International Case Competition - 2013
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About the Programme
In recent past, teaching approach across the globe has been transformed from teaching centric approach...
Prizes and Incentives
Threewinningcaseswillbeawardedacashprizeof 20,000/-, 10,000/-and 5000/- alongwithacertificateandcita...
About ICBM – SBE, Hyderabad
Institute of Computers and Business Management - School of
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International Case Writing Competition 2013


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ICBM – SBE, Hyderabad in association with The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), USA and Academy of Management Professionals (AMP), India announces International Case Competition 2013 to be organized on November 09, 2013.

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International Case Writing Competition 2013

  1. 1. MANAGING BUSINESS IN TURBULENT TIMES International Case Competition - 2013 ACBSP A C C R E D I T E D ICBM - School of Business Excellence H Y D E R A B A D , I N D I A IC BM U H N T IT G Y N A EN RD TS P r e s e n t s NOVEMBER 09, 2013 In Association with Academy of Management Professionals
  2. 2. About the Programme In recent past, teaching approach across the globe has been transformed from teaching centric approach to learning centric approach. Lecturing, the most popular way of teaching is no more effective as it gives very little scope for interaction and discussion. Management Professors interested in discussion based teaching-learning realized that the case method of teaching can provide a strong basis for developing students' problem solving and decision making abilities. Very often used in business schools across the globe, the case method of teaching believes in presenting the participants with a case putting them in the role of a decision maker facing a problem. The success in case teaching mainly depends on the quality and content of the case considered for teaching. Creating an effective case study needs holistic thinking about how the content would match the level of understanding of the participants and the concept in hand. But when it happens, a well constructed case study comes in to the reality that ensures wonderful learning experiences and delivers rewards to participants and facilitator. Most of professors teaching in Indian business schools find it difficult to get a good case written in Indian Business Context.This event is intended to encourage academia, research andcorporatefraternitytobringoutcasestudiesinvariousareasofbusinessandmanagementfocusedonarecentsituationinIndian businessscenario. SubThemes Authors are invited to send their original and unpublished case study for the sub themes mentioned below. These themes are only indicativeandnotexhaustive.Thecasestudycanincludeanyotherrelevantareaoninterestfallingunderthemainthemeoftheevent –'ManagingBusinessinTurbulentTimes’ For Whom? §FacultyMembersofUniversities/autonomousB-schools/university-affiliatedcollegesandresearchinstitutions §Corporateprofessionals §FreelanceCaseWriters §Banker §Entrepreneurs §Policymakersandmembersfromregulatorybodies §Management(MBA/PGDM)students §ResearchscholarspursuingPh.D/MPhil/M.Resprograms § § § § § § § § § § § § Sales & Marketing Loyalty Management Human Resource Management Banking & Insurance Financial Management Merger & Acuisition Innovation Management Diffusion of Technology Business Strategy Business Environment Operation Management Supply Chain Management § § § § § § § § § § § § Organizational Behavior Performance Management Leadership Team Building Retailing Outsourcing (BPO / KPO / RPO) Rural Marketing Entrepreneurship Family Business Management International Business Women in Business Marketing communications
  3. 3. Prizes and Incentives Threewinningcaseswillbeawardedacashprizeof 20,000/-, 10,000/-and 5000/- alongwithacertificateandcitation.Aspecial cashprizeofI5000/-willbegivenforoutstandingcontributionmadebyaDoctoral/PGLevel participant. PublicationOpportunities All the case studies selected for presentation in the event will be published in the form of an ISBN-numbered book by a leading publisher. Apart from publication in book, the winning cases will also be published in the forthcoming issue of UDAAN – The InternationalJournalofManagementResearch,abi-annualreferredjournalofinternationalrepute. Registration Fee I 2500/- for Corporate Professionals I 2000/- for Faculty Members I 1000/- for research scholars pursuing full time PhD/MPhil at a University recognized by UGC, New Delhi I 500/- for the students of MBA / PGDM US $ 150 for International Submissions For registration, please send Demand Draft / Account Payee Cheque in favor of ‘ICBM – SBE’ payable at Hyderabad, along with the registration form to us. The registration fee includes program kit, food & beveragesonthedayofeventandstudymaterials. Guidelines for Submission Electronic copy of original unpublished case study in any area of business and management focused on a recent situation in Indian businesssetupshouldbesubmittedinMS-Wordformatto .TheSelectionofcasestudiesforpresentationand detailed discussion will be based on quality, content and relevance to the selected theme. The case study should be submitted along withanabstract(inaround150words),detailedteachingnoteandbriefprofileoftheauthor.Kindlynotethatliftingsomeone'soriginal work, copying of material/plagiarism will result in to the disqualification.Authors of the case studies selected through a 'double-blind review'willbenotifiedwithinoneweekofsubmission. DatestoRemember Abstract Submission: August 19, 2013 Abstract Review & Acceptance: August 26, 2013 Full Case Submission: October 14, 2013 Registration: October 21, 2013 Presentation of Case Studies: November 09, 2013 Accommodation Outstation participants (Faculty Members & Corporate Professionals) would be provided accommodation gratis on request at its guest house. Management students and Research Scholars will be offered one day boarding/lodging at ICBM Hostels free of cost. Apartfromin-campusaccommodation,severalhotelsandservicedapartmentsareavailableinthevicinityoftheinstitution. I I I § § § § §
  4. 4. About ICBM – SBE, Hyderabad Institute of Computers and Business Management - School of Business Excellence (ICBM-SBE), Hyderabad is now proudly stepping into the 25th year of proven excellence. ICBM – SBE offers a two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) approved by AICTE, MinistryofHRD,GovernmentofIndia. ICBM-SBE is the first B-School in A.P and 3rd in India to get the prestigious ACBSP, USA Accreditation which makes it globally recognized. ACBSP is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), USA. ICBM-SBE now has access to about 600 B-Schools of USA for student and faculty exchange which virtually means every student at ICBM-SBE has a fair chance of spending about 3 months in America's top B-School at no additional cost to learn and gain expertiseinManagerialskillsbeingtaughttherebygloballyrecommendedfaculty. ICBM-SBE has the privilege of sharing Harvard Business School Case Studies and Simulations to enable the aspiring Indian Managerstogainexpertiseinmanagerialskillsthewholeworldacknowledges.ICBM-SBEequipsthefuturemanagerswithfirsthand experience of running a Business Enterprise in a competitive environment with an eye on ROI, growth, network, equity, sustainability etc.byintroducingtothemtheCapstoneBusinessSimulations,apracticewhichallthetopB-Schoolacrosstheworldfollow. P A T R O N S Dr. Ritu Zarar Chairperson ICBM–SBE, Hyderabad Prof. S. Zarar Director / Principal ICBM–SBE, Hyderabad Prof. Jitender Govindani Director - Academics ICBM–SBE, Hyderabad For more details about ICBM’s International Case Competition – 2013 Please feel free to connect: Prof. Kunal Gaurav Convener ICBM’s International Case Competition - 2013 Mobile: + 91 9394539593;, Plot No. 2A,"Ishwar’s Abode", Right to Pillar No. 179, Attapur, Hyderabad - 48, India ICBM - School of Business Excellence Te: 040-65536834, Fax:040-42210224,