Informed Cities Forum 2011 European Green Capital Award Thea Pieridou


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Informed Cities Forum 2011 European Green Capital Award Thea Pieridou

  1. 1. INFORMED CITIES FORUM 2011The European Green Capital Award Thea Pieridou European Commission, DG Environment 26 – 27 October 2011 Naples, Italy
  2. 2. What is the European Green CapitalAward? 4/5 Europeans live in towns and cities Urban areas concentrate most of the environmental challenges facing our society but also bring together commitment and innovation to resolve them Award recognises and rewards local efforts to improve the environment, the economy and the quality of life in cities Given each year to a city, not necessarily a capital, which is leading the way in environmentally friendly urban living and which can act as a role-model for other cities
  3. 3. What were the reasons for creatingthis award? Tallinn, May 2006 – meeting of 15 European cities and the Association of Estonian cities with a green vision Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga, Vilnius, Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Ljubljana, Prague, Vienna, Kiel, Kotka, Dartford, Tartu and Glasgow Their vision was turned into a joint Memorandum proposing the establishment of an award rewarding cities that are leading the way in environmentally friendly urban living Brussels, 22 May 2008 - The European Commission launched the European Green Capital Award 2012 2010 2011 2013 Victoria- Stockholm Hamburg Nantes Gasteiz
  4. 4. Three key objectives Reward cities that have a well-established record of achieving high environmental objectives, Encourage cities to commit to ambitious future goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development, Provide a role model to inspire other cities and promote best practices and experiences across Europe, and beyond
  5. 5. Awards slogan Green cities – fit for life
  6. 6. Hamburg – 2011 European GreenCapital (1/2) Major industrial centre, confronting all the environmental challenges that face other European cities Proof that economic growth and environmental protection are not conflicting issues generating a good standard of living for inhabitants - This is what makes Hamburg a role model Ambitious climate protection goals: reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 and by 80% by 2050. CO2 emissions have been reduced by 15% (1990-2006) Excellent integrated waste management system: high levels of source separation of individual materials and energy recovery
  7. 7. Hamburg – 2011 European GreenCapital (2/2) Water consumption, metering and leakage: exceptionally low water-leakage rate of 4% Public transport: 11 657km of bus routes and 10 426 stops. 99% of Hamburgs citizens have public transport within 300 meters of their home Hamburg is green: over 16.8% of the urban area given over to forests, recreation and green spaces. Every week 1 million people use them for leisure and recreation. 89% of the population lives within 300m of a park
  8. 8. Current call for applications for the2014 title Cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants can compete for the Award Criteria for evaluation: 12 indicators areas "Plan, Do, Check and Act“ approach Expert Panel evaluates all applications Jury takes the final decision Award Ceremony in Vitoria-Gasteiz
  9. 9. Applicant Cities for the 2014 Award Insert map with title
  10. 10. Is the EGCA worthwhile? What arethe benefits brought by this title? Prestigious award - being recognised as the greenest city in Europe Advantageous side-effects: big draw for tourism (esp. eco-tourism) The title is a unique opportunity to foster a positive environment for potential companies in certain sectors attracting companies, investment and young professionals who are highly qualified and looking for a high quality of life Good internal learning exercise for the city. Past applicants are using the EGCA experience and evaluation results to improve their environmental performance It can serve as a very useful external audit on how cities are doing compared to its peers
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!