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  1. 1. GamificationHow gaming is being used in education Information Culture October 8, 2012
  2. 2. Online Simulations at UMUCIn 2007 the University of Maryland University College started exploringthe online simulated world of Second Life to see if it could bring value toeducational courses.Through a partnership with New Media Consortium, the Center forSupport of Instruction at UMUC were able to access and use many SecondLife resources. These included collaborative presentationvenues, instruction on development of SL learning objects and otherinteractive educational themes. The University also used a series of gaming simulations based on the fictional city of San Luis Ray. These simulations included decision point scenarios as well as 3d immersive models. • Networking and Information Security Hands-On Online Labs. • Crime Scene Investigation – set scene for students to collect, preserve and document evidence. • Homeland Security Simulation: City of San Luis Rey – simulated vulnerability assessment tool. ulations.html Information Culture Oct 8, 2012
  3. 3. Other places Educational Gaming is being Noticed Office of Science and Technology Policy Constance Steinkuehler is on an 18-month assignment at the White House, studying the civic potential of video games. • Researchers are finding that, for all the bad press, video games make exceptional teaching machines. • "It has basically shown that it is possible to create experts in a particular domain purely through game play," Source: white-house/52908052/1Portal entering the Curriculum• At Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a new syllabus has been created. It consists of classics such as William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Aristotle’s Politics, Gilgamesh, and of course Valve’s Portal….• Students taking this mandatory course will collectively play through Portal and study the “fundamental questions of humanity,” as well as read through many works of Erving GoffmanSource: Information Culture Oct 8, 2012
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