Kiesha'ra Legacy Chapter 1


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The legacy begins. How will Amelia Shardae-Cobriana's family fare?

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Kiesha'ra Legacy Chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome to the Kiesha’ra Legacy. This legacy is based on the book series by AmeliaAtwater-Rhodes. The names of the children will be taken from the series and eachname will be explained. As such, it will contain spoilers for the series, so be warned.
  2. 2. This is Amelia Shardae-Cobriana. She is named for the author of the series and herlast name is taken from the two main characters of Hawksong and SnakecharmDanica Shardae and Zane Cobriana, who marry in the first book.Amelia is an Aries Family/Knowledge Sim with the Lifetime Want of graduating 3kids from college. Oi.
  3. 3. This is Amelia’s humble little shack.
  4. 4. It has no floor tiles, no wall-covering, and only one room, but, hey, it’s home.“Says you.”Quiet.
  5. 5. Let me explain a little bit about Amelia’s looks. In the Kiesha’ra series, thereare two main societies, the avians and serpiente. They are shapeshifters. Youcan probably guess the two form each society takes.The signs of the two royal families are golden hair and eyes for the avians andblack hair and red eyes for the serpiente. Amelia is a wyvern, which is a mix ofthe two races. With her hair and clothes, she is emulating the conservativeavians. Avians also practice avian reserve, where as the serpiente are moreemotional and unreserved about their sexuality. The more you know.
  6. 6. Amelia sits down to look for a job so she can bring some money in. While I was hopingfor an opening in politics, she took a job in intelligence.
  7. 7. “Really? Lunch meat sandwiches? Isn’t there anything better?”Whining isn’t very avian. Must be the serpiente in you. Look, you have no cooking points. It’seither this or a TV dinner.
  8. 8. “At least the bath is soothing.”Mm, and you love it, don’t you? She seriously loved this thing. She kept taking baths whenevershe could.
  9. 9. The welcome wagon soon came and Amelia went out to greet them. She took a real liking toJihoon Hsu, who I would have let her marry if I wasn’t looking for a special set of genetics.Sorry ‘bout that, Amelia.
  10. 10. She also met Emre, a Sim I made based on a character from one of my (verypossibly) scrapped books.
  11. 11. While the welcome wagon was nice, none of them had the genetics I was looking for, so Ihad Amelia send them on their way.
  12. 12. And then I sent her on her way, off to Downtown. Need to find her a husband.
  13. 13. And of course, she has to walk. She has no car and I don’t feel like calling a taxi.“I believe I’m beginning to hate you.”Get in line. I hold venting sessions for all my characters.
  14. 14. I sent her to Crypt O’ Night Club, my favorite Downtown location. Hopefully,we’ll find what I’m looking for.“Are you sure I can’t marry Jihoon?”Positive.
  15. 15. Amelia heads in and heads directly for the dance floor. This should end well.
  16. 16. “I shall dance the dance of my people.”The Namir-da*, it is not.The Namir-da is a traditional serpiente dance. It is usually performed by a manand a woman, sometimes the Diente (king) and his Naga (queen), but may also beperformed by a solo dancer.
  17. 17. There’s that serpiente emotion.
  18. 18. While Amelia danced, I noticed the townies that had begun to enter the nightclub. There were many familiar faces.
  19. 19. As always, the lovely Sandy Bruty, gracing us with her presence.“Sandy pretty.”Yes, you are.
  20. 20. Marisa Bennett.“You didn’t even get a frontal shot of me!”But your profile is so gorgeous!
  21. 21. Benjamin Long. And Benjamin Long’s nose.“World domination!”I always knew there was something odd about that nose.
  22. 22. Goopy Gilscarbo. If not for his name, I would marry him into the family.“Oh, come on, that’s discrimination!”Get a better name!
  23. 23. And the Diva, this time named Amicia. It’s too bad she’s a woman because shehas the genetics I want and she’s not half bad-looking. Very bird-like.For this legacy, I’m going to only let straight couples have children. I don’tusually do that, but to go along with the books (at one point, it even becomessomething of a plot point), there will be gay couples, but they won’t producechildren, and the heir will always have to marry, or at least have children with,someone of the opposite sex.
  24. 24. Before I had her meet anyone, Amelia sat down to a dinner of lime-seared prawns.“Much better than lunch meat sandwiches.”Don’t get used to it.
