Master in Digital Marketing (MDM English)


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Master in Digital Marketing (MDM English). Become a global digital professional by learning the most advanced techniques and practices of the current online marketing environment

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Master in Digital Marketing (MDM English)

  1. 1. BUSINESS&MARKETINGSCHOOL MDM MASTER IN DIGITAL MARKETING The world of online communications and marketing in a master
  2. 2. The training you need to become an all-round digital marketing professional Heads of Advertising and Communication areas Online marketing managers and professionals in e-marketing / e-commerce departments Community managers Online reputation managers Marketing and Product managers Heads and business development professionals Agency professionals and interactive consultants Heads of SMEs Gain knowledge of the new forms of marketing and advertising in digital environments and all their different aspects. A complete map of the digital environment, learning about all means and tools that can be integrated into marketing and communication strategies, such as mobile apps and geo-positioning. Management administration of digital marketing and the strategies and trends of emerging media in the current environment. Learn about the full potential of social networks: techniques, strategies, skills, etc. to promote marketing and communication through social networks. Management and development of a website focused on the client taking usability and SEO into account. Develop a strategic plan and set up an on-line business for both B2B and B2C. Carrying out on-line advertising campaigns from start to finish: from planning, to media contracting, to the study and analysis of results. An understanding of the applied legal aspects of advertising contents in the digital and e-commerce environment. Especially designed for… Objectives
  3. 3. Today, marketing is closely related to the digital world. The future lies in the integration of new digital media with marketing and communication strategies. The characteristics of the Internet are the key: the possibility of segmentation, bidirectional communication, instant response and its measurement, the creative capacity offered by new tools and the access to globalized market. Digital marketing allows us to tap the great potential of new relationship models. Through its six modules, the Master in Digital Marketing (MDM English) will show you the most advanced, leading and effective disciplines within the field of Marketing and Advertising, by applying the new tools and means that the Internet provides. The Master in Digital Marketing is 100% focused on digital disciplines. It was designed to train current and future professionals in the new forms of digital marketing and advertising in a comprehensive manner. Discover the new communication ecosystem and the digital world’s key concepts: SEO, SEM, Blogging, WOM, usability, etc. Create a multichannel global strategy, integrating both on-line and off-line methods, techniques, and tools. Networking between lecturers and students with different professional profiles: digital and traditional companies and entrepreneurs. “I would recommend this Master especially for people who want to have a global vision of digital marketing. The good thing about this master is that you can get experience and learn a little bit of everything. You should have a big panorama and you know afterwards in what you want to specialize in. I would also like to highlight the teaching staff. More than teachers, the people that come to teach us are professionals and experts in the field. This is very important because they really teach you, they give you their knowledge, and tell you about their failures. They really share the information of their experiences in their daily work.” Diana Khanan, alumna MDM Digital Marketing & CRM at Volvo Car Spain Scan this code to see the student of the Master’s testimonial Learn the most advanced disciplines, techniques and practices in the current marketing and on-line advertising sphere Differenciating factors
  4. 4. · Design and creation of a digital marketing plan · Information and research resources for digital marketing · Legal marketing, advertising and digital content marketing aspects · Planning and hiring of digital media · Return on investment analysis in a digital marketing plan · Metrics and analysis of results for investment in digital media · Organization, management and development of digital projects Marketing, organization and digital planning 1 · Email marketing: from A to Z · Affiliate marketing · Display advertising and rich media · Branded content: from the interruption to the entertainment · Mobile marketing · Production that applies to mobile projects · Geolocalization: from local to universal · Internet TV and interactive TV Current and emerging digital media 5 The programme is subject to possible amendments. · Design and development of a web project · Usability and user experience: how to make digital products focused on the user · Search engine optimization (SEO): how to optimize the natural positioning of our web in browsers · Web analytics: how to measure and optimize our web’s critical processes · Metrics, optimization and SEO project management · SEO copywriting Web marketing: usability and SEO 2 Digital creativity and SEM 3 · Strategic plan for e-commerce · Technological solutions to create an online store · How to optimise the sales funnel in e-commerce · How to achieve and increase sales to clients in e-commerce · Online paid media and mobile e-commerce · Logistics and customer service as key moments in the client’s experience · e-commerce as an opportunity for internationalization · e-commerce performance: financial analysis in e-commerce · Juridical and practical aspects in e-commerce e-Commerce6 Full program · Search engine marketing (SEM): basics, options and strate- gic key points in SEM · Search SEM: development and application of a SEM strategy · Implementation of campaigns through Google Adwords · Online creativity · Landing pages · Preparation of valid tests · Search engine marketing (SEM): optimization and reports · Implementation of campaigns through Google Adwords Editor and advanced options in Google Adwords Social media marketing4 · Starting a social media project in your company · Online reputation management (ORM) · Facebook I · Practice and application of theorical aspects · Facebook II · Corporate blog and Twitter · Content, creativity and support networks · Social media analytics · Linkedin and B2B content strategies
