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  1. 1. 1. (a) Work out 13 – 4.005 (m) What is the product of 0.101 and 11.1?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________(b) 0.32 2. Fill in the spaces in the Tables below. Some have been done for you.Ans: _________________________ FRACTIONS IN LOWEST TERMS(c) 16 x 37 3 out of 6 1 2Ans: _________________________ 4 out of 12 1 3(d) 456 + 12 10 out of 15Ans: _________________________ 16 out of 28(e) 5 x 10 + 6 x 100 + 4 18 out of 24Ans: _________________________(f) 1 + 2 x (3 + 4) FRACTIONS PERCENTAGESAns: _________________________ 1/5 3 7(g) + 5 20 ¼ 25%Ans: _________________________ 30%(h) 4 5 −2 4 60% 12 9 75%Ans: _________________________ 23 85 7 4(i) x4 16 7 FRACTIONS DECIMALSAns: _________________________ 1 2 0.5 7 1 0.25(j) 5 ÷1 9 3 0.1Ans: _________________________ 0.6(k). 782 – 17Ans: _________________________ 0.75(l) 2.68 x 5.367 4 5 3. (a) How many minutes are there in 3 hoursAns: _________________________ 47 minutes? Ans: _________________________ 1 of 1
  2. 2. (b) How many seconds are there in one week? 11. Mama Osag’s lunchtime club is becoming ever more popular. Every day one more personAns: _________________________ attends than the previous day. On the first day of the club only one person was there. So far4. Write down the next two numbers in the the sum of attendances for all the days is 66.following pattern For how many days has the club been running?(a) 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, ________, __________ Ans: _________________________(b) 2, 5, 9, 14, 20, ________, __________ 12. If the following numbers are arranged in numerical order, which one will be in the(c) 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, ________, __________ middle?5. The perimeter of a rectangular farm is 294 0.65, 2 3 , 0.7, 3/5, 0.6125metres. What is the area of the farm if thelength is twice the width? Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ 13. One portion of fish and chips costs N2.10. Two portions of fish and chips, plus three6. Find two numbers that add together to give portions of fish, chips and peas cost N11.70.20 and multiply together to give 64. How much does one portion of peas cost?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________7. The ages of 3 people added together amountto 125 years. What did their ages added 14. A snail moves 2 millimeters every second.together amount to 5 years ago? How many centimeters will it move in one minute?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________8. If three is added to a certain number, andthe result is then multiplied by 7, the answer is 15. The table below gives the ages of a group of49. What is the number? pupils:Ans: _________________________ Age (years) 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 No. of Pupils 2 0 1 3 4 3 29. In an election 18000 people voted out of apossible 30000. What percentage of the people (i) How many pupils were in the group?voted? Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ (ii) Which of the ages has the highest number of10. A frog in training for the “Frog Olympics” is pupils?doing warm-up jumps. Each jump is twice as faras the previous jump. His first jump is 10 Ans: _________________________centimeters long. How many jumps must he doto jump more than five meters in total? (iii) How many of the pupils are below 7 years?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________ 2 of 2
  3. 3. (iv) If the sum of the ages of the pupils is 129, How many lunches will the school preparefind their average age. during the ten-week spring term?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________(v) Find the average age of those that are more 21. A radio play begins at nine fifty and lasts forthan 6 years to one place of decimal. one hour and thirty-five minutes. At what time does it end?Ans: _________________________16. Toyin has left his bicycle at his friend Ans: _________________________Shehu’s house overnight. Shehu’s house is 15 22. Ayo cycles at an average speed of twenty-kilometres away from where Toyin lives. The four kilometers per hour for one hour andnext morning, Toyin’s mother drove him to fifteen minutes. How far does he travel?Shehu’s house in her car traveling at an averagespeed of 50kmph. He then cycled on to school Ans: _________________________which is 5 kilometres from Shehu’s house at anaverage speed of 8kmph. 23. Itohan has N5.00 at the beginning of the week. During the week she spends N1.20 on a(i) Calculate the time taken for the part of the birthday card, 64k on some sweets and N3.60journey by car. on a visit to the cinema and receives her pocket money.Ans: _________________________ (i) How much money did she spend?(ii) Calculate the time taken for the part of thejourney by bicycle. Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ (ii) If she has N2.06 at the end of the week, how much pocket money did she receive?(iii) Calculate the average speed for the wholetrip. Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ (iii) If she received N3.00 each week and wanted to buy a pair of shoes costing N42.00,17. Eve is saving up to buy a tennis racket how many weeks would she need to save all herwhich costs N18. She saves 75k each week. pocket money?How many weeks will it take her to save enoughmoney? Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ 24. Find the missing digit if 758_ is exactly divisible by 618. A crate holds 18 bottles. How many cratesare needed to hold 666 bottles? Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ 25. Neka gets 38 50 in an English test, 6 20 in a Math test and 79% in a science test.19. Ali earns N8.00 an hour. How much wouldhe earn for 15½ hours work? (a) In which subject did he do best?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________20. A school prepares four hundred lunchesevery day for six days each week in term time. 3 of 3
  4. 4. (b) In which subject did he do worst? Following the discovery of other sources from overseas of the man’s wealth, and following theAns: _________________________ directives of the will the youngest child got a total of N5,300,000.0026. It is well known that Mike can clear afarmland in 30 days while Chika would complete (c) How much money was left by the father?the work in 20days. Ans: _________________________(a) What fraction of the work can be done byeach man in one day? 28. The diagram below shows the plan of a garden with the lengths marked in metres.Ans: _________________________ 13(b) How long does it take to complete the job iftwo men work together on the farmland? 5 LawnAns: _________________________ 9(c) If a sum of N50,000.00 is allocated for the Pathjob, how much should each man be paid ifpayment is proportional to amount of work 2 Ponddone?Ans: _________________________ 5 6(d) If Mike had work alone for 5 days before (i) Find the area of the Pond.Chika joined him, how much longer does it taketo complete the job? Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ (ii) Find the area of the lawn.27. A man’s total wealth in the country was Ans: _________________________known to be N8,000,000.00 At his death hiseldest son insisted that the money be shared in (iii) Find the perimeter of the path.the ratio of 4:3:2:1 in order of the seniority ofthe children. Ans: _________________________ (a) Under this plan how much does the 29. (i) An individual carton of orange juice is ayoungest child inherit? rectangular cuboid 5cm long, 3cm wide and 8cm high. Find the volume of juice that it contains.Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________However, the father’s will was discovered and itstated that N800,000.00 be set aside for the (ii) A large carton of juice is also a cuboid, andeducation of the youngest child and the rest holds 1000cm3 of liquid. It is 10cm long andshared equally among the children. 8cm wide. Find its height.Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________(b) How much will the youngest child now (iii) A glass holds 150cm3 of liquid. How manyinherit? full glasses can be served from a large carton?Ans: _________________________ Ans: _________________________ 4 of 4
  5. 5. 30. Korede normally walks at a steady pace to 37. Kunle has a part time job which pays N6.75school, covering 3 kilometers in 45 minutes. per hour. What is his total earning if he works 2One day she walked for one kilometer and then hours on Monday, 3 hours on Tuesday, 4 hoursa family friend gave her a ride in her car for the on Wednesday, 5 hours on Thursday and 6remaining distance to the school. If she rode in hours on Friday?the car for only 5 minutes, how long did it takeher to get to school that day? Ans: _________________________Ans: _________________________ 38. Place the numbers 1 to 11 in the circles so that each line of three circles adds up to 18.31. If the shaded rectangle is 9 cm by 3 cm andthe large rectangle is 12 cm by 5 cm, whatpercentage of the large rectangle is shaded?Ans: _________________________32. February 27, 2006 is a Wednesday. What isthe date of the following Wednesday?Ans: _________________________ 39.33. Ire departs on a train at 10:43 p.m. If thetrip is scheduled to take 5 hours and 27minutes, when may he plan on arriving at hisdestination?Ans: _________________________34. Osato has 270 Naira and wishes to purchaseten oranges at 2 for N15, six apples at 2 for N55and as many bananas as she can. If bananascost N5 each, how many bananas can she buy?Ans: _________________________35. A pot is 1 2 full of water. When 12 litres isadded, it is 3 4 full. How many litres will the pothold when it is completely full? By following the arrows only, write downAns: _________________________ which route will take you from 0 to 50?36. 42 is an example of a number which isdivisible exactly by three different prime Write down the route.numbers; 2, 3, and 7. Ans: _________________________Write down two other whole numbers between1 and 75, which are divisible by exactly threedifferent prime numbers.Ans: _________________________ 5 of 5
  6. 6. 40. Write a number in each circle so that the 42. two numbers in the circles at the ends of each line add to the number, which is written on that 70 line. 60 50 40 Points 27 30 33 30 20 10 46 43 0 A B C D E F 49 Group 41. Lola is making a series of patterns with tiles. (a) On the bar graph above Group ______ scored 20 points more than Group ______ andPattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 10 points less than Group C. (b) By how many points is Group D higher than Group F? Ans: _________________________________ (c) Write down the Group whose score is six times the score by Group F. Ans: _________________________________1 Tile 5 Tiles 9 Tiles (d) Write down the total score of Groups A and B. How many tiles would Lola need for pattern 6? Ans: _________________________________ Ans: _________________________ (e) If the points scored by Groups B and F are added together and the result is subtracted from points scored by Group E and then added to Points scored by Group A. Write down the total points now scored by Group A. Ans: _________________________________ 6 of 6