  25. 25. After dinner, I had Amelia greet Amicia.
  26. 26. “Your nose looks like a beak! Are you avian?”“Walking on thin ice here, sweetheart. Surprisingly enough, I’m serpiente and adancer at that.“I see it now. Your clothing should have tipped me off.”“You have the eyes of a cobra.”“I’m half serpiente, half-avian. I’m a wyvern.”“Hm...interesting...”
  27. 27. Amelia, what are you doing?“I’m going to try the dance sphere.” may not want to do that...“Why not? I’m an excellent dancer.”...Okay. Try it.
  28. 28. “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”
  29. 29. “Ow! Ooh! Ow! Ah!”I think there’s an “I told you so” somewhere in there.
  30. 30. “That wasn’t fun at all!”*opens mouth*“Not a word from you!”*closes it*
  31. 31. Without finding anyone, I finally sent Amelia home. Needless to say, I wasdisappointed.
  32. 32. So, Amelia’s walking home and this guy is just walking behind her. I’ve never seen that before.
  33. 33. Yep. There’s the creepy stalker. Look at him in his tie and his belt and his cheap haircut. I forgethis name, but since he is a stalker, I will call him Wardo.
  34. 34. Naturally, I had Amelia greet her stalker and then had her tell him to piss off. Bye, Wardo!
  35. 35. Then, she went in to take a bath. Of course, she did. Though, I would like tonote, her hair in this picture looks fantastic.
  36. 36. And then sleepy times.“My nightgown matches the bedspread!”Yes. Yes, it does.
  37. 37. “Phones are evil, evil creations.”Sim phones are at least. She got up twice because of the damn phone. Iput it on silent. And yet Sim friends get mad when my Sims wake themup.
  38. 38. The next day, Amelia heads out for her first day in the Intelligence career.“These clothes aren’t terrible, I suppose.”You’re lucky. You could have to wear a giant box of French fries on yourhead.“What are those?”Ambrosia.
  39. 39. While she was at work, who should turn up but out lovely mail carrier! Yes! Dagmar isthe Shardae-Cobriana family’s mail carrier! Oh, you perfect little avian specimen, you.As soon as I have a male heir, you are marrying into the family.“Yeah, whatever. Pay your bills.”NEVER!
  40. 40. And Amelia returns with a promotion! Yay! Money!
  41. 41. And then she got stuck with this face. Seriously, I’m not sure whatshe’s going for here. It looks like she’s struggling between avianreserve and serpiente emotion.“I’m so emotionally conflicted.”Is this because I wouldn’t let you marry Jihoon?
  42. 42. That night, I sent Amelia back to the Crypt O’ Night Club. This time, we’re going tofind her a husband. This is a mission we cannot fail!“We could always fall back on Jihoon...”NO!
  43. 43. At last, I found him. While she has the gold hair of the Shardae line,Amelia has the red eyes of the Cobriana line. Since red eyes usually don’tcome naturally on Sims, save vampires, I wanted her to have thatdistinction. So, I wanted her spouse to have brown eyes. Not golden, butwith my defaults, at least amber, which also appears in the serpiente aswell. He also has dark hair, which is common in avians, but also a mark ofthe Cobriana line.Despite his big nose and lips, I am so glad to come across him. He isexactly what I want. His name is Rodney.
  44. 44. Unusual for an avian, he made his way onto the dance floor. Amelia shouldn’t mindone bit.
  45. 45. Before I sent her over, I ran into another of my characters. Hey, Leith! Sorry, ladies andgerms, his lover Ferran has already stolen his heart!
  46. 46. Amelia went to greet Rodney and struck up a conversation.“I do greatly enjoy travel, especially in the air. Spreading my wings is the most glorious feelingI’ve ever experienced.”“Yes, it is indeed wonderful.”Sparks?
  47. 47. Some time passed that I didn’t get pictures of and finally I have Amelia ringRodney up. Time to get this show on the road.
  48. 48. They greet each other in a most un-avian way. Methinks this was a gooddecision.“Mmph!”Amelia agrees.
  49. 49. Such passion. Most un-avian. Well, this certainly calls for marriage and babies, Ithink.
  50. 50. So, Amelia got on her knee, reading to choose her alistair and Nag. Now, all she hadto do was ask.
  51. 51. “Rodney, I love you. You know and accept both sides of me. Though you are avian,you show me the passion the serpent in me craves. You know what it is to spread yourwings and take flight, as I do. I ask you now, be my mate?”“Of course I will.”One of my more touching Legacy proposals.