  5. 5. Faculty is subject to possible amendments. Query the cloister of your specific campus in the ICEMD web ( Teachers comprise over 500 outstanding professionals with wide experience in leading companies Jorge Juan Aguilar CEO at DigitalCo Manuel Balsera VP sales and marketing at AMC Networks International Iberia Remi Boudard VP of Supply Side at TAP TAP Networks Ivan Casado Manager Strategic Client Services España y Portugal de Pay Pal Francisco José Delgado Direcor E-commerce de HP Mónica Díaz-Ponte Founder at Digital Addiction Jose Luis Ferrero Senior Manager - eCommerce & Business Development at Philips Francisco González Business Development Director at SEUR Carlos Herrera Business Development Director at Habilmind Santiago Hermosa General Director at Doble O Katy Hoffmann New Business and Marketing Director at Findasense Verónica Martín Digital Marketing Manager de Addeco Roberto Martínez Business Development Manager de Google Almudena Miranda Founder & Creator at TrainingYou (ex-googler) Francisco Pérez Soluciones y Canales Digitales de Grupo Santander Alexandra Ruiz Digital Marketing Consultant Kevin Sigliano Director & Partner at Territorio Creativo Ildefonso José Tebar Manager de comunicación integrada de Samsung Some components of the teaching staff of the MDM “Studying at ICEMD it´s a great idea if you are looking for really on the ground training in digital marketing because you will acquire, not only strategic skills but also operational. At the end you will be able to really design and execute a digital marketing plan, together with your colleagues in class, in an international enviroment, plus all kind of different profiles of teachers that are professionals and use the digital techniques that they are showing and sharing with you in their day to day work.” José Luis Ferrero, MDM Program Director Senior Manager - eCommerce & Business Development at Philips Scan this code to see the Director of the Master’s testimonial
  6. 6. Studying at ICEMD Virtual classroom On-line platform available to course participants where they can communicate with the lecturers and each other, they can also consult documents and resources such as videos, e-books, bibliography, interesting links and marketing blogs, and also an advanced web conferencing tool to arrange virtual meetings. Final research work of the master in blog or whitepaper format Carried out individually, we will teach you how to do it and how to get the most out of it. Real company projects After each module and under the tutor’s guidance, the students will, in groups, carry out a “Module Project” based on real cases. The projects will be presented before a board of examiners. Professional development sessions To support classes, during the master students may have access to skills workshops (digital entrepreneurship, effective presentations, personal branding...), meetings with entrepreneurs ICEMD Emprendedores, masterclasses, on-line tutorials...
  7. 7. ICEMD Entrepreneurs Based on its awareness of the importance of developing the business fabric and fostering business creation and self-employment among our professionals, the Institute promotes specific activities aimed at entrepreneurial profiles. Services associated to ICEMD Entrepreneurs: Mentoring: access to ICEMD’s digital professionals The best professionals will be available for consultation in the creative process of your digital project. Training Extensive training, designed specifically to address each and every phase in the development of a new digital project. Investor Meeting ICEMD Investor Meeting is the Institute’s initiative to promote access to financing for students and alumni with a digital project, offering them the opportunity to present their business projects to the Institute’s Entrepreneurship Committee, which will then select the best proposals. Networking: digital entrepreneurship meetings Free, exclusive meetings for ICEMD and ESIC’s students and alumni, which enable attendees to learn about challenges and key points to turn projects into reality.
  8. 8. Why studying at ICEMD The MDM is a double degree Master in Digital Marketing granted by Icemd, Instituto de la Economía Digital, ESIC. European Diploma in Interactive Marketing granted by FEDMA (Federation of Euro- pean Direct and Interactive Marketing) 22 Accreditations The quality of our programmes is guaranteed through accreditations granted by national and international institutions Experience and innovation Experience backed by 20 years of experience and more than 9,000 students trained in ICEMD, and 50 years of history and more than 40,000 students trained in ESIC Business & Marketing School. Experience is acquired by being in constant innovation: continuous renewal of disciplines and study methodologies, and ongoing research and development of new initiatives to help to create the future business network.
  9. 9. Master students will have access to ICEMD’s Pool of Professionals, the top source of Digital Talent in Spain. This is the key meeting point for over 500 companies, consultants and head- hunters seeking digital talent every day among more than 5,000 digital professionals certified by ICEMD. Furthermore, students and alumni will also have access to more than 3,500 positions offered every year by 8,000 companies with which ESIC’s Professional Careers Department maintains agreements. Employability Internationalisation 5,200+members in the Pool of Professionals 9,000+professionals have joined the business world 94%of graduates currently employed 350+companies, consultants and head-hunters seeking talent TOPof the main rankings in the sector 8,000+agreements with companies 10national campuses training professionals Study Tours and International Opportunities ICEMD offers its Master students the opportunity to enrol in additional Study Tours (Brazil, Morocco and China). After completing the Master course, participants may opt to continue their studies through a semester abroad or a double title (1 year). Specialised Language School International projection is of vital importance for our students. Incorporating a Language School provides students with a significant competitive advantage that will open the doors of the international market. • ESIC languages: teaches courses in Latin languages (French and Italian), as well as Anglo-Saxon (English), Germanic (German) and Asian (Chinese). • ESIC Hispanic: teaches specialised, high-quality courses enabling foreign students to master the Spanish language and obtain certification from Instituto Cervantes.
  10. 10. ICEMD Ecosystem 5,200+ 9,000+
  11. 11. MADRID 902 918 912 BARCELONA 93 414 44 44 VALENCIA 96 339 02 31 NAVARRA 948 29 01 55 ZARAGOZA 976 35 07 14 SEVILLA 95 446 00 03 BILBAO 94 470 24 86 MÁLAGA 95 202 03 69 GRANADA 958 22 29 14 BUSINESS&MARKETINGSCHOOL REGISTER IN ICEMD Conditions and special promotions in training programmes. Lifelong learning & Networking. Access to more than 200 articles, interviews, cases... MDM2ndEdition.07/2016 icemd Esic icemd +EsicEs esiceducation @icemd @EsicEducation CanalICEMD ESICmarketing