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Res 1 Finishes Powerpoint


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Slideshow of finish selections

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Res 1 Finishes Powerpoint

  1. 1. RESIDENTIAL STUDIO 1Finish selections Krista Connolly
  2. 2. Flooring Cocoa Maple Living Room Dining Room Bedrooms Bedrooms
  3. 3. Porcelain Floor Tile Bellagio Beige Jack and Jill Bath Laundry Area
  4. 4. Porcelain Floor Tile Ibercia Goya Kitchen
  5. 5. Mexican Talevera Tile Accents Backsplach accent tiles Mexican White ground field tiles Examples Kitchen Drawer Knobs
  6. 6. Tile—Powder Room Aragon Beige Porcelain floor tile Mexican Talavera accent wall tiles Example Mexican White ground field tiles
  7. 7. Porcelain Floor Tile “Indian Slate Autumn” AAuAAutumn” Owner’s Bathroom
  8. 8. Countertops—Kitchen Kitchen GialloQuartzQuartz—“Giallo Michelangelo”
  9. 9. Countertops—Jack and Jill Bath Talvera accent tiles Solid color field tile ExamplesAccent tile
  10. 10. Countertops—Owner’s Bathroom Talavera accent tiles Solid color field tiles Example Accent tiles
  11. 11. Wallcovering—Owner’s Bedroom Sisal— “Oatmeal”