  52. 52. And then they hug. Awww!“Mm...Amelia smells like cinnamon...”If they weren’t engaged, I’d find that really creepy!
  53. 53. Under the wedding arch, they each put on their best clothes, in front of eachother, of course, because that’s how this game works (This game is horriblefor avian values). Amelia was gorgeous. Rodney wasn’t half-bad either.
  54. 54. I think it’s safe to say I didn’t plan for Rodney to be an avian when I startedtaking pictures. He definitely doesn’t practice avian reserve. Also, his faceis hilarious in this picture.“Oh, Amelia, my love, for you, my hearts soars!”...You have permission to kill me.
  55. 55. “Oh, Rodney, I love you so much. With this ring...”
  56. 56. “I thee wed.”
  57. 57. “I’ve never been happier than I am hearing those words.”
  58. 58. “With this ring...”
  59. 59. “I thee wed.”
  60. 60. “I love you, Rodney.”“I love you, Amelia.”
  61. 61. And they seal it with a kiss. That’s so sweet.NOW, GET IN THERE AND MAKE ME SOME BABIES!
  62. 62. Good...gooooood...That’s it, my pets. Make those babies.“Do you mind? We’re trying to have a moment here.”
  63. 63. I don’t mind at all.
  64. 64. “Is she always going to be there?”“’Fraid so. She never leaves.”
  65. 65. Say whatever you want about me. I get the last laugh. My legacy is well onits way!
  66. 66. “Damn pregnancy...Nausea...This is all your fault!”Hey, you’re the one who wanted a “moment” with your husband.“I hate you.”I know.
  67. 67. And with a makeover, here’s Rodney. He’s not half bad-looking. Sure, he’s got a big nose andhuge lips, but he’s actually pretty cute.
  68. 68. Look at him rocking Squall’s outfit. He’s great!
  69. 69. And he and Amelia are adorable together.
  70. 70. Speaking of Amelia, I figure I should introduce this. This is Amelia’s wyvern form.
  71. 71. Technically, in the books, this would be considered one of her Demi forms, meaning itincorporates part of her avian form, part of her serpiente form, and part of her human form. Butsince I can’t get a full snake form, I will refer to this as her wyvern form.
  72. 72. Since I’ve given Amelia characteristics from both the avian and serpiente royal families,her avian form is supposed to be that of a hawk and her serpiente form is supposed to bethe form of a cobra. The wings look nothing like a hawks and this snake skin only existsas a female adult outfit, but I think she looks pretty cool.
  73. 73. But enough about book canon stuff, it’s time for the first pop of the stomach. We havea baby bump, people!“That was sudden!”That’s how this game works, honey.
  74. 74. With her pregnancy finally without a doubt confirmed, Amelia called up Amicia to tell her thegood news. Amicia, I know it’s cold and all, but that outfit is not very serpiente.
  75. 75. That’s better.“Amicia, so good of you to come!”“No problem, sweetheart! You said it was important. What’s this news you’re so eager totell me?”
  76. 76. “Well...” Amelia gestured down to her stomach.“...You’re with child.”Amelia nodded.“This is wonderful news! This is indeed cause for celebration! But not here. Let’s get in, outof the cold.”
  77. 77. Once inside, Amicia engulfed Amelia in a warm hug. “I’m incredibly happy for you,dear.”“Thank you, Amicia,” Amelia said with a smile. “I hope you’ll come ‘round after thebaby comes.”“Of course. I can’t let the baby become too avian. He or she will need a good dose ofserpiente to even it out.”
  78. 78. “You know Rodney wouldn’t be happy to hear you talk like that.”“Oh, I’m teasing, of course. Mostly. Your baby is going to be a little of each, just likeyou. It’ll need a little serpiente influence.”“I suppose you’re right. I just hope the baby will grow up well.”“It will, dear. You’ll be a wonderful mother and I’m sure Rodney will be a goodfather. If not, you’ll be there to whip him into shape.”
  79. 79. Amelia only nodded. She was sure she and Rodney would be goodparents, but she couldn’t help but worry.Speaking of Rodney, what has he been up to?
  80. 80. He’s been working in the medical field, of course! His lifetime want is to become Chiefof Staff. I will make it so!
  81. 81. One day, while Rodney was at work, Amelia went into labor.
