ICANN 50: New gTLD Registry Operator Engagement


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The purpose of this session was to provide new gTLD Registry Operators (RO) with RO related material including updates to the registry on - boarding process, quick refreshers on Registry Services (e.g., RSEP, RRA Amendment Process) and overview of anticipated roadmap of our future activities. This was followed by a feedback/Q&A session to engage with the Registry Operators on all topics related to Registry Services.

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ICANN 50: New gTLD Registry Operator Engagement

  1. 1. TextText #ICANN50 New gTLD Registry Operator Engagement 25 June 2014 Krista Papac Director, Registry Services
  2. 2. TextText #ICANN50
  3. 3. TextText #ICANN50 Agenda • Introduction • Engagement & Relationship Management • Services Available to Registry Operators • Policy Implementation • Questions & Answers
  4. 4. TextText #ICANN50 Introduction
  5. 5. TextText #ICANN50 Expansion of the gTLD Name Space
  6. 6. TextText Previous gTLD Rounds (prior to July 2013) generic Top-Level DomainsKey
  7. 7. TextText Current + Future (potential) gTLD Expansion Previous gTLD roundsKey Current New gTLDs Potential New gTLDs
  8. 8. TextText Current + Future (potential) gTLD Expansion 2012 July 2013 End of 2013 June 2014
  9. 9. TextText Geographic Distribution of Previous gTLD Rounds Total Executed gTLD RAs for Previous gTLDs Rounds22 6 1 15 North America Asia Pacific Europe
  10. 10. TextText Geographic Distribution of gTLD Name Space Today Total Executed gTLD RAs as of 21 June 2014462 106233 6 Latin America 544 1148 Oceania Caribbean North America Africa Asia Pacific Europe
  11. 11. TextText #ICANN50 Registry Services Team and Areas of Responsibility
  12. 12. TextText Registry Services Team Krista Papac, Director Los Angeles, CA, US Dennis Chang, GDD Services Programs Director Los Angeles, CA, US Ann Yamashita, Product Manager Los Angeles, CA, US Wendy Profit, Product Manager Los Angeles, CA, US Aysegul Tekce, Product Manager Istanbul, TR Mert Saka, Product Manager Istanbul, TR Open Position, Product Manager Singapore, SG Han Chuan Lee, Senior Product Manager Singapore, SG Transactional processing support by GDD Operations Team
  13. 13. TextText #ICANN50 Areas of Responsibility Core Responsibilities 1.  Engagement & Relationship Management 2.  Services Available to Registry Operators 3.  Policy Implementation
  14. 14. TextText #ICANN50 Engagement & Relationship Management
  15. 15. TextText #ICANN50 Customer Focus Building a sustainable foundation to strengthen current relationships and services • Listening o  Understanding your concerns and acting on what we’ve heard • Continually Improving o  Working to make your experiences better • Communicating o  Inform you of what we have done to make better
  16. 16. TextText #ICANN50 Services Available to Registry Operators
  17. 17. TextText #ICANN50 Available Services Service Category Registry Service List Contracting •  RA Preparation •  RA Creation •  RA Execution & Publication •  Renewals Onboarding •  Contact & ONBIR Work Items •  Technical Setup Establish Launch Program •  TLD Startup Information •  Qualified Launch Program (QLP) •  Approved Launch Program Registry Agreement Administration •  RRA Amendment •  Assignment and Assumption Agreement •  Cross Ownership Removal •  Legal Notices •  Code of Conduct •  Specification 13
  18. 18. TextText #ICANN50 Available Services (continued) Service Category Registry Service List Evaluation Services •  RSEP/RSTEP •  Registry Transition (Registry Assignment/Material Subcontracting) Emergency & Crisis Management •  EBERO Activation •  ERSR Management •  Name Collision Response Reporting & Support •  Registry Reports Publishing •  Registry Stakeholder Notifications & Communications Shared Services •  SLA Monitoring •  CZDS
  19. 19. TextText Process for Providing Services I need help with…. .TLD Registry Operator Global Domains Division Team 1 Review request 3 Engage and/or deliver service 2 Determine best course of action •  Customer Support •  Subject Matter Expert •  Registry Services Team Regional Member .TLD Registry Operator Help received. Thanks!
  20. 20. TextText Exception Handling & Escalation Path Registry Operator customerservice@icann.org ICANN Customer Service Krista Papac Director, Registry Services Cyrus Namazi Vice President, DNS Industry Engagement
  21. 21. TextText Portal Services
  22. 22. TextText #ICANN50 Policy Implementation
  23. 23. TextText #ICANN50 Policy Implementation Implementation processes include: •  Issuing Requests for Proposals •  Contracting third parties to provide services •  Developing tools and capabilities internally & externally •  Vendor engagement
  24. 24. TextText #ICANN50 Questions & Answers Submit Registry Services Inquiries o  GDD Portal: https://gddportal.icann.org o  Email: customerservice@icann.org @ICANN ICANNorg ICANN ICANN ICANNnewsSocial Media