Snowball Finance (雪球财经)- An Online Community of Value Investors


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Snowball Finance, is the parent company of and Xueqiu is China’s largest social site for investors in the US stock market.

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Snowball Finance (雪球财经)- An Online Community of Value Investors

  1. 1. An Online Community of Value Investors Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill. –Warren Buffet
  2. 2. About Snowball Finance Snowball Finance (雪球财经) is a digital mediacompany for investors. Snowball operates two sites: Xueqiu is a social community site. Investors share ideas with fellow investors, catch breaking news, and follow their favorite stocks. iMeigu is a financial news portal. It is leading source of Chinese-language information about the US stock market.
  3. 3. About Xueqiu is a social community for investors in publicly-traded companies in the US, Hong Kong, and mainland China (A-shares). Xueqiu means snowball in Chinese.
  4. 4. Inside Xueqiu Inside Xueqiu Upon log-in, Xueqiu is a customizable dashboard for investors Top news Home My stocks My profile Comments @ me DMs Saved Top movers Following Followers Add stocks My record Share Social Newsfeed The core of Xueqiu is the social newsfeed Recommended users
  5. 5. Xueqiu Social Newsfeed The core of Xueqiu is the social newsfeed. All info appears in a microblog format, but can be expanded to show a longer post, images, and rich discussion. Here’s an example, translated from the original Chinese: Sina (NASDAQ: SINA) presents a good buying opportunity, it’s near a one-year low, market cap is less than $5 billion Share to: Shares (11) | Saves | Comments (19) Rather than $75, the real low should be closer to $50-60. If you take into account cash-on-hand and portalsite revenues, plus the weibo microblog that’s about the lowest. The market is pessimistic. Weibo is worth no less than $10 to $15, cash is $10, and portal is $30-40. Sothat’s your $60. The most difficult part of the equation to assess is clearly the weibo, product, but so far sogood.
  6. 6. Xueqiu Verified Accounts Both individuals and companies can receive verified accounts on Xueqiu. Verification is free and adds creditability to an account. Verified user account for Zheng Nanyan, CEO of 7 Days Inn. (@郑南雁) Verified company account for 7 Days Inn (NYSE: SVN), one of China’s leading economy hotel chains. (@7天连锁酒店) Xueqiu’s community includes CEOs, top management, analysts, and individual investors. At present, membership is by invitation-only.
  7. 7. Xueqiu Interviews Xueqiu conducts a popular series of microblog interviews with top company management and experts. Questions are posed in real-time on the platform by users and analysts. A few recent participants include: •  Cui Guangfu, CEO of eLong (NASDAQ: LONG), Chinese travel site (@崔广福) •  Gong Haiyan, CEO of Jiayuan (NASDAQ: DATE), Chinese dating site (@世纪佳缘小龙女) •  Xu Zuoli, CFO of Qihoo 360 (NYSE: QIHU), anti-virus software (@徐祚立) •  Bill Bishop, co-founder MarketWatch and veteran China Internet analyst (@BillBishop) •  Paul Gillis, visiting professor at Peking University, leading expert on accounting in China (@ProfGillis) Expert answer: Xueqiu user question: Comments (2) Shares | Saves | Comments
  8. 8. Inside iMeigu Xueqiu log-in iChinaStock 30, an index of publicly-listed Chinese companies Index tickers iMeigu is a financial news iMeigu is closely integratedportal. It is leading source of with the Xueqiu community Chinese-language informationabout the US stock market,with over 300,000 monthlyunique visitors. Headline news Advertisement Stock tickers Stock Analysis Upcoming IPOs
  9. 9. Reach Chinese Investors Chinese investors are eager to hear from US-listed companies •  Chinese investment in US stocks growing as income and access to international currency rises •  Opportunities to understand, interact with foreign companies severely limited Snowball Finance breaks through the language barrier •  Companies use English, investors use Chinese—Snowball provides free translation for interviews •  Reach Chinese investors where they feel at home:
  10. 10. Contact us today! Email Jessica Zhang: Jessica can assist with: •  Interview scheduling •  Xueqiu account setup and verification •  Advertising sales •  Additional inquiries Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill. –Warren Buffet