Kellogg's Digital Marketing Strategy


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A creative digital marketing campaign to gain a new target market and to create better brand loyalty.

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  • Kellogg’s is based out of Battle Creek, Michigan and they specialize in breakfast foods. Their philosophy is that breakfast is the first step to a fresh and healthy day.
  • Their current target market is for children; families trying to eat healthy; and women who are trying to improve or maintain their figure. The problem with this, is that Kellogg’s is missing one major target…
  • Men. Kellogg’s has trouble targeting the male population. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but is perceived as childish, feminine and weak. To attract the male market, breakfast needs to be seen as a Powerful start to your day. For men, breakfast food needs to be portrayed as an energizer, masculine, popular, and accepted by other men.
  • The overall goal is simple,gain more customer loyalty to create a higher revenue.
  • The biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl, will be the key factor in persuading men to join Kellogg’s campaign. Football is perceived as masculine, energized, and powerful. Having the Kellogg’s campaign based around football will hopefully gain males attention to the brand, and furthermore, sports loving females as well. If Kellogg’s can prove that they are loyal to the NFL, the fans will be loyal to Kellogg’s
  • Kellogg’s will explain they are starting a Kellogg’s Super Bowl Campaign promoting a healthy breakfast, healthy city, and healthy sportsmanship. In this campaign sports fans will be able to participate in decision-making factors of a super bowl commercial, and they can winan all paid trip for two to the Super Bowl with free Kellogg’s breakfast for a year. Months before the 5 teams of the AFC and the 5 from the NFC are declared, The campaign will kick start with Social media to gain awareness of the campaign. Once the teams have been declared, NFL fans will be able to go online and contribute their opinions on their favorite NFL team and their thoughts on Kellogg’s. The fans opinions will be put together to create two commercial’s that will be aired during the super bowl, one for each team playing. The commercials will display the unique parts of the NFL’s city, and how Kellogg’s breakfast can contribute to a better day in the city. Once the fan has given their opinion they are automatically entered to win the ultimate prize of going to the super bowl and free Kellogg's products for a year. With a campaign that supports the NFL, Kellogg’s will hopefully gain more brand loyalty from the male population.
  • Kellogg’s will start to gain attention for the campaign through social media. Targeting all sports fans. With a lot of sports fans being male, this should be the right target area.Facebook will be the top form of social media used at the beginning of the campaign. Other social media sites such as Twitter, and Instagram will be used to reach out to Sports fans in general.Spreading hash tags to gain awareness will make a huge impact. Press releases’ and blogging will be used to further spread the word of the campaign. Google Adwords will be used to increase Kellogg’s search engine optimization. And offering a prize with the campaign will pursued customers to contribute their ideas.
  • This budget is going to be exponentially high due to the Super Bowl commercials involved. According to International Business Times, it costs $4 million for a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl. With the Kellogg’s Campaign airing two commercials, it will approximately be around $8 million just to air the two commercials. To produce a commercial Pikewood Creative, a commercial production company says, “Multiple day on-location productions that include crews up to 10 or more, and equipment that includes custom designed sets, helicopter aerials, professional actors, animation, and extensive post-production can range between $50,000 into the millions.” To approximate the Kellogg’s budget to produce the super bowl commercials we will have to look at the amount of research and time spent before the commercial was even made. To produce the commercials I would approximate a $1 million budget due to all of the social media research for each NFL city involved in the campaign. The estimated budget for the “NFL, Kellogg Your City” campaign will be $12 million.
  • “NFL, Kellogg your City” is meant to create higher brand awareness among males while also attracting loyal sports fans. The thought process is that males enjoy sports and they view the super bowl as a big powerful event. So combining Kellogg’s breakfast with sports, Kellogg’s seems more masculine and powerful. Hopefully resulting in more males buying the Kellogg’s brand. Letting the fans preach about why their city is the best through Kellogg’s will create even more loyalty to their NFL team and to Kellogg’s. With more brand loyalty, the more revenue Kellogg’s will see.
  • Kellogg's Digital Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategy By: Icelyn Williams
    2. 2. Background  Battle Creek, Michigan  “The philosophy of the Kellogg Company has been simple: a belief that a better breakfast leads to a better day — and that each day represents a fresh start to realize life’s possibilities.”
    3. 3. Target Market Children Families trying to eat healthy Women trying to improve figure
    4. 4. Expanding Target Market  Kellogg’s has trouble targeting the male population.  Objective: Create a campaign that will attract male customers to the Kellogg’s Brand and keep them loyal.
    5. 5. Goal
    6. 6. Campaign “NFL, Kellogg Your City”
    7. 7. Campaign Strategy Start with Social Media and press Releases to gain awareness. 5 teams from the AFC and 5 from the NFC “What is unique about your favorite NFL’s city?” What is your favorite Kellogg’s brand breakfast food? All paid trip to Super Bowl and free Kellogg’s brand for a year
    8. 8. Tools & Tactics
    9. 9. Budget  expensive $$$.  $8 million alone for Super Bowl Commercial’s  Approximately $1 million to produce commercial’s.  Staff, Location expenses, social media, and city research will all be added into the estimated grand total.  Estimated $12 million budget for the entire “NFL, Kellogg Your City” campaign.
    10. 10. Summary  Gain the Male target market  Start a campaign “NFL, Kellogg Your City”  Increase customer loyalty  Increase Revenue