  82. 82. And soon, a bouncing baby boy was born.
  83. 83. This is Zane Shardae-Cobriana, named after Zane Cobriana. In Hawksong, he was the crownprince, the Arami of the serpiente. He came to marry Danica Shardae to put an end to thecenturies old avian-serpiente war. He has black hair and red eyes. He definitely has the mark ofa cobra.
  84. 84. And then, I immediately sent them outside so I could remodel the house. There’s a baby now.It’s time to expand!Also, doesn’t Amelia look lovely in her outerwear. Yes. Yes, she does.
  85. 85. Ta-da! ... Okay, so it doesn’t look like much more, but take a look inside!
  86. 86. All the essentials for a growing family! Maybe next generation, I’ll even put in windows!PROGRESS!
  87. 87. And now we get to see Amelia being a mommy. She’s such a good mommy.Hey, paper boy, stop staring!“That baby has red eyes...”Nothing to see here!
  88. 88. Seriously, though, she’s a good mommy. Come to think of it, Rodney’s a pretty gooddad too, but I apparently took no pictures of it.
  89. 89. And she tucks Zane into bed.“Time to sleep, my little wyvern.”Awwww
  90. 90. After tucking Zane into bed, she went outside to greet Rodney after he came home fromwork. While outside, she met the friend Rodney brought home from work.“Hi! I’m Ava. Rodney and I work together.”“I’m Amelia, Rodney’s wife.”Hmm...I’ve got my eye on you, Ava.
  91. 91. Time flies, and soon, it was time for little Zane’s birthday.
  92. 92. Amelia blew out the candles for him...
  93. 93. And she threw him up into the air...which, in any other world, would probably be called childendangerment...
  94. 94. And here he is, little Zane. He got hi father’s lips and nose, but he is adorable.
  95. 95. And a picture of Rodney being a good daddy. Here he is, bonding with his littleboy.“Time to learn to walk, Zane. A potential heir should be able to walk, after all.”That goes for anyone else, actually.
  96. 96. One night at dinner, while the adults ate their Chawanmushi and Zane munched happily onfruit, Rodney asked Amelia a very important question.
  97. 97. “Amelia, I love our Zane and I couldn’t be a prouder father, but don’t you thinkit’s time to have another? Maybe give Zane some brothers and sisters?”
  98. 98. “I was thinking the same thing. I would love to have another little one. I’m sure Zane wouldn’tmind having a little brother or sister.”Zane blinked. His parents had said his name, but he couldn’t understand anything else they said.So, he just went back to his fruit.
  99. 99. Shouldn’t be too hard to have another baby with these two. They can’tkeep their hands off each other.
  100. 100. And sure enough, her stomach popped. Baby #2 is on the way!
  101. 101. Just in time for little Zane’s birthday. Jump into the sparkles, little guy!
  102. 102. And he jumped. Those clothes will have to go, though.
  103. 103. New clothes, new hair, and here he is! Zane definitely takes after his father. He hasRodney’s lips, nose, and hair, but Amelia’s chin, eyes, and brow. He’s also adorable.
  104. 104. And I figured I’d give little Zane a birthday present. I gave him a pet! This is Tuuli Thea, theShardae-Cobriana’s new pet bird. Tuuli Thea is the name of the queen in avian society. Thefirst-born girl of the royal family usually takes the throne when she becomes pregnant withher first child. The more you know.
  105. 105. Another bump!“That was quite a kick!”The baby kicked so hard, your stomach expanded. Headcanon accepted.
  106. 106. Zane was a good big brother and started rubbing his mommy’s belly. Awww.“Mommy, will my new little brother or sister take up all the attention?”“Don’t worry, Zane. We’ll always love you.”“More than my brother or sister, right?”“We’ll love you both equally.”“Hm...”
  107. 107. “Rodney, the baby will be here soon.”“That’s good news!”“I’m a bit worried about Zane, though. He’s afraid he won’t get as much love with a new baby.”“It’ll be fine, Amelia. Once the baby comes, he’ll see that we love him just as much as ever.”“I hope you’re right...”
  108. 108. But they don’t have time to worry about their son’s fears about a new baby, we have ababy to birth!Amelia, stop smiling! You’re about to be in massive amounts of pain!“But we’re about to have a new baby! I’m so happy!”
