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The Ichimoku Kumo Cloud


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The Kumo is at the heart of ichimoku, its the first thing we need to check before anything else, making it the most unique part of ichimoku

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The Ichimoku Kumo Cloud

  1. 1. The Kumo CloudThe Kumo is at the heart of the ichimoku indicator, its the first thing weneed to check before anything else, it is the most unique part of theichimoku indicator.The Kumo is the most visible part of the ichimoku indicator, Kumo isJapanese for Cloud, hence why it is more commonly know as the KumoCloud or the Ichimoku Cloud, its all personal preference really, theimportant thing is you learn the rules and understand what part it plays.Take a look at this chart*NB* I have removed all the other components from the chartThe Kumo cloud is made up of both the Senkou Span A and B and theshaded part between.The Senkou Span A and B provide their own measure of equilibrium
  2. 2. but put together they form a complete view of long term support andresistance.Between the two lines is the Kumo itself, which is essentially a space of"no trend". If price is trading inside the Kumo it makes it veryunpredictable and I advise not to open a trade until price moves outsideof the "cloud"I will cover this in more detail later in the guide.I wanted to keep this short, so I will end this first session here.Keep an eye on the site for updates, or sign up for the newsletter to getupdates straight to your email.Until next timeChris (admin