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About Luminacion Total


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Luminacion Business Model

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About Luminacion Total

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. The Multicultural Market The Numbers Tell the Story • Hispanics are the fastest growing multicultural segment: from 1990 to 2000 the population increased 58%, a rate 4 times faster than the total U.S. population and maintains over $581B in buying Power • The African American Gen Y consumers accounted for 2 of every 3 dollars spent by minorities. Their buying power is $645.9B and is estimated to increase by 20% in 2006 • Asian Americans have the highest medium household income of all groups in the United States [including the general market] and also the highest rate of education with over 44% holding at least a Bachelor’s Degree • The Urban market, made up of mainly young Hispanics and African Americans, has a strong influence on trends in the broader marketplace especially in the areas of fashion, music and language (e.g., Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton). Source: 2002 US Census, US Economic Census 1997, A Nation Within A Nation - Selig Center University of Georgia
  3. 3. Our world is changing… …Multicultural America from 1970 to 2008 Our team brings a unique value proposition with multicultural experience in CEO-level consulting, business & marketing strategy, content generation, TV & film production, online marketing.
  4. 4. Services • Multicultural Strategy Consulting: – Business and brand analysis to identify top-line growth opportunities that are integrated across various functional areas of the organization – Develop detailed action plans that include “quick hits” as well as longer term strategic initiatives • Content Development & Distribution: – Create multicultural content and branded entertainment properties mapped to key opportunities – Develop or extend current distribution strategies that leverage the growing convergence between Madison + Vine + Valley
  5. 5. Media Spending vs. Time Ad Dollars Time TV 37.0% 32.4% Radio 9.0% 18.0% Newspapers 30.0% 7.6% Magazines 13.0% 5.6% Cinema 0.4% 3.1% Digital 5.0% 33.3% Source: Carat
  6. 6. New Reality • Time Shifting • Convergence • DVR’s, Tivo’s, Sling • Multi Screen • Product Placement • Integration What you want when you want it!
  7. 7. Luminación • Transition – traditional and new • Integration, online, mobile, niche, events, in flight entertainment • Extending your branding experience – Broadband Channels – Viral Communities • Branded Content – professional and UGC
  8. 8. Current Projects • “LatinEyes” - LatinEyes is an exciting, innovative weekly half-hour television show, in English, for everyone interested in Latino culture. Every week LatinEyes has a new show with the most interesting stories on entertainment, music, food, people and travel, all related to Latino culture. LatinEyes won a 2006 Northern California Emmy!. It broadcasts on 78 local and independent stations. • “Latin Dimes” – Sony’s urban web site and integrated marketing plan targeting the coveted 18 – 24 consumer. Produced by Luminación and Sony around the music, music videos, artist and dancers that make up the urban lifestyle segment. We will create a social site featuring Sony’s urban talent. We have the rights to use this content and could provide you with access to the stars. Users could upload their own videos and pictures just like My Space and You Tube. Additionally you will have access to contests, concerts and events that expand your reach to the consumer at different platforms. Battle of the Bands meets Battle of the Beauties. English language.
  9. 9. Other Projects • “El Negocio de mis Suenos” - The search for the next Latino/Latina Entrepreneur that against all odds launches a business or a new product. We interview successful business men and women and learn how they made it to the top of their industry, the barriers they had to overcome and who supported them. On the other side we bring top academia from national and local schools to share tips or capsules on business topics. With this premise we launch a national search for the next best Latino entrepreneur. The winner receives $100,000 to launch his/her business/ product. Potential hostess: Barbara Palacios-former Miss Universe. • “Children Show” Named to be determined– 26 Episode English and Spanish-language series based on a successful program that broadcasted in Mexico. Music, concerts, merchandising available. Idea/Pitch stage.
  10. 10. Your Brand Center Stage The Four Screens Strategy Web Branded Mobile Television Content In-Flight Entertainment
  11. 11. Unique Proposition Distribution Platform • TV – 100 stations nationwide (prime and fringe). Drives traffic to web site and mobile • Web site ( – 20,000 monthly targeted visitors. Viral and organic growth • Mobile – Turn key promotions. Sign up for contest, coupons, viral • In flight entertainment – AeroMexico, LAN, American Airlines (U.S. and international). – Multicultural markets have a strong connection with native countries
  12. 12. New Web Site With Social Features and sponsors driven contests
  13. 13. Mobile Social Portal Highly Targeted Campaigns 1. Location of mobile page 2. Gender 3. Age 4. Status 5. User “tag”
  14. 14. In-Flight Entertainment Opportunities for Branded Content and Sponsorships Nelly Furtado in LatinEyes Argentine Tango in LatinEyes Entertainment Travel A Grammy for LatinEyes
  15. 15. Next Steps Contact us at 323.785.2510