  109. 109. “Oh, wait, there it is. SON OF A—”I told you.“You’ll be okay, Amelia! Just hold on a little longer!”Amelia’s dialogue has been censored for your viewing pleasure.
  110. 110. And here she is. Meet Danica Shardae-Cobriana, named after Danica Shardae. InHawksong, she was the narrator and heir to the avian throne. She and Zane Cobriana marryto end a war after Zane hears that she sat with his brother for hours, singing to him on thebattlefield so he wouldn’t die alone.“Rodney, come see our daughter.”“Meh.”
  111. 111. I kid, I kid. Rodney’s not a bad father. He feeds Danica, after all. And feeds her...andfeeds her...and feeds her...and feeds—You get it.
  112. 112. Again, time flies, and it’s time for Danica’s birthday! Yay!
  113. 113. “Here we go, little one. Time to grow up.”Just blow out the candles already.
  114. 114. And here she is! ... MAKEOVER TIME!
  115. 115. Much better! Again, she takes after her father. Let’s be honest, the lips look better on herthan they do Zane, who is still quite adorable in his own right.And the baby doll dress is precious. And it brings out her red eyes. Yes, the red-eyed toddleris adorable and certainly not demonspawn.
  116. 116. “I love you, Dani.”“I will devour your soul.”“What?”“Uh, I mean...teeheehee!”
  117. 117. Do you see it? Do you? That’s right! Another baby! I was going to stop with Zane and Danica,but I remembered that Amelia’s Lifetime Want is to graduate three children from college. So,that means Amelia is preggers for the last time!
  118. 118. No time for more pictures of it! Baby time!Again, imagine Amelia is screaming out a long stream of curses.
  119. 119. “Hello, my little one.”
  120. 120. It’s a girl! This is Oliza Shardae-Cobriana, probably the only child in this legacy to have thecharacter she’s named after’s full name. She is named after the child of Zane and Danica.She was the first wyvern born to the avians and the serpiente and she was heir to boththrones before she abdicated.Like her siblings, she has black hair and red eyes.
  121. 121. With the final generation two child born, it was time for Amicia to finally act on her promise, soAmelia rang her up.“Amicia, it’s good to see you again! It’s been far too long!”“I know, dear Amelia. Far, far too long. Now, where are your little ones?”“Inside. Oliza’s asleep, but Zane and Danica should be awake.”
  122. 122. While Amicia went inside, Amelia stopped to greet Dagmar.“Hello, Dagmar! Nice to finally meet you! What would you say to some day marrying intoour line?”“...I’m just here to give you your bills, lady.”“I’ll put you on the list.”
  123. 123. Inside, Amicia was fawning over Danica.“You are adorable, little one.”“I will control you all.”“What?”“I mean...Bottle!”“Hm...”
  124. 124. “Zane, it’s good to finally meet you. I was hoping we’d get a chance to talk. Tell me, asthe oldest, how do you feel about the growth of your family?”“Huh?”“Your younger siblings. How do you feel about them?”“Well, Danica just weird and Oliza is loud and smelly. And I have to share a room withthem. Danica watches me.”“Hm...”
  125. 125. I included this slide for one reason and one reason only.CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARL!
  126. 126. It’s time for Danica to grow up.“One step closer to be completely self-serving. Then, the world shall be mine.”Ain’t she sweet?
  127. 127. “Excellent!”Sleeves and pigtails and she could be Wednesday Addams.
  128. 128. Speaking of birthdays, it’s also Oliza’s! Blow out those candles and let’s see what we got!
  129. 129. She tosses the baby, and...
  130. 130. Very nice! Definitely different from her siblings. She has much more of her mother. She’slovely. And the baby doll dress is still precious.
  131. 131. With her girls grown up, Amelia heads off to work, looking like a true career woman.“Bye, Mommy!”Zane yells, waving. “Remember, I love you best!”
  132. 132. And yet another birthday. Sigh. Let’s see what we got this time.
  133. 133. Oh, not bad, Zane. Not bad at all. A change of clothes is in order, but looking good.“Does this mean I’m heir?”I think we’ll let the viewing public decide that. Anyway, Zane rolled Romance with aLifetime Want of Woohooing 20 Sims, I think. Oi. Secondary is Popularity, I think.
  134. 134. And with this picture of Zane looking rather snake-like, we’ll end off. Next time, the girlswill grow up, the kids will go to college, and Zane’s aspiration will show itself. Stay tuned!