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Nsouli, Jessica Howard Gardner


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Nsouli, Jessica Howard Gardner

  1. 1. Howard Gardner By Jessica Nsouli
  2. 2. Howard Gardner (1943- )Howard Gardner is a professor at Harvard who hasconducted research resulting in the development ofwhat he called the theory of multiple intelligences.
  3. 3. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences Intelligence is the  Gardner has spent ability to gain many years studying knowledge, apply and researching knowledge, manipulat people who are e one’s gifted, have suffered environment, and brain trauma and think abstractly. “regular” students to understand how they learn.
  4. 4. Multiple Intelligence Theory•Gardener found that individuals use eight differentintelligences to understand the world and learn.•While everyone has the intelligences one or two aremore dominant than others for each individual.
  5. 5. The Eight IntelligencesIntelligence DescriptionLinguistic-verbal Ease in using language; think in words.Logical-mathmatical Ability to engage in inductive and deductive reasoningSpatial-visual Ability to visualize objects and spatial dimensions, think in images and pictures.Body-kinesthetic Ability to move the body with skill and controlMusical Ability to recognize patterns and soundsInterpersonal Ability to understand and communicate effectively with othersIntrapersonal An awareness of oneself, goals and emotionsNaturalist An awareness of the natural world around them.
  6. 6. Classroom ImplicationsUnderstanding that everyone learnsdifferently teachers need to usedifferent mediums for each lessonidea. That way if a student doesn’tunderstand an idea one way, they willanother way within their learningintelligence.
  7. 7. Teaching Students using Multiple Intelligence Theory•Without technology the students need several differentprojects that are hands on as well creative, visual, andcooperative learning.•With technology the students who are morelogical, musical, and/or visual will understand the lessonmore and reinforce it for the other students. The teacherwill show PowerPoints with music to help the musicalstudents remember certain lesson ideas.
  8. 8. What the Students do Under the Multiple Intelligence Theory•Students will take notes with visual aids, do hands onprojects (kinesthetic), reflections on the lessons, andhave the information/notes organized systematically tohelp those who recognize patterns and sounds.
  9. 9. How I will Incorporate the MultipleIntelligence Theory into my Teaching• First I will assess the students in my class and takenote of their different learning strengths andweaknesses.•Based on my findings I will try to teach each lessonincorporating the mediums to give each student theoptimal learning opportunity to guarantee success.
  10. 10. Credits•Integrating Technology and the Digital Media in theClassroom-Sixth Edition by Shelly Cashman Series•Howard Gardner image from:•Pie Chart image from: