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Designing a better library experience

A presentation for the CPD25 event "Engaging Students: Obtaining And Using Feedback In Libraries And Universities" [].

The presentation looks at some of the background to the current environment, the importance of communication with students/users and the role social media can play in building relationships and encouraging commitment.

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Designing a better library experience

  1. 1. designing abetter libraryexperience
  2. 2. [open withOBVIOUS statement]
  3. 3. “…up there withLionel Robbins’ reportof 1963 and RonDearing’s report of1997 as aserious, paradigm-shifting publication.”source: department for business, innovation and skills, 2010(
  4. 4. Responsibility From: The State To: The Individual
  5. 5. “Paradigm shifting…” …a major review of university funding. …a £3,290 cap on fees, which students borrow in loans, to be scrapped. …introduction of a free market in fees - setting out models of charges up to £12,000 a year for a degree course. source: bbc, 2010 (
  6. 6. “Quality is at theheart of theseproposals, and itwill be the criticalsuccess factor inthe competition fornew students andemerging learningmarkets.”Source:
  7. 7. University? Students?
  8. 8. Degree?
  9. 9. Students ≠ con$umer$ but…
  10. 10. Perception isthe key…
  11. 11. supermarkets plus horses plus burgers equals insecurity
  12. 12. “…the social bonding that occurs inservice relationships is likely to increase customer dependence on the service provider…” source: bendapudi and berry, 1997
  13. 13. Open communicationTRON commitment
  14. 14. confidencecommunicationknowledge
  15. 15. Social Mediaservice user
  16. 16. 48% 87% of all adults use social media 83% of 16-24yrs use social media of 16-24yrs use emailsource: office for national statistics, 2012 (
  17. 17. whether you like it or not…they are talking about you
  18. 18. ACTIVE …not passive
  19. 19. 2,000 people surveyed 36% used social media to65% contact a large company believed social media better than call centres source: fishburn hedges and echo research, 2012
  20. 20. it’s not just about listening, it’s about engaging
  21. 21. 29% organisations 50% consumers respond to expect a 1% Twitter response complaints would not have liked it or hated it if they received a response83% liked or loved 86% would have getting a liked to have response had a response source: maritz research, 2011 (
  22. 22. I’m not happy…
  23. 23. turn a into apositive
  24. 24. engagecommunityconnectimprove
  25. 25. what are ourOPTIONS?
  26. 26. #hashtagPOWER
  27. 27. the library at #cccu need more books ontheir shelves   #nothappy was there anything in particular you were lookinganything to do with Durkeheim for?on suicide, every book is taken. we do have an ebook by Durkheim available here:oooh  thanks    [URL] no problem! hope we’ve turned the #nothappy to #happy 
  28. 28. presenceawarenessconfidencecommitment
  29. 29. location: Canterburysearch term: “library”
  30. 30. location search is vital butTAKE CARE!
  31. 31. 293 44followers @ccculibrary 464 96tweets retweets
  32. 32. Relationship let’s build on our
  33. 33. what now… …communicate with your students …develop a relationship …build your service …encourage their commitment
  34. 34. ian
  35. 35. slide 3: c/o bisgovuk on flickr 6: c/o andrew moss photography on flickr 7: c/o working word on flickr 8: c/o philstephenrichards on flickr 9: c/o leeds museums and galleries on flickr 10: c/o aston university on flickr 12: c/o fiddle oak on flickr 18: c/o id-iom on flickr 19: c/o johann larsson on flickr 39: c/o bethan on flickr
  36. 36. referencesbendapudi, n. and berry, l. (1997). customers’ motivations for maintaining relationships with service providers, journal of retailing, Vol. 73 No. 1, pp. 15-37.blunkett, d. (2000). david blunketts speech on higher education, 15 february 2000 at maritime greenwich university, retrieved from, s. (2010). student tuition fees: browne review urges no limits, retrieved from for business, innovation and skills, (2010). david willetts speech: hefce annual conference - royal college of physicians, london, retrieved from hedges and echo research, (2012). the social media customer, retrieved from research, (2011). maritz Research and evolve24-twitter study, retrieved from for national statistics, (2012). internet access - households and individuals, 2012 part 2, retrieved from