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Escaping the Echo Chamber: Advocacy outside our own circle.


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A presentation delivered at Lighting the Future - a joint SLG, SLA & YLG week-end course in June 2012.

The presentation covers the how, why and what of the national library advocacy organisation, Voices for the Library.

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Escaping the Echo Chamber: Advocacy outside our own circle.

  1. Escaping theEchoChamber:Advocacyoutside ourown circle.
  2. Librarians notincluded
  3. Talk tousPaxo!
  4. “So, in short, are libraries in decline? No.However, the narrative is not beingcontrolled by the profession but by thosewho either do not understand the serviceor are trying to undermine it for their ownends. The best way to challenge thesemyths? Personally, I agree with others whosay there is a need to break out ofthe ‘echo chamber’ and take back controlof the narrative. Only then can we bury themyth that libraries are irrelevant in thedigital age.”
  5. From the fourcorners of thelibrary world…
  6. This is notgoing to work…
  7. Pling
  8. Reachout…
  9. A library is where you can findout how to be you.Catherines story
  10. Libraries hold up the lamps bywhose light we expand and grow,grant us glimpses into other lives,support our skills and ourunderstanding, speak acrossdistance and time and race andculture.Karis story
  11. Libraries are places wherepeople of all ages, outlooks,backgrounds, incomes,circumstances and opinionsmeet and mix.Lisas story
  12. Build an audience
  13. “I turn in mylibrary cardon the day ofmy death.”
  14. The media’s there –use it!
  15. Connecting here…
  16. …led to aconnection here.
  17. Les voix desbibliothèque surle radio…
  18. Build connections
  19. Taking Voices to Hay…
  20. Library campaignersfrom Somerset…
  21. Called to giveevidence…
  22. The man whodidn’t listen…
  23. Appearingbefore theSelectCommittee…
  24. “Without libraries, wewill lose a mark of ourcivilisation.”Catherine Bennett –The Observer
  25. “Libraries set peoplefree. They’re not aluxury. They’re not arelic. We must fight tosave them.”Hari Kunzru, author
  26. “When I hear someone in themedia saying that libraries aredying or that somehowchildren should not uselibraries, I sometimes laughand sometimes feel veryangry.”Ian, library user
  27. “I have seen women my agewho have never read a bookbefore in their lives becomeavid readers in a matter onmonths because of thework librarians do.”Jess, library user
  28. Grasp thewreckingball!
  29. Time toshout…
  30. Follow us: Voices for the Library @UKPling .uk
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