Employment Screening Methods: What Works Best?


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Employment Screening Methods: What Works Best?

  1. 1. One-Page Handout Jumpstart to Success Spring 2009 Conference Friday, March 13th, 2009 Indiana Farm Bureau, Indianapolis, IN Title of Session: Employment Screening Methods: What Works Best? Presenter: Mike Williamson, MS, SPHR Career Center Indiana State University Phone: (812) 237-3807 E-Mail: mwilliamso1@isugw.indstate.edu http://www.indstate.edu/carcen/default.aspx Description of Presentation: From 37-years of recruiting and screening thousand of job candidates as a Human Resources professional for large manufacturing companies, I came to realize the great harm that is done when a hiring error is made. It harms the candidate who fails in the job, the co-workers who must suffer from a team member who doesn’t perform up to par, and the organization which is relying on me to improve workforce performance. As a consequence, I have spent a career researching which selection tools work and which ones don’t work. Objectives/Benefits/Outcomes of Presentation: Employers will benefit from gaining insight into the best methods for screening college students and the career service professionals will gain a greater understanding of how recruiters screen college students for employment. Resource List Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Booklet Test Center The Nine Most Common Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Katie Campbell Them, HR Chally pan - A TALX Company ISU Career Center Website: 11590 North Meridian Street Suite 200 http://www.indstate.edu/carcen/misc/mike/Booklet-Most Carmel, IN 46032 USA Common Hiring Mistakes (317) 814-8895 Direct kcampbell@panpowered.com www.panpowered.com U.S. Office of Personnel Management SHRM Interview Questions Database Personnel Assessment and Selection Resource Center ISU Career Center Website: http://apps.opm.gov/ADT/Content.aspx?page=home http://www.indstate.edu/carcen/misc/mike Plan Your Recruiting to Ensure Successful Duke University Job Analysis Questionnaire Candidate Selection ISU Career Center Website: Susan Heathfield http://www.indstate.edu/carcen/misc/mikeDuke Job Analysis http://humanresources.about.com/od/recruiting/a/recruiting_ Questionnaire plan.htm SHRM Recruiting Toolkit Favorite Books SHRM Members Only Hiring Success: The art and Science of Staffing Assessment http://shrm.org/TemplatesTools/Toolkits/Pages/CMS_010589 and Employee Selection, by Steven T. Hunt, Ph.D., SPHR, .aspx 2007 Testing & Assessment - An Employer's Guide Topgrading: How Leading Companies Win by Hiring, Coaching, U.S. Department of Labor and Keeping the Best People, Revised and Updated Edition by ISU Career Center Website: Bradford D. Smart, Ph.D., 2005 http://www.indstate.edu/carcen/misc/mike/Testing & Assessment - An Employer's Guide Research Report PowerPoint Presentation from Conference Schmidt, F. L., & Hunter, J. E. (1998). The Validity and Utility ISU Career Center Website: of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and http://www.indstate.edu/carcen/misc/mikeCDPI ICICE Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings, PowerPoint-Selection Psychological Bulletin, 1998, Vol. 124, No. 2, 262-274