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The Night Legacy Generation 2 College (Part 2)


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The Night Legacy Generation 2 College (Part 2)

  1. 1. And we’re back! And now, with title cards! Last time, the two Night girls started college, found romance, and made some unlikely friends. In this chapter, one of those friends has come to visit. You all remember Romi, right? Vampire? Desperate mother? Wife to a Count? That’s her! If you’ll remember, she and Luna met at a club and bonded instantly. I was actually surprised, given how defensive she can be. “I hope they’re home...”
  2. 2. “Romi! So good to see you!” “You asked me to visit, so I made sure to make some time.”
  3. 3. “Hello!” “Um, hello...” “Sorry. This is my son, Louis. I told him where I was going and he insisted on coming before he went to bed. His babysitter accompanied us. I hope you don’t mind.” “Oh, not at all!” “Unfortunately, Louis won’t be staying.” “Aw, Mother, please, can’t I stay?” “It’s going to be your bedtime soon. Go on home. Father will put you to bed.” “*sigh* Fine.” “Nice meeting you, Louis!” “*grumbles* Yeah, you too.”
  4. 4. “See you at home, Bruges. Mother says I have to go to bed.” “Well, it will be your bedtime soon. Sleep well, Louis.” “*sigh* I will. Night.”
  5. 5. “You must be the babysitter. Hi, I’m Luna.” “Yes, I suppose I am. Bruges. It’s a pleasure.”
  6. 6. “Nice robes, by the way! Very cool!” “Thank you. My sister picked them out. She likes us to match, in one way or another. I like them quite a bit myself, if I’m being honest.”
  7. 7. “Match? Wait, is she a witch? Do you live in a dark, stormy castle?” “Yes, she is and no, we certainly don’t, but we do live in a mansion. We only have storms occasionally, either by nature or when my sister is angry.” “That’s cool! My sister is a witch too. Our Greek House is no mansion, but it’s one of the bigger houses on campus.” “Your sister is a witch?” “Yep! In fact, she raises the sun! Or so she says.” “Really? Hm, interesting...”
  8. 8. “Hi there! Are you one of Luna’s friends?” “A friend of a friend, actually, or close enough. You must be the sister who raises the sun.” “That’s me! My name’s Celestia!” “I’m Bruges.”
  9. 9. “Hey, do you mind if I paint a portrait of you? It’s kind of my hobby.” “I...suppose not...” “Great!”
  10. 10. “Come on over here! I need you to pose.” “What have I gotten myself into?”
  11. 11. “Oh, no, it looks like my sister has taken a liking to your friend. I hope he doesn’t mind being a model for her.” “*snort* Don’t worry. He’s used to being bossed around.”
  12. 12. “You’re sure I have to stand completely still...?” “That is correct, sir! But don’t worry; this won’t take long at all! Now, give me a nice, big smile!”
  13. 13. “Romi? A little help?” “You heard the girl, Bruges—big smile.”
  14. 14. “How’s this?” “Perfect! Now, don’t move!” “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
  15. 15. “Sorry about Celestia. She can be a little...friendly.” “Oh, don’t worry about it at all. Seeing Bruges have to smile like that is actually kind of funny. He’s usually so serious.”
  16. 16. “Well, if there’s one thing Celestia’s good at, it’s loosening people up. She’s also a great painter, so the portrait should be fantastic.”
  17. 17. “I mean, just look at her go!”
  18. 18. “You’re doing great, Bruges!” “Thank you. Might we take a little break?” “Not yet! I am in the zone!”
  19. 19. “Huh? Why are you laughing?” “I believe I’m slowly descending into madness...”
  20. 20. “Hey, Romi! Watch out!” “Wha—Hahahahahahahaha! Stop it! Luna!” “Hey, I didn’t know vampires were ticklish!” “Apparently, we are! Now, stop!”
  21. 21. “Please, tell me we’re almost done!” “Almost!” “ARG—Okay.”
  22. 22. “Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot!”
  23. 23. “Haha! Paper covers rock! I win!” “*grumbles* Stupid game...”
  24. 24. “*yawn*” “All right, just a little more...and done!” “Done?” “Done!” “Thank Plumbob.” “Want to see it?” “Sure.”
  25. 25. “Ta-da! What do you think?” “Lovely. You’re an excellent painter.” “Do you want to keep it?” “No, I think I’ll let you keep it. It means more to you.” “Aw! Well, if you’re sure...” “I am.”
  26. 26. “I’ll do one of you too, Romi!” “Well, okay, but we’ll have to do it before sunrise.” “No problem! It’ll be quick!” Gosh, I love being married.
