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ICANN 50: Thick Whois Consensus Policy Implementation


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The purpose of this session was to provide brief history and overview of Thick WHOIS, sharing of staff implementation plan and schedule, discussion with the implementation review team and open mic for comments and feedbacks.

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ICANN 50: Thick Whois Consensus Policy Implementation

  1. 1. Text #ICANN50 Thick Whois Consensus Policy Implementation 23 June 2014 Lee Han Chuan Registry Services Sr Manager
  2. 2. Text #ICANN50
  3. 3. Text #ICANN50 Agenda • Implementation Updates • Implementation Plan & Schedule Discussion • Outreach & Education • Next Steps
  4. 4. Text #ICANN50 Implementation Updates
  5. 5. Text #ICANN50 Background • 7 Feb 2014: ICANN Board resolved to: o  adopt GNSO Council policy recommendations for new Consensus Policy o  direct the President and CEO of ICANN to develop and execute an implementation plan • Mar 2014: Staff Implementation Project Team (TW-IPT) formed o  Drafted Implementation Plan & Schedule o  A member from ICANN Legal team to address Recommendation #3
  6. 6. Text #ICANN50 Suggested Engagements with IRT • Review of documents before publication o  Recommendation #3 Legal review • Regular teleconference meeting with TW-IPT o  Bi-monthly • Discussions via the mailing list • Face-to-face meeting during the ICANN Meetings
  7. 7. Text #ICANN50 Implementation Plan & Schedule (TW-IPS) Discussion
  8. 8. Text #ICANN50 Implementation Plan & Schedule Document • Outlines the milestones and timeline for completion • Informs the parties responsible for the deliverables • Provides status update • Two key activities o  Transition to Thick Whois (2013 RAA Spec 3) o  Transfer of data from registrars to registries
  9. 9. Text #ICANN50 Proposed Implementation Documents • Transition Verification Plan o  Late December 2014 • Post-Transition Problem Resolution Plan o  Late December 2014 • Guidelines for Registries & Registrars o  Mar 2015 • Post-Implementation Report o  Jan 2017
  10. 10. Text Key Activities by Registries & Registrars 2015 2016 Pre-transition tasks & development (e.g., systems) Jun – Dec 2015 Aug DecOctJun Feb Apr Registries and Registrars conduct testing (OT&E) Dec 2015 – Feb 2016 Transition to Thick Whois registration Mar – Apr 2016 Post-transition verification & problem resolution Apr – Jun 2016 Data Transfer from Registrars to Registries June – Oct 2016 Post-Data Transfer issue resolution Oct – Dec 2016 Jul Sep Nov Jan Aug DecOctJun Jul Sep NovMar May
  11. 11. Text Outreach & Education Activities 2014 2015 Jun Nov – Dec 2014: Conduct community outreach & industry education Nov – Dec 2014: Webinar for registries and registrars Jan – Feb 2015: Publish FAQ on Aug DecOct FebJul Sep Nov Jan Mar
  12. 12. Text #ICANN50 Next Steps
  13. 13. Text #ICANN50 Next Steps 1.  IRT to complete review of TW-IPS 2.  TW-IPT to finalize the Implementation Plan and Schedule document 3.  TW-IPT to start implementation according to TW- IPS 4.  All to fix regular meeting dates and time between TW-IPT and IRT
  14. 14. Text #ICANN50 Related Global Domains Division Sessions •  25 June 2014 o  IDN Variant TLDs Program o  Contractual Compliance Program Updates and Q&A o  TLD Acceptance o  Whiteboarding Session with IRTP - C IRT o  IDN Root Zone LGR Generation Panels Workshop o  ICANN’s Security, Stability & Resiliency Team Outreach Session o  New gTLD Registry Operator Engagement o  User Workshop for GDD Portal Check schedule for times & locations: