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Introduction to aws


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Important AWS services

Published in: Technology
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Introduction to aws

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO AWS Mounir KADRI Lead Developer AT
  3. 3. AWS History  2003 – Benjamin Black wrote a paper on what Amazon’s internal infrastructure should look like, and suggested selling it as a service  2006 – AWS officially launched  2007 – Over 180,000 developers on the platform  2010 – All of moved over
  4. 4. Region & Number of Availability Zones New Region (coming soon)
  5. 5. Edge locations Edge locations are CDN End points For CloudFront There are many more Edge locations than regions Currently there are over 75 Edge location
  6. 6. AWS Global Infrastructure Networking & Content delivery Compute Migration DatabasesStorage Analytics ManagementToolsSecurity & Identity Application Services Mobile ServicesDeveloperTools Business Productivity Desktop & App Streaming Internet OfThings Game development MessagingArtificial Intelligence
  7. 7. Networking & Content delivery VPC Route 53 Cloud Front Direct Connect
  8. 8. Compute EC2 ECS ECR Elastic Beanstalk Lambda
  9. 9. Storage S3 Glacier EFS Storage Gateway
  10. 10. Databases RDS DynamoDB Redshift ElastiCache
  11. 11. Analytics Athena EMR Kinesis Data Pipeline Cloud Search ElasticSearch
  12. 12. Security & Identity IAM Certificate Manager Inspector Directory Service WAF
  13. 13. Management Tools Cloud Watch Cloud Formation CloudTrail OpsWorks Config
  14. 14. Application Services API Gateway AppStream Elastic Transcoder
  15. 15. Developer Tools CodeCommit CodeBuild CodeDeploy CodePipeline
  16. 16. Mobile Services Cognito MobileAnalytics Device Farm Pinpoint
  17. 17. Artificial Intelligence Lex Machine Learning Polly Rekognition
  18. 18. Messaging SNS SES SQS