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1st group!!

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1st group!!

  1. 1. 1ST GROU P. Fachrul, Yuda, Icaa, Haikal, Zira and Kia
  3. 3. FOREWORD  Asking Certainty  Giving Certainty and Uncertainly  Report Text
  4. 4. 1. Asking Certainty Explanation : Asking certainty is a phrase to ask about certainty. Example :  Are you sure ?  Are you certain ?  Are you positive ?  Is that definite ?  Is it confirmed ?
  5. 5. 2.1. Giving Certainty Explanation: Giving certainty is a phrase to answer a question about certainty. Example :  Yes, I'm absolutely sure he will.  Yes, I'm quite sure he will.  Yes, I'm certain he will.  Yes, I'm positive he will.  Yes, definitely.  Yes, certainly.  Yes, of course.
  6. 6. 2.1. Giving Uncertainty Explanation: Giving uncertainty is a phrase to answer a question about certainty. Example :  No, I'm absolutely sure he won't.  No, I'm quite sure he won't.  No, I'm certain he won't.  No, I'm positive he won't.  No, definitely not.  No, certainly not.  No, of course not.
  7. 7. Dialogue about Expression of Certainty Rizkia : Are you sure that she will pass the test tomorrow? Nazirah : There’s no doubt. And what about you? Rizkia : I’m sure, I will pass it. Nazirah : What about him? Rizkia : I’m not certain if he won’t pass it tomorrow. Nazirah : Really? Rizkia : Sure. He has ever studied. Nazirah : Ooh, I see. What about our friends? I mean Gita and Kinanti. Rizkia : I am sure, they will pass it. Nazirah : I think so.
  8. 8. 3. Report Text Explanation : Report is a text which presents information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analysis
  9. 9. Example :
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention…  Achmad Fachrul Rozi Aditya Yuda Pratama Allisya Kurnia Lella Muhammad Haikal Azki Nazirah Atqa R. Tunin Rizkia Amalia Primaputri