  27. 27. “Hold still!” “How’s this?” “Perfect! You know, when Luna said she had a friend who hated the sun, I had no idea you were a vampire! I should have known.” “She’s barely commented on it. At first, I wondered whether she knew at all.” “Oh, she does. She just doesn’t really care. Being friends with vampires isn’t rare in our family.” “Really?” “Yeah, one of our family friends is a vampire, in fact.” “You don’t say.”
  28. 28. “Hey! We’ve barely even started!” “I’m afraid it will have to wait. The sun will be rising soon.” “Oh, yeah, I better get on that.” “It was lovely to see you, Luna. I’ll return soon. Come on, Bruges.” “With pleasure.” “Good to see you too, Romi! See you later!”
  29. 29. Oh, hey, Luna, you made a servo! “It’s great, right? I’m gonna give it to Romi. Maybe I’ll make one for Cel, too.” Well, they do make great butlers.
  30. 30. Romi remained true to her word and returned for another visit, this time without Louis and Bruges accompanying her. “You’re looking very well, Luna.” “Aw, thanks, Romi. So do you. You know, as much as an animated corpse can.” “*chuckles* Thank you.”
  31. 31. She also posed for her portrait again so Celestia could finish it. “I see you’re glowing now, Celestia.” “Oh, I’ve been glowing from the start. It just turns off sometimes.” “My mother’s glow was the same way. I’m glad you’re a good witch and not an evil one. You seem like a lovely girl and I would hate for that to be corrupted by evil magic.” “Evil magic doesn’t seem like my thing anyway. Can you imagine me with a green glow? No, thank you!” “*chuckles* I agree wholeheartedly.”
  32. 32. And here is the finished portrait! I think it’s a very nice portrait myself. It really shows that, despite being a living corpse, Romi is really quite lovely.
  33. 33. I decided to let Luna go on another date with Kaylynn. Not that you’d know it, based on this picture. “Mm, that girl is hot!” Kaylynn, you’re already on a date! Though, I guess I can’t blame her. She and Luna aren’t exactly exclusive.
  34. 34. Luna and Kaylynn sat down to eat. I hope they actually get their food this time and don’t get swindled. “So, how’s the food here?” “Eh, okay.”
  35. 35. Thankfully, they did and were not cheated. “I really like Dr. Simper.” “Really? Mr. Sim is much better.” “Pfft, you’re lost!”
  36. 36. These two really do like each other. They have two bolts of chemistry. It’s too bad that I really want to marry Kaylynn into the main line at some point and it looks like Luna is not going to be heir. But you never know, the poll has a few days left. I’ll just let them make out for now.
  37. 37. What’s this? An evil witch with brown hair is watching our happy couple? Well, it’s not Margaret. I wonder who it is—wait. Are those pointy ears? ... Oh, no.
  38. 38. BARCELONA! Hi! What are you doing here? “I decided to go out for the night. I so rarely do. I was at the bar and I happened to see one of my dear neighbors. I hadn’t seen her since she left for college as a teenager.”’ve never met her. “One does not need to meet her neighbors to observe them. I’m sure her family is well-aware of that.” I...suppose that’s true...
  39. 39. “Hello! Luna Night, correct?” “Uh...that’s correct...Have we met?” “No, we have not. My name is Barcelona Wallace. I live just down the road from your family home.” “Oh, you’re in the big mansion! Nice to finally meet you! Wait, are you related to Bruges?” “Yes, he’s my ineffectual twin brother. I take it the two of you have met?” “Yeah, he came over with Romi.” “I see. Lovely.”
  40. 40. “If you’ll excuse me a moment, I’m kind of in the middle of a date.” “Oh, you’re quite excused.” “Thanks. Sorry about that, Kay.” “Don’t worry about it, Luna. Who was that?” “Just a neighbor.” “Hehehe.”
  41. 41. “Uh, Barcelona, are you sure that’s a good idea?” “Oh, of course! I’m a multi-talented woman.” “Okay, then. Knock yourself out.”
  42. 42. “Hehehehehe!”
  43. 43. “Ouch! Ooh! Ah!”
  44. 44. You know, she didn’t mean literally. “You’re not too powerful for me not to find you.” ...Alrighty, then
  45. 45. “Are you okay?” “Quite all right, actually.”
  46. 46. “Well, would you like to go out on the dance floor?” “I think I’ve had quite enough of dancing tonight, thank you.”
