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Informed Cities Forum 2011 Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform Angela Guarino


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Informed Cities Forum 2011 Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform Angela Guarino

  1. 1. Europe 2020, the Committee of the Regions and the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform Angela Guarino Committee of the Regions Europe 2020 Monitoring Platform Advancing and monitoring local sustainability in Europe Wednesday 26 October 2011, 14:30- 16:00
  2. 2. The Committee of the RegionsA political assembly of the European Union, representinglocal and regional government.
  3. 3. Commissione europea Parlamento europeo Consiglio dell’UE Comitato economico e sociale europeo
  4. 4. EUROPE 2020• Goals: boost recovery, put the EU on a path towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth by 2020• Headline targets: five for the EU as a whole• Flagship initiatives (Innovation Union, Youth on the move, A digital agenda for Europe, Resource-efficient Europe, An industrial policy for the globalisation era, An agenda for new skills and jobs,European platform against poverty)• By April 2011: National Reform Programmes to implement Europe 2020 at national level (including country targets)• Commission and European Council – assess NRPs and annual implementation reports – issue guidelines and country-specific recommendations (June 2011)• European semester: stricter co-ordination between macroeconomic, fiscal and structural policy – Annual Growth Survey (in January each year) (
  5. 5. Unlocking positive systemic effects of Europe 2020via partnership • Integration of sectoral policies • Coordination of tasks/agendas • Synchronization
  6. 6. To this aim, CoR proposes Territorial Pacts atcountry level Between national governments, LRAs To agree goals, targets, operational coordination (In contractual terms where needed) Structural Funds contribute Administrative simplification Monitoring, evaluation Contributing to cohesion, sustainability Endorsement of the idea of Territorial Pacts: European Commission, European Parliament, Permanent Representatives, Regions and Cities 2011 Spring European Council: “(…)in implementing these [Europe 2020] policies, and in order to ensure wide ownership, close cooperation will be maintained with (…) advisory bodies (CoR), with the full involvement of national parliaments, social partners, regions and other stakeholders.“
  7. 7. Europe2020 Monitoring Platform - Mission andobjectives Enable the local and regional authorities to fully participate in the big European debates, on social, economic and environmental issues monitor how LRAs participate in the new strategy feed into CoR consultative activity and EU debate voice the LRAs political concerns and proposals in the big Eu debates facilitate best practices sharing
  8. 8. Europe 2020 StrategyE urope 2020 Policy Cycle: E uropean S em est and i pl ent i att count y l er m em aton he r evel CoR monitoring Declaration of CoR assessment ofCoR Territorial activities; the CoR Bureau NRPs and progress Round tables on Next CoRMonitoring Dialogue & implementing NRPs, to the Spring reports and a political MonitoringReport on Discussion with possibly with European message to the June country cases ReportEurope 2020 PermReps Council European Council (October/November) January February March April May June July ………… December European Annual Policy guidance Commission Growth including country Survey specific Autumn: recommendations Peer review at Council of Finalisation & EU level Debate & Ministers adoption of orientations guidance European Debate & orientations Parliament European Spring Endorsement of European guidance Council Council Adoption (2011) or progress Autumn: Member reports (following years) of Decisions National Reform Programmes States (NRPs) & Stability and at national Convergence Programmes level (SCPs)
  9. 9. Europe2020 Monitoring Platform – Structure (1/2) Voluntary membership Involved in the activities of the Platform: Members of the Platform (154 as October 2011) established by CoR in 2010, representing cities, regions from all 27 member states Europe 2020 Membership sorted level of government as a July 2011 5% EGTC 54% CITIES 37% COUNTIES 1% 3% REGIONS OBSERVERS
  10. 10. Europe2020 Monitoring Platform – Structure (2/2) Two members of the CoR as political coordinators of the Platform: Ms Christine Chapman for the activities related to: Competitiveness Innovation Inclusion Mr Nichi Vendola for the activities related to: Climate change Sustainability
  11. 11. Europe2020 Monitoring Platform – 2011 Activities (1/2) Consultations, surveys, quick surveys CoR Annual Monitoring Report Territorial Dialogue Workshops (of which: Open Days)
  12. 12. Europe2020 Monitoring Platform – 2011 Activities (2/2) 1. Survey On the role of regional and local authorities in promoting a sustainable water policy (deadline of 4 March 2011) 49 questionnaires were submitted by LRAs and other stakeholders from 17 EU Member States. 2. Quick survey on Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative European Platform Against Poverty and Social Exclusion (deadline of 2 February 2011). 44 questionnaires were submitted by local and regional authorities from 22 EU Member States. 3. Survey On Anti-Crisis Policies in Regions & Cities Two Years On: public authorities working in partnership (a follow-up survey) (deadline of 18 April 2011). 27 contributions received. 4. Desk analysis of the 27 submitted NRP on the role of the local and regional authorities in the Europe 2020 National Reform Programmes. Report expected for September 2011.
  13. 13. Europe2020 Monitoring Platform –On going 2011 erecently closed Activities (4/4) This survey looks at whether, and to what extent, Europe 2020 is adding value to local and regional policies and whether it is being implemented in partnership by all government levels (possibly through Territorial Pacts or other multilevel governance tools). Its results will feed into the 2nd CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020, to be published in December 2011 as a contribution to the European Commissions 2012 Annual Growth Survey - just before the 2012 Spring European Council issues political guidance for the 2nd European Semester. The survey also asks for at least one example of a policy through which respondent administrations contribute to Europe 2020 goals and targets, to be mentioned in the Monitoring Report.
  14. 14. Join an increasingly visible Platform! Since Europe 2020 was launched, in early 201010 consultations and surveys done•over 600 contributions received from EU local and regional authorities•all contributions were acknowledged in our summary reports•many ideas were taken on board•monitoring results fed regularly into CoR political positioning andgot increasing attention from other European institutions"I very much appreciate the activity of the Europe 2020 Monitoring Platformof the Committee of the Regions"José Manuel Durão Barroso (in a letter to CoR President Bresso on 18 April, 2011)
  15. 15. Thank youFor more information please visit: