Monasterium from the research to the didactics at the University of Naples


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Overview of the current use of in education at the Institute of History / University of Naples.

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Monasterium from the research to the didactics at the University of Naples

  1. 1. Monasterium from research to didactics at University of Naples Vienna, 2010/11/25 Antonella Ambrosio
  2. 2. The Monasterium project The Monasterium project is coordinated by Icarus (International Centre of Archival Research) It is animated by a wide network of academic and archival institutions of Central and Western Europe They are starting sources digitization and study from the archives parchment or monastic church fonds through portal Many digital archives are currently available online in (100,000 pictures of medieval and modern documents, data related to them)
  3. 3. UNINA and Monasterium project Since 2007 UNINA has carried out: Research activities : Creating currently online digital archives (profitably collaborating with archivists, historians, researchers, young scholars) Innovative educational activity: Diplomatics and Exegesis of Historical Sources (academic year 2009 – 2010) for the Master in Library and Archival Science and Methodology of the Research (prof.Antonella Ambrosio)
  4. 4. Diplomatics course based on Monasterium Identifying the prerequisite skills of students Lectures (traditional and digital Diplomatics) Working in group on web and computer lab (with EditMOM collaborative issues, discussions, materials research online) Ongoing assessments (self-assessments, peer assessments) Final assessments
  5. 5. Questions we want to give an answer: Can the Diplomatics traditional educational activity take advantage of the Monasterium project? Can a learning environment using EditMOM in be more effective than a traditional one?
  6. 6. What is a learning environment? The definition currently suggests an educational psychological approach of constructivist kind: It focuses on the learner but not on what he is learning . In this perspective we are able to define the learning environment as a ‘context of activities prepared by the teacher as the learning process we intend to promote happens in the best way as possible’.
  7. 7. A learning environment is effective when centered on: Students Knowledge Assessment Community (Brandsford, Brown, Cocking, How people learn , 2000) We want to present here as a learning environment on Diplomatics designed in Monasterium is very effective.
  8. 8. A learning environment in Monasterium is student-centered Enhancing students skills, attitudes and prior knowledge Who is the student of Master? He is graduated in Humanities (prior knowledge: History, Latin, Paleography) He has a true interest to the treated subjects He is an aspiring archivist or an expert in documentation He lives the digital age He is an European citizen The course of Diplomatics in Monasterium using the new technologies and the international dimension , has satisfied all the requirements this type of student has
  9. 9. A learning environment in Monasterium is knowledge-centered The collaborative activity in computer lab with EditMom software did the students learn the methodology to describe the documents, both archival and diplomatist point of view, to do the regesta and the critical editions of medieval charters portal online consultation did students learn the methodology to search for online historical sources The students learned to make concrete steps useful to their future profession.
  10. 10. What is EditMOM? It is an XML online editor, based on Java and implemented by Cologne University It is online on portal, into the section MomCa The editors of EditMOM are archivists, scholars, students from various European countries led by moderators experts of the Archival science and Diplomatics. They make a variety of products available online (from simple inventory information to a complete edition of documents) EditMOM software has played a vital role It allows to process the data associated with charters reproduced on the portal, entering a log-in reserved area enabling useful collaborative activities among multiple users, these editors and moderators
  11. 11. EditMOM
  12. 12. A learning environment in Monasterium is assessment-centered In computer lab: Students self-assessed their results and expressed opinions about the work of others students seeing the work produced in EditMom and always using included pictures At a distance: Students sent the drafting test of an Editing application (archival description, transcription and editing, regesta, people names, places, diplomatist analysis mark up, critical edition of the charters) to teacher as a moderator . In the presence : Students discussed with the teacher about the tests within the final exam discussion
  13. 13. A learning environment in Monasterium is community-centered We mean a constructivist social-cultural community The learner must not remain isolated but he must be involved into actions, discussions, reflections which are meaningful for the community he belongs to: because learning is a social phenomenon In this case, learning is optimal within a community of practice
  14. 14. The Monasterium community: an huge transnational community of practice A community of practice exists if: there is a mutual commitment between the members linked by a common identity and trust working together for the maintenance of the community there is a common enterprise that is a shared responsibility of the problems and prospects, a negotiation activity of the members There is a shared repertoire of artifacts, tools, routines, languages, actions, beliefs and values representing the community historical memory (E. Wenger, 1998)
  15. 15. A learning environment in Monasterium : problems solution Some solution found : Creation of digital lecture notes on the digital Diplomatics, a vademecum to EditMom, etc Some solution to be found: Adapting EditMom software to didactical use
  16. 16. Problems requiring future optimal solutions Acting on the pictures with a marking tool making the teacher and the student mark specific components characteristics and parts of the document (such as graphics manipulation software) remember that EditMOM has didactic potential but is not created specifically for teaching!
  17. 17. Problems requiring future optimal solutions Operating simultaneously in different versions on a charter by different students. Creating a digital archive (such as a portfolio) in visible temporarily only to the students and the teacher
  18. 18. conclusions Educational model built in Monasterium was much more effective and acceptable to students Next step: experimenting here the environment of learning until delineated under other conditions, with a different number of students, in different times, comparing itself with similar experiences contemporarily effecting in Germany, in Austria, in the Czech Republic, in Hungary.
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention! Antonella Ambrosio Ricercatrice di Paleografia e Diplomatica Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Dipartimento di Discipline storiche “Ettore Lepore” [email_address]