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Ilcjia2013 iowa panel

  1. 1. IOWA CASE STUDY:THE USE OF STATEWIDE STANDARDS AT THE LOCALLEVEL Keith Kreiman, Iowa CJIS Program Coordinator Ken Bosier, CIO, Iowa Judicial Branch Di Graski, National Center for State Courts Dave Usery, CEO, URL Integration Board President, IJIS Institute Jim Pingel, Project Manager, URL IntegrationA Presentation to the 2013 Criminal Justice System Form on Data Exchange &Information Sharing StandardsFebruary 6, 2013
  3. 3. Iowa CJISMemorandum of Understanding (MOU)Signed in 2005 by Governor Vilsack and ChiefJustice Lavorato. Governor Culver renewed; to besubmitted to Governor Brandstad .“for the purpose of establishing a governance structure toguide the design, development and implementation of astatewide-integrated criminal justice information system thatwould enable automated information sharing in a commonformat between state, local and federal criminal justiceagencies.” (my emphasis)
  4. 4. MOU: Details• CJIS Board —The Board shall include the Governor, the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, the Director of the Department of Administrative Services or his or her designee, and the State Court Administrator. The members of the Board shall elect a chairperson at the first meeting.• Board Duties — The Board shall review recommendations submitted by the Advisory Committee and set policy for the State relating to all aspects of an integrated criminal justice information system, including design, development, funding, implementation, and operation. The Board may adopt or disapprove the recommendations of the Advisory Committee.
  5. 5. Heavy Lifting:CJIS Advisory CommitteeThe Advisory Committee shall be composed of the following members:• Five representatives of the Judicial Branch appointed by the Chief Justice.• Five representatives of the Executive Branch appointed by the Governor.• One representative of each of the following associations: Iowa County Attorney’s Association, Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies Association, Iowa Association of Chiefs of Police and Peace Officers, Iowa League of Cities, and Iowa State Association of County Supervisors. The leadership of each association shall appoint the association’s representative.• Two members of the Iowa Senate, including one Democrat and one Republican, each to be appointed by the leadership of their respective caucus, to serve as ex-officio members.• Two members of the Iowa House of Representatives, including one Democrat and one Republican, each to be appointed by the leadership of their respective caucus, to serve as ex-officio members.
  6. 6. Representation and Authority“Each association representative must serveas a high level decision-maker from withintheir organization with the authority to speakfor their membership and make decisionsand commitments for and on behalf of theiragency or organization.”
  7. 7. CJIS By the Numbers• 24 Automated Data Exchanges in Production• 9 More Under Development• State & Local Agencies Involved: • 5 State Agencies • 99 Court Clerks • 33 County Attorneys • 65 Law Enforcement Agencies• Nearly 500,000 messages exchanged through CJIS monthly
  8. 8. CJIS Information Exchanges• ECCO-eCitations to Courts • Notice of Appeal• Presentence Investigation • Dispositions & Payments to Report (PSI) Polk County• Order for PSI • Offender Release• Protection Order • Transfer of Victim Information• Protection Order Served • Notice of Bond Posting• Sex Offender Address • OWI Updates (DCI to DOC) (Complaint, MOWI, Report )• Sex Offender Address • Registered Victim Notification Updates (DOC to DCI) • Hearing Order• OWI Disposition • Adult/Juvenile Data• Mental Health Orders to Warehouses NICS • CJJP Web-Based Queries• DPS-ICON Queries
  9. 9. Future: System-to-System eFiling• Complaint & Affidavit• Court Notice• Trial Information• Incident Report (leveraging N-DEx to support prosecutors’ needs for Incident Reports)• Consolidate Charge Table
  11. 11. Data Exchange is a Contract• What Information is Shared? With Whom?• How and When is the Information Sent?• How is the Data Secured in Transit?• How Does the Recipient Guaranteed Delivery for the Sender?• What Happens if a Connection is Unavailable?• How are Errors Corrected?
  12. 12. Service-Oriented Architecture• Built Around the Notion of Contract• Standards are the Contract Boilerplate! • Capabilities • Services • Real-World Effects • Response Messaging • Acknowledgement • Error Handling
  13. 13. State CIO Sean Vinck: “How do wedeal with information resources thatare:• Disparate• Disconnected• Non-interoperable• Duplicative• Inconsistent• ??????????????”
  14. 14. Enterprise Service Bus CJIS BUS ComplaintLEA & Affidavit Complaint & Affidavit Warrant Request Incident ReportDPS Hearing Court Order Incident Routing: Report CA, Court, Trial Both Information • Intermediary • Executes the Information Hearing Order & Affidavit Complaint Trial & Affidavit Complaint Contract • Scalable Exchange • Designed to interoperate County disparate systems Attorney • Don’t rip ’n’ replace!
  15. 15. The Iowa Justice Standards Stack Security • Encryption • Public Key Infrastructure • x.509 certificates Web Services • Delivery • Response Messages • Error Messaging NIEM • Data Content • Consistent Data Definitions • Reusable Components (court case, defendant, etc.)
  16. 16. Contact Information• Keith Kreiman • Diana Graski • • • (515) 725-2264 • • • Dave Usery• Ken Bosier • • • 303-799-4585 • (515) 725-8074 • •