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Manuel pietra icgfm conference closing remarks


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Manuel pietra icgfm conference closing remarks

  1. 1. 2013 ClosingRemarks
  2. 2. “Good PFM Practices in aPeriod of GlobalAdjustment”Our Theme
  3. 3. InternationalPFM Experts
  4. 4. InternationalPFM Community
  5. 5. Our Mission“Working globally with governments, organizationsand individuals, the ICGFM is dedicated to improvingfinancial management so that governments may betterserve their citizens.”
  6. 6. How to StayEngaged
  7. 7. Upcoming Eventsin Washington• DC Forum Luncheon (September)• Winter Conference (December)
  8. 8. Thank you toour Sponsors
  9. 9. We need your help.Spread the word.
  10. 10. Thank you for making the27th Annual InternationalTraining Conference asuccess.