  47. 47. “That’s too bad. You seem like you’d be a wicked dancer!” “Did you just make an evil witch pun?” “Maaaaaaybe.”
  48. 48. “Well, as I said, I am multi-talented.” “That’s the spirit!”
  49. 49. “I actually find you quite charming, Luna Night. You are officially in my favor.”
  50. 50. “Really? Well...thanks, I guess! And I’m sorry to run, but I should probably return to my date.” “Oh, of course. Off you go.” “Thanks. See ya!”
  51. 51. “Oh, you’re very much in my favor...” “Sandy bomb photo!” Wow, Sandy, way to ruin the scene.
  52. 52. Oh, look, it’s our other favorite Count! Hello, Charles! “Count Charles.” You Counts are so particular about titles.
  53. 53. “Count Charles! It’s great to see you!” “Ah, Luna, my dear!”
  54. 54. “You look fantastic, Count! Your face isn’t grey anymore!” “Why, thank you, but if you’ll excuse me, my dear, I must proceed to the dance floor.” “Oh, sure, no problem!”
  55. 55. “Good evening, Count.” “My apologies, Miss, but have we met?” “Why, no, we have not.” “Ah. Well, please, excuse me.” “Of course.”
  56. 56. “Go on, Barcelona! Show ‘em how it’s done!” “In due time.”
  57. 57. “Ehehehehehehe!” “ least she’s having fun!”
  58. 58. Creature of the Night DANCE BATTLE! Our first contender: Count Charles the Vampire! *pauses for applause* Show us your moves, Count! “With pleasure!”
  59. 59. Shot through the heart/And you’re to blame/Darlin’ you give love/A bad name/I play my part/And you play your game/You give love a bad name/Hey, you give love a bad name~
  60. 60. Next up, our second contender: Barcelona the Evil Witch! *pauses for applause* Let’s see those moves, Barcelona! “Behold!”
  61. 61. I put a spell on you/And now, you’re gone/My whammy fell on you/And it was strong/Your wretched little lives/Have all been cursed/’Cause of all the witches working/I’m the worst~ The winner? I’ll let the audience decide!
  62. 62. “Barcelona, that was awesome! Told you you’d be good!” “Yes, well, you were, indeed, correct.” “Hey, you want to go get our pictures taken?” “Why not?”
  63. 63. “Remember to smile!” “Oh, I always do.”
  64. 64. “Count! Good to see you again!” “And you, Gordon.” Huh. I didn’t know the Count had friends. “We must get together soon!” “Oh, my good man, we will.”
  65. 65. “Hey, Count, I was just leaving. Wanted to say goodbye first.” “We’ll have to get together sometime, Luna.” “You bet!”
  66. 66. “It was good meeting you, Barcelona! Say ‘hi’ to Bruges and Romi for me!” “Of course, Luna! We’ll be meeting again soon, I’m sure.”
  67. 67. Luna, you’ve been having such a good night. What’s wrong? “That matchmaker...She’s hideous!” Oh, now, that’s just rude! I personally love that she’s an alien! “Ugh...”
  68. 68. “Well, now...this changes things...”
  69. 69. Luna gets back and it looks like Celestia’s invited over her own vampire friend. “Contessa! It’s been too long!” “Why, Celestia, you’ve become a witch!” “Yep! Like my glow?” “It’s lovely.”
  70. 70. “Well, if Cel’s having a vampire over, might as well invite one more...”
  71. 71. “All right, stand still and smile!” “As you wish.” I love how nonchalant these two are about vampires. It’s like “vampires, meh.” They’re pretty nonchalant about evil witches, too. Anything that can hurt them barely fazes them. Quite a fearless pair. I wonder how they’ll react to ghosts. “You say something, Author?” Oh, nothing.
  72. 72. “Hey, Romi! Thanks for coming! Who’s your friend?” “This is my husband, Count Alan. He was curious about where I’ve been going off to and decided to come along. Is that all right?” “Of course! It’s always nice to meet another Count!”
  73. 73. “Nice to meet you, Count! I’m Luna!”
  74. 74. “Hmph. So, you’re who my wife has been spending her time with. No accounting for taste, I suppose.” “Well, nice to meet you too. Jerk.”
  75. 75. “Alan, please! Behave yourself! You may not think much of her, but she’s my friend and I will not stand here and let you insult her or her sister, is that clear?” “*sighs* I apologize, dear. If they mean that much to you, I’ll keep an open mind.” “Thank you.”
  76. 76. “You know, dear, I’d forgotten. You look so beautiful in the moonlight...” “*sigh* Oh, Alan.”
