"Fano Guidelines. Building Capacity for Local Sustainability" by Walter Sancassiani, Focus Lab


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"Fano Guidelines. Building Capacity for Local Sustainability" by Walter Sancassiani, Focus Lab

  1. 1. Fano Guidelines Building Capacity for Local Sustainability www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  2. 2. Fano Guidelines DISCUS project Developing Institutional and Social Capacities for Urban Sustainability The Fano Guidelines are based on the findings of DISCUS project – 2003-2004 www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  3. 3. Fano Guidelines Key research question of Discus project : What preconditions need to be fulfilled before a local sustainability process can produce tangible results? The Fano Guidelines outline the factors and conditions which had been identified as crucial for building up the capacity within local government needed for the successful implementation of local sustainability policies, Based on research on 40 cities and towns all over Europe www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  4. 4. Fano GuidelinesLearning as an organisationInvestment in training on sustainable development forboth officers and politicians builds capacity withinlocal government.We keep pace with social and technologicaldevelopments in order to make informed decisionswhile working towards a sustainable future.•upgrade officers abilities in project design, active listening,negotiation, and other result-orientated approaches.•training on stakeholder and community participationtechniques and approaches•Reward commitment www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  5. 5. Fano GuidelinesMoving away from policy silos withinlocal governmentThe complexity of sustainable development requires aresponse that combines knowledge from all policy areas,and utilises the maximum resources available.We exchange ideas and approaches through cross-departmental working groups and co-operate acrosspolicy areas on a daily basis to respond to this challenge.•appoint officers within departments as “ambassadors” forsustainability integration•environmental, social and economic criteria in all policies.•cross-departmental working groups www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  6. 6. Fano GuidelinesMaking alliances with people andorganisationsBusiness, organisations and individuals are allsources of influence and knowledge for sustainabledevelopment.We work in alliance to benefit from their input andbuild mutual trust.•assess stakeholder impact on policy implementation.•combine formal and informal partnerships• evaluate partnership outcomes (learning, change) www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  7. 7. Fano GuidelinesFacilitating the process anddeveloping credible leadershipSetting an example in sustainability management andactivities builds up trust and credibility within civilsociety. Our local government acts as a model for others,and at the same time as a facilitator of dialogue, bringingsustainability principles onto the local agenda andchannelling participatory input into political decisions.•Practice what you preach: sustainability management tools•Co-ordinate existing bodies and forums for participation•Be clear and transparent about involvement or participation www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  8. 8. Fano GuidelinesEncouraging creativity and innovationin policy-makingCreative people within and outside local governmentare key to answering new challenges.We pilot innovative activities to allow unusual solutionsto be tried and tested.•test new technologies and methods in pilot projects•reward new ideas•learning approach incorporating action research models•life cycle thinking and management approach www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  9. 9. Fano GuidelinesCommunicating to make a differenceWithin a knowledge-based society, communication iscentral to raising awareness of the changes inbehaviour that sustainable development demands.We are open to our citizens’ ideas, and we are activecommunicators using targeted channels and tools toreach out to our community .•use multi-media and traditional channels•provide attractive, easy to understand but scient info.•messages targeted to hearts (values), minds (rational), andeyes (aesthetics).•innovative models to understand behavioural change www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  10. 10. Fano GuidelinesCatalysing action through raisingenvironmental awarenessWinning people’s interest in sustainable developmentissues can be promoted through raising environmentalawareness.We improve the economic and social performance of ourcity by implementing high quality environmentalmanagement schemes and approaches.•incorporate environ. issues in economic and social policies•maintain coherence with UN Agenda 21,Aalborg Commitments.• disseminate successful in a triple-bottom line’ practices• new Env. Management tools www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  11. 11. Fano GuidelinesMaintaining commitment to achievingthe long-term visionAction for sustainability needs to be step by step whilstguided by the long-term vision.We implement actions that are effective but acceptable,steadfastly working towards our vision.•promote or ‘brand’ your city or town as sustainable in orderto help create a high level of identification•Establish routines, such as a sustainability check,•Periodically celebrate your city or towns vision www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  12. 12. Fano GuidelinesSharing experience with peersNetworking with other cities and towns creates acommon cause for the reorientation of localdevelopment.By demonstrating our progress to others, we receiverecognition and are encouraged to maintain ourambitious work.•develop projects in partnerships with other local authorities,ttake part in pilot projects•gain recognition making your city the host of national andinternational events on sustainability www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  13. 13. Fano GuidelinesInfluencing all levels of governmentWorking with other levels of government increases theopportunities for local level considerations to be includedin national legislation and strategies for the promotion ofsustainable development.We support and are supported by a dialogue on theframework for local sustainable development.•link improvements in sustainability at other government levels•highlight local achievements•stimulate sustainability mainstreaming in local policies•Find a critical voice www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21
  14. 14. Fano Guidelines Learning... Communicating... Moving... Catalysing... Making... Maintaining... Facilitating... Sharing... Encouraging... Influencing... www.iclei-europe.org/localcapacity21