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ICE (Institute of Communicative English) is the pioneer institute in the field of Communicative English in schools and colleges. Over a period of time, after having taught in many schools and colleges has trained over thousands of students. ice (Institute of Communicative English) has established itself as an experienced, trusted, reputed, reliable, successful and the most preferred institute in the field of Communicative English. We provide quality education to students in schools and colleges through our unique and interactive techniques.

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  1. 1. ICE (Institute Of Communicative English)Understanding the importance of English language fluency to the success of every career, ICE has introduced a range of programs to enhance English communication for individual. Ice English training programs are designed to help college students, school students, working Executives, Business men & House Wives. Move beyond the rules of grammar and talk smart. People with poor English speaking abilities who wish to move ahead in life, will benefit the most from these English proficiency programs.
  3. 3. ICE(Institute of Communicative English)ICE (Institute of Communicative English) is the pioneer institute inthe field of Communicative English in schools and colleges. Over aperiod of time, after having taught in many schools and colleges hastrained over thousands of students. ice (Institute of CommunicativeEnglish) has established itself as anexperienced, trusted, reputed, reliable, successful and the mostpreferred institute in the field of Communicative English. We providequality education to students in schools and colleges through ourunique and interactive techniques. The Institute is associated withseveral well-known and reputed schools and colleges in India, wherewe help the students improve their Communication and Conversationalskills in English. Our performance has been appreciated by all. This has beenpossible, because we have followed a tried, practical and testedmethodology. We have understood the art of teachingCommunicative English and have evolved as an expert in thisprofession. This is because we firmly believe that one can learn andimprove his/her communication skills in a language only through the“TEACH, TRIED, PERFECT AND PRACTICE” method.
  4. 4. HOW WE DO : We do with our great passion and dedication towards work. We use latesttrend and practical teaching method. We also use best technology tomake our lessons simple and easy. As we are in the Digital World, webelieve that students learn by seeing, exploring hearing and speaking. Wealso believe if our four senses work together (mind, eyes, ear and mouth)then it makes our learning better, fun and wonderful. We have our uniqueteaching method, which makes us different from every one else. We haveour tried, tested and practical teaching method.We make our students learn by E-learning, Visualization, Digitalization, Real time Solution, andAnimation.
  5. 5. OUR FACULTIES:Our trainers are well qualified and welltrained. They are quite familiar with computerand internet. They are updated time to time toachieve the standard of present educationsystem. Our trainers are expert and wellexperienced professionals in the field ofCommunicative English. Our faculties aremotivated to enrich, their teaching qualificationby taking up Cambridge Esol’s TKT (TeachingKnowledge Test). We believe that “Only ABetter Teacher Can Make BetterStudents”
  6. 6. TRAINING INPUT : Trained and well qualified faculty Individual attention Classroom Practice Special Doubt Clearing class Mid and post Training Assessment Teaching through E-learning & Digitalization Methods Additional vocabulary and usage point discussion
  7. 7. COURSE WARE:- One Class room Material One Reference Book work books supporting the lesson plan Content Books aligned with key Exercise book (For daily Lesson Practice)
  8. 8. What He / She Learns …..  Speak “grammatically” correct English.  Develop communication skills through interactive and fun- filled activities.  Converse fluently and confidently about day-to-day situations.  Express ideas more freely.  Build up vocabulary.  Overcome hesitation and confidently speak in English.  Improve personality by learning to use social accepted etiquette.  Confidence  Leadership Qualities
  9. 9. Our courses are customized according to the requirements of students. The course contents, complied by our INSTITUTE, ice (Institute of Communicative English). They are structured to suit the need of students. The course materials are constantly updated and made relevant to tune these young minds to the latest Education system. Our experienced faculty, through their professional approach and skilled application of ice (Institute of Communicative English) teaching aids and methodologies, take the students through the joyful experience of learning and understanding. Through our interactive and activity oriented approach and methodology, the students experience that communicating in English is easy, “real fun” and an “enjoyable experience.” Through our training provides Faculties with the know, how to use innovative methods and consistently generate “WOW” moments from students. Clear organization and superb illustration make the course accessible and attractive. Highly original tasks stimulate students to make their own personal contribution. Simple explanation for the various parts of speech. Teaching in a lively interactive and highly visual way. Dynamic leading environment for our students, where excellence is pursuit.
  10. 10. WHY ENGLISH:1. Eight out of Ten people in the world know English2. 80% of the world’s mail use English as medium of expression3. 60% of the world’s radio station use English4. 70% of the world’s scientific documents, study material and technical magazines /newspapers are in English5. English is the medium of instruction in the technical, non- technical, business, internet, medical and law fields.6. English is the language of communication between the union government and the state government7. English is the language of the high court and the Supreme Court.8. English the only link language in India.9. English is the only language which is widely spoken all over the world (global Language)10. English is the only Language that truly links the whole world together.
  11. 11. As we know that we are living in the world of globalization. English language is a common language and is spoken in many countries. It is considered as Universal Language. Most of the universities world wise includes English as one of their major subject. India is also competing with the other countries in terms of education and many other things. Hence, we are forced to meet Global Standards. English is the first and foremost criteria whether you are applying for a job or you are seeking admission in a reputed college/university/institution. Companies welcome those candidates who are Fluent English and have the relevant qualification and Skill Set. English is looked upon as the language to enrich our knowledge in different fields and to connect to the rest of the world. It influences the lives and lifestyles of individuals across nations. Today, English has pervaded all walks of life, be it Education, Career, Business, Travel, Art, Science or Technology. It has emerged as the only link language that brings together people belonging to different geographical locations, speaking different regional languages, to meet, exchange, share their ideas, aspirations and explore avenues and opportunities to relate to each other in various fields. It plays a vital role in shaping the future and careers of individuals, especially young and aspiring students in schools and colleges. Without good communication skills in English, people feel like fish out of water when they are tested in an intensely competitive job market. Educational qualifications apart, it is only excellent communication skills in English that provide the competitive edge to students, be it their pursuit of academic excellence or get selected for a rewarding and lucrative career.
  12. 12. Why to join ICE : Learn grammar. Communicate Clearly. Develop my vocabulary. Speak English fluently and correctly. Develop my Confidence. Over come my fear and Hesitation of speaking English. Improve and Develop my Personality. Learn Effective communication skills. Participate in group Talk (discussion). Give effective Presentations. Speak English with a Neutralized Accent. Improve my Written Skills. Improve my thinking Skills. Gain Leadership Qualities. Express ideas more freely.
  14. 14. INTRODUCTION TO WORLD OF ENGLISH Manners and Etiquette  Talking about Weather Art of being formals & informal  Talking about Introduction and Greetings Hobbies/Likes/Dislikes Speaking in a full sentences  Orders and Requests Do, does and did questions  Invitations WH  Meeting someone for the questions(What, Who, Where, 1st, 2nd, ………Nth time When, Which, Why, How)  Introducing others Telephone Etiquette  Asking for favours Talking about Present, Past &  Relationships Future  Parts of body, common Habits, Customs and Facts ailments Health ,Illness and Feelings  Names of professions
  15. 15.  Making the request  Meeting An old Friend Simple sentences  Congratulating used in everyday Someone/Friend conversation  Consoling Useful words ,action  Comparison words, and  Expressing Sympathy Information about action  Reminding Vocabulary-  Pronunciation Guide shopping, work  Abbreviations ,mobile phone, internet ,travel and movies
  16. 16. Grammar & Vocabulary (Basic Foundation)Nouns, Pronouns, Articles(a, an, the), Verbs, Ad verbs, Adjectives, Tenses, Idioms, Punctuatio ns, Prepositions, Implementation of Grammar in sentence formation Building Vocabulary , Confusing Words (Homophones), Joining sentences – Conjunctions, Capital Letters, Question Tags, Connectors, Modals, Antonyms, Synon yms.
  17. 17. Communication Skills – Part 1 :Barriers of CommunicationClassified VocabularySpeaking & Listening EffectivelyIdioms, Phrases & ProverbsComprehension & CompositionFun With WordsOne Word SubstitutionSingular and PluralPrincipal parts of verbsMasculine – Feminine Genders
  18. 18. Communication Skills – Part 2 :Paragraph Writing, Story Writing, Picture Composition, Dialogue Writing.Writing Skills (Email, Business Correspondence), Speaking Skill.Reading Skills (focus on voice modulation),Smart English V/S Normal EnglishTesting & Evaluation
  19. 19. Communication Skills – Part3: Power English Am, Is, Are, Was, Were, Has, H ave, Had, Shall, Will, Do, Did, D oes, Be, This, That, These, Thos e, There, Although, So, As, unle ss, But, If, For.
  20. 20. Communication Skills – Part 4: Best EnglishCan, Can’t, Could, Should, Shouldn’t, Must, Might, Mustn’t, Need, Would, Ought to, Ought not to, usedto, Have to ,Don’t have to, As soonas, No sooner…..than, Could youplease, Would you mind, As if, Asthough, So….that.
  21. 21. Communication Skills – Part 5: Sure Shot English  All , Some, Most, Any, No/None, Some Body, Anything, No Where, Every , Both, Either, Neither, A lot, Much, Many, Little, Few, Enough, Alwa ys, Usually, Often, Still, Yet, Already, From …to, Until, Since, For, Before, After, During , While , As well as , so on, up to, Be able to, Neither…...nor, Either……or, Not only……..but also, Now that, In case.