  77. 77. “Hey, Romi, watch this!” “Whoa! Nice moves, Luna!” “Thanks!” “...*shakes his head* I just don’t understand.”
  78. 78. “I didn’t know you knew more vampires.” “Oh, yeah, we know all kinds of people! The one in the ponytail is Romi and I don’t know the other guy. Go say ‘hi’!” “I think I will.”
  79. 79. “It’s a bit cold out tonight...”
  80. 80. “I can’t wait for the cold to pass. This outdoors outfit is not the least bit flattering. Why would a vampire get cold anyway? It makes no sense.” Contessa, you’re rambling. “Oh. I apologize.”
  81. 81. “Hello, Romi, I’m Contessa Hope.” “Ah, a Contessa. My husband Alan is a Count.” “Really? I was under the impression that Charles was the Count.” “Oh, we’re from a different neighborhood.” “Oh. I see. Which one?” “It was called Fantasy.” “Ah, I’ve never heard of it.” “Don’t blame you. It doesn’t even sound like a real name. It sounds like a name someone made up to sound whimsical—” *whistles* “But, yeah, that’s where we’re from.” “Well, welcome to Moon Island.”
  82. 82. “To become roadkill!” “That is quite funny! *laughs*” “Hm...”
  83. 83. “So, a llama, a cow, and a gerbit walk into a bar...” “Oh, I do enjoy these kinds of jokes! What happened next?” “These leaves are the most interesting part of the night.”
  84. 84. “’re Count Alan...” “’re the other sister...”
  85. 85. “Celestia.” “Pardon?” “My name is Celestia.” “Is that supposed to mean something to me? Your name could be Carmilla and I wouldn’t give Dracula’s right arm.” “Well, excuse me!”
  86. 86. In other news, the Contessa still has a habit of randomly turning into a bat. “That Count Alan is a piece of work.”
  87. 87. “Your husband is very...interesting...” “I’m so sorry for his behavior. He can be very abrasive at first. I’m sure he’ll warm up, eventually.” “Maybe.” “I’ll talk to him.”
  88. 88. “Contessa, this is Count Alan. Maybe you can get some polite conversation out of him.”
  89. 89. “Ah, yes, Contessa! Pleasure to make your acquaintance!” “The pleasure is all mine.”
  90. 90. “It’s nice to meet another vampire in this...this...pardon me, but what is your friend doing?” “Teehee!” “I believe it’s something that all good witches do when they’re idle.” “I see.”
  91. 91. “Watch out!” “Luna, no! Not again!” “You seem to be having fun, dear.”
  92. 92. “Yes, I certainly am, Alan.” “What’s wrong?” “Remember what I said about behaving?” “Oh. Well. How about we do something we can all enjoy together? Luna, any suggestions?” “Me and Cel have an old kicky bag.” “...Well, okay, then. Dear?” “I think that’s a great idea.”
  93. 93. “I haven’t played kicky bag in decades! Wonderful idea, Luna!” “Thanks, Contessa!” “Boo! Don’t pass it to Count! Boo!” “Subtlety isn’t your sister’s strong suit, is it?”
  94. 94. “Boo, Count! Boo!” “I suppose I deserve that.” “Yes. Yes, you do.” These sisters do stick together.
  95. 95. “Oh, Plumbob, I can’t watch!” “It’s only kicky bag, Luna! Why not relax and idle animate with me?”
  96. 96. “Well, I suppose we should be heading out. The sun will rise soon.” “I can hold it back for an hour or so, if you want.” “No, Celestia, that won’t be necessary.” “It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Contessa. We should get together sometime.” “Perhaps.” If you learn better manners.
  97. 97. “So, then, we went into the photo booth and...” “Is this story actually going anywhere?” “Alan.” “My apologies, continue.” “We woohooed it to shreds!” “...Lovely.” “Hehehehe.”
  98. 98. “Well, Luna, it was wonderful to see you. We both think so. Right, Alan?”
  99. 99. “Yes, I apologize for my less than polite behavior. I hope you’ll forgive me.” “I suppose I can forgive you this once.” “Thank you. Pleasure to meet you, Miss Night.” “You too, Count Alan.”
  100. 100. “Wonderful to see you, Celestia. You’ll have to show me the finished portrait soon.” “Sure thing, Contessa. See you then.”
  101. 101. “That Count’s an asshole.” “You said it, Luna.”
  102. 102. And with this hilarious picture, we end this chapter of the Night Legacy. Next time, the monster chapter! See you then! Songs used in this chapter: “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi “I Put A Spell On You” sung by Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus