/2010 ©Sustainable 6
  7. 7. Other proposed dissemination channels Independent networks LA21 networks Via specific officials in each city Other projects (eg Liveable Cities/Managing Urban Europe) European Commission channels Media, eg via national environment ministries23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 7
  8. 8. Barriers in co-operating with local governments Political sensitivity (sharing data on targets) Lack of support by national local government organisations Lack of time/competition with other tools Not seen as sufficiently relevant to national contexts Technical problems Tool only in 7 languages so limited use23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 8
  9. 9. Advantages and opportunities Working with a local governments from different national countries Exploring the national contexts and local specificities regarding sustainability indicators and targets Developing contacts with individuals, for future collaboration Understanding the local policy processes and constraints associated with adopting sustainability tools23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 9
  10. 10. Use of the Tool since completion Limited number of local authorities have used the Tool Interest expressed from a small number of local authorities Where local authorities have used the Tool once, then tend to not follow this up Possibility that local authorities have used the Guidance and set of indicators as a framework but not actually used the on-line tool Keeping content up to date is an issue23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 10
  11. 11. LOCAL TARGETS 21 WEBSITE www.localtargets21.org23/04/2010 ©Sustainable Cities Research Institute 11