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58th ICCA Congress | CEO Deep Dive - Tim Jones

  1. The Future of HospitalityCEO Deep Dive Future Opportunities for Meetings and Events 29 October 2019
  2. Flexible Formats Many brands are adopting increasingly flexible modular format options. More specific propositions and experiences are tailored to niche markets.
  3. Adaptable Spaces Venues adopt the latest flexible, automated options for fast reconfiguration. Event planners embrace adaptable spaces to give clients multiple
  4. Meaningful Employment Younger generations want to work for employers that serve a greater contribute to society and provide space and time for staff to take the
  5. Facial Recognition Facial recognition tech is already dominant in fashion retail and fast-growing Its use for ‘friction-less’ interaction in hospitality is set to accelerate.
  6. Immersive Virtual Reality The evolution of VR / AR enable many experiences to move to virtual These become more immersive and personalized than traditional options.
  7. Experience Centers Apple was the leader of experience centers but other brands are coming to the fore for stand alone venues increasingly focused on a core idea to share.
  8. Not Travelling Vastly improved video conferencing, growing environmental concerns and a re-evaluation of personal time all align to reduce non-critical business travel.
  9. Engineering Serendipity Venues seek to enable surprise connections within unexpected spaces. They provide zones for de-connection from the core – sanctuaries within an
  10. Large Scale Connectivity Many have high expectations about experience and connectivity. Large scale events have to work seamlessly with high bandwidth.
  11. Rising Cyber Security More frequent, larger hacks, sophisticated cyber threats and more devices anxiety about connecting to networks. Virtual security is as pivotal as
  12. Positive Local Impact As well as economic benefit, events are expected to provide positive local environmental and social impact –they are judged on the success of this.
  13. Future Agenda, 84 Brook Street, London W1K 5EH +44 203 0088 141 | | @futureagenda Future Agenda, 84 Brook Street, London W1K 5EH +44 203 0088 141 | | @futureagenda