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Stopping corruption in nigeria, my opinion


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Stopping corruption in nigeria, my opinion

  1. 1. Nigeria as it exists today is a country built, bred and soaked in corruption. Nigeriais so corrupt-that I cannot imagine any other country being more corrupt thanNigeria. A country would have to be dead (literally) to be described as being morecorrupt than Nigeria because presently as it exists, Nigeria is in coma. With ourpresent state and systemic corruption, we can deductively conclude that-Nigerians are corrupt individuals! Or are we?Bring an Englishman, American or any national from anywhere in the world toNigeria, have them live here for a year and you’d find out that these individuals
  2. 2. have to be corrupt just to survive in Nigeria. To bid for contracts, jump longcorrupt bureaucracies, have links to certain businesses etc. to do all these thingsand more in our country, these individuals must be corrupt, that’s theunfortunate and honest price they have to pay. Nigeria has been able to build(over the years) a society that compels its citizens and individuals to engage incorrupt practices. While, America builds a society that’s strengthened by equality,freedom and value, Nigeria on the other hand builds a society on lies. Wecontinuously recite the words “unity, peace and strength” as we’ve been taught inschool, having those words plastered all over our coat of arms, national anthem,pledge and…. We (me and you) both know that Nigeria is basically a system builtand suspended on corruption.  the leaders (so called) have been enjoying free rides since they are privileged to lead a largely uneducated and educated-unenlightened populace. True education gives freedom to the mind. While in school; I learnt to shape my own thoughts, find my own solutions and analyze other people’s view of situations,- this is freedom(to decide on what is right and wrong). The average Nigerian graduate does not have this freedom- if they do? Why would a lot of them still vote Jonathan, even though he gave or prescribed no definite solutions or strategies to assuage Nigeria’s problems. While campaigning, all he said
  3. 3. was-“if I can make it you can make it” and the graduates that voted him never asked how he was going to help Nigeria make it. They just voted. Nigeria’s educational system at best is a make believe (fiction). We need to start thinking of this critically;-raising educated minds (challenged minds) that’ll question the status-quo, cause change and engineer our future. Our university system is without form and void of philosophy, imagine performing research and dropping it off in the library for other students /professors to read. The research performed in universities have no relevant connection with Nigerian problems, thank God it is not being applied anyway ‘cause what most students call research is just a literature review of the existing literature, nothing new. I’ll engineer the passage of two bills. The first bill, I’ll title “the political responsibility bill”. This bill will build policies that’ll mandate every political office holder (president, governors,
  4. 4. senators…) to have themselves and their immediate family (wife and children) use government social infrastructure such as schools, health facilities and power. Their children will attend public schools, their families will only use public clinics (an end to government sponsored overseas medical checkup, the only thing that needs checkup is Nigeria). The role of government is to provide these basic facilities but what we have today is a government that provides bones and empty plates for the citizenry while they eat burger and chicken. In the words of Prof NIYI OSUNDARE Even Olusegun Obansanjo was seen lamenting after being held in traffic at Sango-Ota for hours. This was coming few months after he left office (29 May, 2007). What this means is our leaders are detached from us. They don’t know our problems and so are ill-prepared to solve them. The second bill will adequately reduce the salaries and allowances of political office holders, this is to discourage political thugs from participating in politics and ring only the right minds (a reduction is from the assumed 25million naira per month salary to about 1million naira per month). I know the questions you are asking-“how will you achieve this? It’s the senators that’ll pass the bill”. I will ensure the passage of these two bills by using the power of the majority (the public), the press and other political tools to force the hand of the senators, I’ll promote debates, conferences and use different media to compel the law makers. I’ll restructure the civil service. Most Nigerian civil servants are unproductive and corrupt. The civil service is as good as dead as most of the workers do not even go to the office. I’ll ensure the civil service reflects value and commitment to work. Anyone not willing to work will be shown the door; there’ll be a lot of retrenchment to encourage the right attitude. I will also engineer a lot of privatizations. Government has no business being in certain businesses, a case in point is power. The production and distribution of power should be privatized, this will bring
  5. 5. competition, growth, development and the right attitude into many sectors.  no viable society can be built and sustained except it is able to eradicate or minimize inequalities and bring justice and equity to situations. The “rule of law” and not politics or corruption should be the compass of the judicial system. Strengthening the judiciary and allowing things run the way it should, will bring sanity to the system…YOU CAN CRITICIZE (CONSTRUCTIVELY) OR APPLAUD…..