  22. 22. Voice & Accent Neutralization(Voice & Accent Training) : Diction Analysis Pronunciation Power Guide Introduction to Vowel & Consonants Intonation Syllable Stress The formation Of Words
  23. 23. Fluent English :  Group Discussion  Debate (Formal Discussion)  Drama  Seminar  Role Play (Real life Conversation – 100)  Speech  Public Speaking  Conversation  Situational English  Skit, Activity  Songs  Interaction
  24. 24. Personality Enhancement &Situational English :  Attitude Management  Handling People  Killing Nervousness & Building Confidence  Art of Attraction  Body language & Dress Code  Effective Speaking  Healthy Mind & Decision Making.  Language for marketing and sales
  25. 25. Interview Skills :Resume formatPersonal Interview Techniques.Salary Negotiation.Aptitude / Written TestsCreative thinking
  26. 26. Our Special Programmes:Short term CoursesSummer CampTeachers’ Training
  27. 27. CAMPUS ACTIVITIES The campus programme will help the children to build up conversations and communicate confidently in all the situations. The students can avoid hesitation in the formal speaking and can handle a group and perform in the group discussion.
  28. 28. The Following are some of theCampus ACTIVITIES Language guards.  Beauty in your Name. English Fest Time.  Lets cook something. Talent Display Board.  My Question Your Interviews. Answer. English Syntax.  Greetings Week. English Skill Test.  Daily Conversation. Narrator of the Day.  Thought For the day. Assembly activity.  Dream & Fame. Quiz on English.  Correct the Incorrect. General Knowledge  Confusing Words. Questions.  News Reading.
  29. 29.  Be an Anchor.  Answer us. Talent Show.  Roll the Trophy. English Motivator.  Hall of Fame. Why English.  Time with the principal. Right Match?  The change/idea. English Day/Week.  How to read. Let’s Talk.  English Twist. Play with Words. Let’s go to circus. One to many answers.Our Faculty members do interact withthe students to make them to speakEnglish & clarify their doubts.
  30. 30. We would love to hear ,
  31. 31. ICE(Institute of CommunicativeEnglish)At ICE,we don’t dodifferent things, We dothings differently.
  32. 32. Kindlycontacts us forfree DEMOclass. +919747375721
  34. 34. ICE Career Growth Platforms Our Organization has large number of members working for the betterment of company. We at ICE provide better job prospect, growth and sustainability to life and work. The best thing our employees can experience is job satisfaction. We also provide better work culture and friendly environment for employees. We at ICE believe that , happy employees, leads good growth.“ Happy employees, Happiest the company”
  35. 35. Career ProspectAcademic Growth Administrative Growth Trainer, Faculty  Telesales Junior Trainer  CSR :-Customer Service Representative Executive Trainer  CRO :- Customer Relation Senior Trainer Officer Co-ordinate Faculty  PRO :- Public Relation Officer Chief Co-ordinate Faculty  LGO:- Lead Generate Officer Regional Trainer/Head  Finance Officer Zonal Head/Trainer  Travel Manager  Branch in charge
  36. 36. Sales and Marketing Marketing Executive  As An ICE [Employee / Senior Marketing Employment Service] Executive After the successful Territory Manager training from ICE, if any individual who wish to Sales Manager work with ICE, as a Head Sales Manager Spoken English Trainer Area Sales Manager or Computer trainer ,ICE Zonal Manager welcomes them with a better professional EDM:-Education growth. Development Manager
  38. 38. TIPS TO BECOME A GOOD COMMUNICATORTo help our students who areweak in understandingEnglish, we’ve plannedlearning programme for themthrough a gradual process - itdoes not happen overnight.
  39. 39.  To make learning a habit. To  We hope, it is best to do learn something every day. It different things each day to is much better to study (or help keep the various read, or listen to English relationships between each news, etc.) 15 minutes each area active. In other day than to study for 2 hours words, dont just study once a week. grammar. Remember to make learning  We give such students a a habit! If they study each day major priority in their study for 10 minutes English will be and to speak with their constantly in their mind. If friends. Learning English they study once a together can be very week, English will not be as encouraging. present in their mind.  We encourage them in The class will guide them with listening and reading subjects basic knowledge in that relate to what they are reading, grammar, writing, sp interested in. Being eaking and listening. Also interested in the subject will with guidance in improving make learning more their handwriting. enjoyable - thus more effective.
  40. 40.  Putting grammar to  To make them practice practical usage. speaking what they are Grammar by itself does learning aloud. It may not help them USE the seem strange, but it is language. They should very effective. practice what they are learning actively. Remember learning is a process - speaking a language well takes time. It is not a computer that is either on or off! We strive to make them Communicate. There is nothing like communicating in English and being successful.