Super housewives


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Super housewives

  1. 1. To becomeSuper Housewives
  2. 2. Girl to Housewife• After marriage every girl becomes  a Housewife• In most cases lets go of personal aspirations and goals  for the family• Devotes herself completely to the well being of the  family• Probably works hardest to look after the house, take  care of husband and raise children• Is perfectly happy doing the same
  3. 3. Housewife to “Just” a Housewife• Sadly, many a times she gets labeled as “just” a  housewife and often by the same family• When asked by people “Do you also work?”, she gets  into a habit of saying “No. I am Just a housewife”,  although she works the hardest• Feels complexed at times 
  4. 4. She  Desires• To do something on her own‐ to earn some  money, little independence and self respect• To get a feeling of contributing• To feel recognized • To get her Opinions valued
  5. 5. Challenge• Once she decides to do something, she  finds  herself lagging behind• Has not taken much care of herself while taking  care of everyone else• Is not updated with latest trends and technology• Often falls pray to dubious schemes in desire to  do something meaningful• To make others take her seriously
  6. 6. Solution Super HousewivesA complete and comprehensive program to transform  from “Just” a housewife to super housewife Super Hosuewives
  7. 7. Housewife to Super Housewife I AM NOT A ‘JUST’. I am the reason why my child studies everyday. I am the reason why we’ve never paid a late fine on our utility bills. I am the reason why we still save at the end of the month. I am the reason why my husband avoids an office party. And comes home straight for a piping hot meal and conversations. I am a wife, mother and best friend to my child, all rolled into one. What I am not is, just a housewife. I am the love of my family today, and the one they will admire tomorrow.
  8. 8. SUPER Self Respect UpliftmentPresentibilityEmpowerment Realization
  9. 9. Super Housewives• Leaves personal aspirations  • 60 hours of guided learning for husband and family • 40 hours of class room teaching• At times same family labels as  • International Certificate “Just” • Just housewife to super • Everyone wants to do things  housewife and be independent • Great product design and • Finds lacking and lagging  apparent need behind • Introductory offer‐ Rs. 9900• Want to move ahead
  10. 10. Content• Art and science of creating a first  • Etiquette and body language impression • Basic science of weight management• Communication of clothes • Relationship management• Clothing as per your body shape‐ • Hosting and attending a party countering body variations through  • Expectation Management clothing • Internet, Social media and • Fitting Indian clothes as per clothing  Networking communication  • Critical assessment of • Colour concepts: Creating colour  entrepreneur/part time job  harmony in appearance opportunities• Cluster concept for variety and  • Basic finance knowledge affordability in clothing and smart  shopping • Multi Tasking management• Skin type identification and care • Stress Management• Make up, Grooming and Hygiene • Involving Children in entrepreneur  ideas and ventures
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