ICANN 50: ICANN Security Stability and Resiliency Outreach


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Open session for the community to discuss and share with ICANN's Security, Stability & Resiliency Team on current and relevant SSR matters.

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ICANN 50: ICANN Security Stability and Resiliency Outreach

  1. 1. TextTextText #ICANN50 ICANN Security, Stability and Resiliency Outreach 25 June 2014
  2. 2. TextTextText #ICANN50
  3. 3. TextTextText #ICANN50 Meet the SSR Team
  4. 4. TextTextText #ICANN50 We’ve Grown! •  John Crain - Chief Security, Stability and Resiliency Officer •  Dave Piscitello - Vice President, Security and ICT Coordination •  Carlos Alvarez - SSR Technical Engagement Sr. Manager •  Steve Conte - Training Coordination Sr. Manager •  Rick Lamb - Sr. Program Manager DNSSEC •  Tomofumi Okubo – Identifier Systems Analytics Manager •  Champika Wijayatunga - Regional SSR Engagement Manager, APAC
  5. 5. TextTextText #ICANN50 What We Do
  6. 6. TextTextText #ICANN50 Our Remit • Responsible for observing, assessing and improving the SSR of the Internet’s Identifier Systems in close collaboration with other ICANN departments and the community at large. • Remit achieved through a range of activities including: o  Risk awareness and preparedness o  Measurement and analysis of identifier systems behaviors or performance o  Cooperative outreach that emphasizes coordination, capability building and knowledge transfer
  7. 7. TextTextText Threat Awareness & Preparedness Trust-based Collaboration Identifier SSR Analytics Capability Building Identifier Systems SSR Functional Areas
  8. 8. TextTextText #ICANN50 Identifier Systems Threat Awareness
  9. 9. TextTextText #ICANN50 Identifier Systems Threat Awareness • Active (24x7) engagement with global actors who monitor DNS health or identify imminent threats • Exchange of threat intelligence relating to security events of global nature involving identifier systems • Participation in response to threats or attacks against identifier systems Threat Awareness and Response Threat Intelligence •  Trust networks Coordinated Response •  Vulnerability Disclosure •  Facilitation
  10. 10. TextTextText #ICANN50 SSR Research & Analytics 10
  11. 11. TextTextText #ICANN50 Identifier SSR Analytics • Develop metrics and analytics for identifier systems, e.g., o  Root system measurements, analysis o  Analysis of DNS or registration abuse or misuse o  Creative uses of DNS data Identifier SSR Analytics Metrics •  Root System analytics •  Incidents •  Abuse/Misuse
  12. 12. TextTextText #ICANN50 Trust-based Collaboration 12
  13. 13. TextTextText #ICANN50 Trust-based Collaboration •  Global Cybersecurity cooperation o  Coordinate engagement and cybersecurity through ICANN Global Stakeholder Engagement •  Global Security & Operations o  Daily interaction on DNS abuse/misuse matters with Public Safety Community o  Cooperation with DNS research activities •  Identify policies that have unintended consequences that create opportunities for misuse of DNS or registration services Trust-based Collaboration Global SecOps •  AntiPhishing •  Antispam •  Anticrime •  Operations Research Global CyberSec •  CCI •  OECD •  Many others
  14. 14. TextTextText #ICANN50 Capability Building
  15. 15. TextTextText #ICANN50 Capability Building • DNS Training o  Security, operations, and DNSSEC deployment training for TLD registry operators o  Boot camp for ICANN staff o  Information gathering to identify DNS abuse/misuse o  Delivered by contracted parties, ICANN staff (digital delivery under study) • Knowledge Transfer o  Exchange of information gathering or investigating techniques Capability Building DNS Training •  Security •  OAM •  Abuse/Misuse Knowledge Transfer •  Europol •  Interpol •  RIRs
  16. 16. TextTextText #ICANN50 Audience • ccTLD Registry Operators • Registrars • Operational Security and Public Safety Community • Technical Community • Audiences as identified by other parts of ICANN such as Global Stakeholder Engagement
  17. 17. TextTextText #ICANN50 Want Training at Your Event? • Speak to your ICANN Regional VP or SSR staff for a full list of available training – the sooner the better! o  Even if you don’t know exact dates, start the conversation and let’s work on getting training at your event o  Allows for better budgeting and planning for SSR resources
  18. 18. TextTextText #ICANN50 What Are We Missing? What kinds of training is important to your community that ICANN isn’t offering right now? • SSR is working on a Gap Analysis to evaluate current courses and trying to determine what we’re missing • Find Steve Conte this week and/or send and email to steve.conte@icann.org We want to know what you think!
  19. 19. TextTextText #ICANN50 Questions & Answers • Contact us: o  John.Crain@icann.org o  Dave.Piscitello@icann.org • For training requests please contact a member of ICANN’s Global Stakeholder Engagement team