Marketing Strategy DSW (student project)


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Mock marketing strategy set up to increase awareness and sales of DSW

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Marketing Strategy DSW (student project)

  1. 1. DSW<br />A pair of shoes really can change you life<br />
  2. 2. Business<br />DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) Supplies consumers with hundreds of options in designer footwear at discount prices.<br />DSW originated in Dublin, Ohio, opening it’s doors in 1991 and has since crossed the 300 store mark and continues to grow. It now boasts increasing sales compared to its competitors, as well as several exclusive brand s only found at DSW.<br />In the past several years DSW has slowed growth in numbers and has bulked up its advertising budget to reach out consumers, and that is where we begin…<br />
  3. 3. Challenges<br /><ul><li> Hundreds of competitors
  4. 4. Difference of selection between stores
  5. 5. Higher priced fashion items
  6. 6. Mainly woman consumer base</li></ul>Goals<br /><ul><li>Expand consumer base including males
  7. 7. Make a niche between low end shoe sources and upscale boutiques
  8. 8. Streamline online ordering and selection for consistancy</li></li></ul><li>fashion<br />& fellas<br />Fashion, Flats and Fellas<br />Fashion- bulk up advertising to include the “high” fashion pieces to draw in a fresh crowd seeking fashion forward items<br />Flats- Maintain current customers by maintaining some current advertising approaches. Outside of the “high” fashion heels , flats are for every woman.<br />Fellas- Make men a factor. Let a portion of advertisements speak to untapped potential in the men’s department.<br />
  9. 9. Key Components<br />Fashion Blogs- Make friends and play nice with the voices of high fashion, that are truly the voices of average women everywhere trying to get high end style for a steal. Blogs are access to actual people and their followers that know the values of a great discount. The more buzz generated the better, discounts never go out of style.<br />Flickr Feed- Fashion also make fabulous photography. Flickr is a great option for building the “high” end look while still connecting the buyer with all the information needed to actually purchase the shoes. Useful as an extension of the website as well as to mold a distinct image for the brand.<br />Social Media Snapshots- Allow social media to do the work and connect the shoe lovers with the shoes. Ramp of the visual components as shoes are sold on looks and take into consideration that consumers are attached to their shoes and their smart phones so make Twitter and Facebook work for you with coupons that are upload able on the spot.<br />
  10. 10. Streamline Online- DSW’s site works flawlessly as far as function and convenience, but it needs to be knocked up a notch when it comes to consistency. Shoppers should have faith that the online selection of merchandise will be there the next day, new items are always great unless you fell in love with another pair yesterday.<br />Key Components<br />Find the Men- DSW has a wonderful reputation with the women of the shoe world, but what about the men? Men love discounts, and new shoes but are being unfairly overlooked in marketing, so expand. Search out men all the same. Place ads on men’s clothing websites, suit store options, athletic websites. It doesn’t have to be fancy it just has to be there. Men should have options too.<br />
  11. 11. Metrics of Success- Measure in FEET<br />Each component of the new strategy will need to be implemented on its own an function separately to monitor effectively if each component is contributing to the success of the campaign as a whole.<br /><ul><li>Fashion Blogs- Each blog that includes us reaches a certain number of viewer consistently, the key to the measure of success is reaching the highest views on a single blog, or have the blog reference us on several different posts
  12. 12. Flickr Feed- Can be as simple as number of views and number of searches. The number of times the material is searched is a good indicator of people seeking out our company specifically.
  13. 13. Social Media Snapshots- Number of </li></ul>“friends” or followers is a good indicator. <br />But the true numbers will come from<br />The use of uploaded coupons in store or<br />Online within the deadline period.<br />
  14. 14. Metrics of Success- Measure in FEET<br /><ul><li>Streamline Online- Since many users already have accounts with the company this can be monitored in several ways. One is number of clicks a pair of shoes gathers of a distinct time period, compared to a piece of merchandise that is taken offline after a few weeks. It can also be measured per user. Users may look several times at a pair of shoes before purchasing and by using that users account, we can more accurately see if extending the shelf life of an item is worth the return.
  15. 15. Find the Men- This also can be measured in several ways the most basic is an increase in both in store “men’s” items purchases as well as online purchases. Both can be a good indicator the ads purchased are working effectively. We would also monitor the number of view each ad received and on which sites they</li></ul>were most commonly accessed.<br />Online within the deadline period.<br />
  16. 16. Budget<br />Budget based on current years spending would be upwards of $29 million. Based on new components certain allocations of the budget should be made for each part to create a complete campaign.<br />Social Media Snapshots-15%<br />Flickr Feed- 5%<br />Maintain successful pieces of current marketing plan while others are explored- 50%<br />Fashion Blogs- 5%<br />Streamline Online-15%<br />Find the Men- 10%%<br />
  17. 17. Time Line<br />Peak seasons fall at the end of the last season. So fall starts mid summer and spring starts mid winter and the sales follow suit. Also taken into consideration is peak season for special shoe purchases like the beginning to school for sneakers, the first snow for boots, and prom for more elegant shoes.<br />June<br />August<br />April<br />February<br />December<br />October<br />July<br />January<br />September<br />May<br />March<br />November<br />January<br />