Tips for job promotion


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Tips for job promotion

  1. 1. PresentsTips for Job Promotions
  2. 2. Image Management @ Workplace• Organisation Image – All organisations project an image based on their vision, mission and policies• People’s Image – It is critical that its people also are “in sync” with overall corporate image, brand, vision projection• Position/Role Image – Every Position/Role brings with it an expected set of appearance, behavior, conduct, performance etc. – Consistent “in-sync approach” of an employee results into perception & then image formation Finally on the Appraisal Day Image Matters
  3. 3. What do you want to be?• Aspired Position – Understand (from Image Perspective) – Job Role/Function – Responsibility – Span of control – team size & type of team/People – Skill sets – Appearance, Behavior, Communication• Now Decide – “How do you have to come across for the aspired role?” – Authoritative, stable, credible, reliable, official, persuasive, accessible, approachable, influential, capable. – One may need to adapt to situations – a head of the institution may have to be authoritative but also have to be seen as approachable
  4. 4. What is your current Image Projection?Journey from: “I think I can be a Manager” to “People think So Too”• How do you come across now at workplace?• Do they look up to you?• Do people think that you are capable?• Do they assume your leadership?• Can they visualise you being in aspired role? Gap Identification
  5. 5. Bridging the gap: the Plan List the Gaps• Categorise the Gaps – Appearance, Behavior & Communication – For example: Some people are good speakers but don’t wear appropriate professional clothing or vice versa; – See, Feel & Hear are most important cues for image projection• Work towards Bridging the Gap – Look for professional Help if need be – Image consultants Offer Image Management Services
  6. 6. Visual Communication - Seeing is BelievingThe Golden Rule – 80% of Any Message is Visual• So work on your visual communication (via Appearance, Body Language, Gestures, Etiquette) to send the message needed for the aspired role.“People listen with their eyes, we must talk with our appearance”
  7. 7. Apparel – What are your wearing?Authentic & Appropriate are the key words• Start with end in mind – How do want to come across should decide, what should you wear• Utilise Psychology of Clothes to your advantage – 4 levels of dressing – to communicate/project desired image for in unique life situation – For Example: A level 3 outfit - defined as a third layer in terms of a jacket/coat communicates a message of being accessible, capable and influential, receptive and consistent.
  8. 8. Etiquette – Takes you a long way• Learn Corporate Etiquette – Working with lady senior/colleagues – Interaction & Communication Protocols – Seniors/Team – Dining with Client/Team – Written Communication“It is said that for one to be successful85% is attributed to social and dinning skills and15% to Technical Skills”“The more senior you get, the more effective you need to be in making an impact” - Russell Parera, CEO, KPMG, India
  9. 9. Actions speak louder than wordsYour Body is the Tool with which You Operate in Life - Be Aware of Own body language• Is your body language in Sync with what you say? – Eye contact – Hand shakes – Postures/Gestures Woman bosses/ colleagues tend to ignore what is being said when“Words and Body Language are not in Sync”
  10. 10. The Replacement Nurture to Grow• Be genuinely interested in developing your People/Team• Remember, “If You Cannot be Replaced, You Cannot be Promoted”
  11. 11. What If You Are Not Promoted? Marathon Runners Are Not In a Hurry“It is said that to create horses for long races it is important at times not to promote the most deserving candidates, just to see how they behave”Not Promoted this Time? May be You are the Horse…
  12. 12. If You Do Get Promoted Take a Fresh Guard – Like a centurionStart All Over Again for the Next Aspired Role Congratulations on your new role  
  13. 13. Thank You Invite Your Friends to Join Image Consulting Business Institute Keep yourself informed:!/ImgCnsltBusInst